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Haven't received credits for my training now on level 3?

Haven't received credits for my training now on level 3?

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Hopefully some of you more experienced trainers can offer your insight. One of my trainings surpassed the level 2 mark a couple weeks ago, and is now on level 3. For that, I sh

Sometimes they take quite a while to come through, I think some of mine took several weeks a couple of times. I don't really know how it actually works.

Okay, thanks for letting me know!

No probs :-)

Well that's a new one for my knowledge bank. Great to know we get credits...I will be finished with two as soon as I do two reviews...hoping your credits are soon deposited...have a great week
P.S. congratulations on your completion of Level 2 ! :))

Thanks! Yes, you get credits for training. :) 10 for the first level, 20 for the second, and so on.

Well then they're behind. I will check bit I am sure I have not received anything for level one. That was a month ago...will check now.

I just checked, and it looks like you have not written any training. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/vsinatra/training Are you confusing training with blog posts perhaps?

Nope I was confused by Training Courses as in passing each training level. I cannot write trainings until after 90 days here. Just passed two months and as you see I do not know what level 2 is in comparison to bootcamp and certificate training levels yet :)))). Sorry. But great conversing with you again Ian!

Oh okay. Glad it's cleared up now!

I'm still waiting for October training credits to be approved.

Wow. Good to know!

Still waiting too, September was the last approvement, they probably have been too busy improving the platform and with the BlackFriday offer, I have contacted Kye several times about it, but those messages are still unanswered too.

Wow again! Thanks for sharing your experience, Loes!

Sometimes the credits are slow coming. That happened with one of mine, but did eventually happen.
Give it a while longer and if you don't receive your credit, send a PM to Kyle or Carson.

Okay, good to know! I'll keep waiting then. :)

I don't know anything about trainings and credits, but I hope you get your credits soon. Perhaps it is slow because of the Thanksgiving holiday? Or because everything is being ramped up for the Black Friday sale which ends tomorrow night.

I don't know....like I said, I reached level 3 a couple weeks ago. You could definitely be right though.

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What happened? have I been hacked?

What happened? have I been hacked?

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I just got the "Thank you for attending today's Webinar!" email from "Jay @ WA", but the problem is I never attended the webinar. In fact, I wasn't even home.

Has anyone


Ikr. Looks like I was the only one who got it.....

Looks like it!

Just a 'Programming glitch' stuff i'm sure.
WA is now even more improved.

Take care,


Must have been. It's strange that no one else got it....

Recent upgrades.
Great things from WA.

You should be good to go.

Kindest regards,

Well, just to be safe, change your password. Did you log in to WA on another computer somewhere, like at a friend's house or school or library or whatever? You might not have logged out. It IS possible that someone might be using your account, whether hacking or not.
Changing your password periodically is always a good practice, and it won't hurt anything.

I did change my password just in case. Thanks.

I doubt someone with the skills to hack your account would do so simply in order to attend a webinar. Relax.

You're right.

I received it recently, only once, although I was not registered. Just ignore, not important.

OK, thanks!

If you registered for the webinar, I believe you receive an email.
I see someone already answered your question.

Yep, I always receive an email that I registered. But this one is different. See my response to @littlemama below.

No I never had this problem.
Hope that it is only a glitch.

I hope so too! I changed my password just in case though.


If you signed up for it but didn't attend, you'll still get the thank you email

Yes, I always get the "You reserved a spot for this weeks training" thank you email, but I only get the "Thank you for attending today's webinar" email if I actually attended the webinar live, which I did not.

Did you sign up for it though? You might get that email if you have signed up for it even though you didn't attend.

I almost always sign up for these, but rarely is my internet fast enough to actually attend the webinar live.

You're right, I always get an email that says I've reserved a spot for this week's live training.

But this one is different. The "Thank you for attending today's webinar" email is only sent out if you actually attended the webinar live, and that's the problem--I didn't.

sounds like a glitch and that their email wasn't worded right to cover those who registered but did not attend... we can just go straight to the webinar and replays so I don't register myself, also lots of people outside the time zone

I pretty much always register but rarely ever attend....These thank you emails are only sent out when you attend the webinar live, which I didn't. That's why I'm confused and slightly worried....

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