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How to turn off push to install?

How to turn off push to install?

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Since quitting Avast cleanup premium they left me wide open to apps being installed every day on my computer - it's like getting shat on because you didn't continue subscribing

I had some problems, which were solved by my computer guy, now Avast keep asking me to renew??

I would consult with their docs or ask their support. You may want to ask their support to remove you from marketing. That's what causing the issue I believe.

so you haven't solved it yourself at all and are guessing and the age old problem that now my question is 'answered' but not answered and less likely to been seen...
*the age old problem of ambassadorship at WA...

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Anyone else still waiting on site support to reply to login?

Anyone else still waiting on site support to reply to login?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Site support still giving me 'we will respond soon' messages going on hours now, the ddos is over according to Carson, it would have taken a short time to restore the entire we

Is everything OK now.
If not I would just ask for a status update from SiteSupport.

I had this problem last night but all fixed about an hour later

I can't even send a message or ask a question! Good luck with your situation!

websites tab, scroll to bottom site support?

The site support said that they are working on the issue. It will help if we trust them and be patient.

are you also having issues as the ddos is fixed, so they said

I have been experiencing the same issue, but it is now fixed.

they got back to me 4 hours later to say it's fixed, most [or all of the] people on my question were back in directly after the ddos attack was over


Is this relating to your other question?


it's relating to what Carson said on that ...he was very surprised seeing as the server was restored hours ago and thought site support would fix it hours ago...so is it just me or are others out too

Carson has asked to create a ticket to investigate as not sure what the issue is.

I would follow up with site support.

Here we are not effected.

something extra seemed to happen to my site, when the ddos attack was over people started saying they got back in, I'm just in 4 hours later [!] that is how long it just took site support to tell me it's working now...Carson was surprised it hadn't been back, some major gremlin...

Hope this has been resolved now.

Joyous Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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Why am I getting bad gateway can't log in?

Why am I getting bad gateway can't log in?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Hi guys, I'm waiting two hours on site support with no response but I can't log in at all, this site has so many gremlins I don't get it...

Update: ok I realise it's not

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Hey Mary,

Tonight we experienced a DDos attack on one of our servers which took the server totally offline. It was a large scale flood of traffic on a particular website hosted on this server. While we dealt with the attack the sites on this server would have experienced "Bad Gateway" errors as the server was simply overwhelmed.

We were able to get the attack under control and the site that was being attacked is now on a server that will not affect other sites.

If you're still experiencing any issues, please create a SiteSupport ticket and we can help you out from there.


I wonder who the unlucky sod was whose site was at the center of it all...my site is still not accessilbe...[!]

Please create a SiteSupport ticket so that we can investigate, perhaps not related to the DDoS attack on the one server because that server has been back up and running for the past few hours already.

I have a ticket in but no response

The gateway is the part of the system that connects an internal network to the internet. This sometimes happens at home too. There's usually a box, a router, that has a gateway address built into it.

Unfortunately, it's a IT problem. Get hold of them again if they're taking up too much time. Stay polite, but push a little harder.

ddos attack...

Years ago, my girlfriend's wifi wireless router got hacked. Every third Google search was not going to Google at all, but rather to some site selling clothes and things like that. I did some research and found out that the router's gateway address had been changed to point to some server in Russia (this is called a "proxy" server and is oftentimes used by employees to bypass restrictions on what you can visit that some companies do). Turns out the company that had installed the router forgot to change the default password, which is usually something like "admin". Hackers know all about these passwords. I changed the password and the gateway address to what it was supposed to be. Problem solved.

There is something going on in the background,

Although I can log into my website... when i am trying to make an edit and save something.. it ain't happening...

I am sure they will sort it asap though... they normally solve issues like this pretty quick!


Thanks Chris, yes when Timotheus mentioned his two sites I suspect something very serious indeed going on in the background - at first I thought it was just me as I'd had so many unusual gremlins with this site but right now I think some folks probably working hard in the background alright with a server [!]

OK cool... My issues now seem to have been resolved... so i hope yours is too :)

Nice to talk to you.. and have a great Christmas

Woops no I'm still bad gateway, I hope my site wasn't the one Carson mentioned! lol

yes, it's nearly the big day, have a great one! :)

I haven't been able to get into my site, either. I agree with Timotheus; let's give support the time to fix the problem.


you back yet?

No, ma’am.

Sorry to hear, normally if somethings going to go wrong, I'll find it lol.
Hopefully will be fixed soon

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Microsoft office anyone find where to click for the license?

Microsoft office anyone find where to click for the license?

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Authoring & Writing Content

going in circles here, this

Oh, I see someone suggested reinstalling office. If it is caused by a bad file, that should fix it.


I had the same problem, but it only happened with the desktop version of Outlook. It was caused by a corrupt file that contains user profile info that couldn't be read, so it just hung.

Something similar might be happening to you. The fix was to manually make a new profile. It was a little tricky - you had to enter in server settings, port numbers, and stuff like that.


Have you purchased a licence for Microsoft 365?

yes subscription renewed, lapsed a couple of days as I was being given free office with a course but when the small print said uninstall visual studio it got hairy so I went back to paying them but then the bug hit = just pops up every time I go to open word or excel

I think you'll need to un-install office & re-install. Un-install via Control Panel - Programs & Features - Office 365 (un-install). Reboot , then login to your Office 365 account and install again from there.

done twice already! and install takes over an hour...never seen it in all my years with them but they are smug about it, say they know it's out there happening to people...and good luck with that!

That shouldn't happen. Which version of Windows are you using? I'm a qualified IT Technician and normally a full re-install does the trick. Is it Microsoft Support you are communicating with?

see the comment further up, someone had to do something real tricky also microsoft have admitted on their site the pop up box is something their end but the others at least seem to only have to click it every time, I'm not getting in at all to word. I can't get through to actual support just their arms length 'help'

I can sort it for you remotely if you like but I’ll need to connect to your computer

it's a renewed subscription, the pop up box is every time word is opened and goes nowhere, they don't offer any chance to click anything but thanks for all the links

I try contact their support if you can.

Also try disconnect from broadband and see if it works.

And you're very welcome.

they are one of those superbig tech companies that don't give a damn about folks, so support is doled out to links that aren't that useful...they have been smug enough to say they know some people are plagued by a bug, but I got the impression they at least got into their files before it asked them to sign next time...

Disconnecting from the Internet will not work, the Internet is required to install Office 365.

To install, yes that's true, and to input passcode sometimes it would work without. However I have not used Microsoft 365 but other versions. Thank you for your notes.

Unfortunately, you are right. The "help" they provide in their software is so bad that I don't use it anymore. It's easier to find solutions on the web.

I was having a problem with Outlook the other day. It kept hanging at the login screen. I found MS help for it right away, but the first thing it said to do was open Outlook and click on File. You see the problem here?


These are some alternatives you may want to look at


Sounds good, but if you've got your home computer and phone synced up with your work network in OneDrive, you're probably out of luck.


Makes sense thanks Terry.

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Critical error with website message after aioseo update?

Critical error with website message after aioseo update?

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Everything Wordpress

Anyone else getting this mes

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Yes, this is likely a conflict with one of your other plugins as this is not typical with an update.

I suggest creating a hosting support ticket here:


You can also find this within the Websites menu under the "SiteSupport"(to the left). This is where you should go if you ever have loading issues with your website, email issues, plugin/theme issues, or if you accidentally do something that adversely impacts your website.

This support is 24/7 and upon submitting your ticket we will look into it right away Mary!

they think I should ignore it! I am nervous as I woke up to a 'site not installed' yesterday and they had to recover it, just vanished. This is the 3rd or 4th gremlin this week, and aioseo should not have updated itself when auto updates was not enabled...!

Well, I know that not many will probably agree with me here, haha, but here is my honest opinion. The sooner you get rid of All In One SEO, the better, as yes I have also used All In One SEO happily for many years until somehow one day it corrupted my site after an update (quite some time ago now) and it became impossible to do anything on my site without getting critical errors etc. I tried all sorts first to try and sort it, to no avail. Once I switched to a different SEO plugin all my problems disappeared as if they were never there in the first place and I had no new plugins installed that now after all these years could have suddenly caused a conflict.

Very interestingly enough, some months down the line my brother experienced the exact same issue I had and was also forced to move away from All In One SEO and that solved his problems too. In fact he asked me how I switched from All In One SEO to another SEO plugin as he told me he is now facing the exact same problem I was. So this was not only a ME problem and we are running websites on completely different themes with completely different plugins too.

In my opinion the instability of All In One SEO recently/currently (after being reliable for many years) has already cost them a lot of customers, including my brother and I.

Today there are many competitor SEO plugins that are so much better and lighter (less memory intensive) than All In One SEO in my opinion.

Good luck with your decision in this regard.

wow thanks! That's great to know, as I was nervous something bigger might be going on with this site. Well I think many will agree with you now at this point- I did a search on magistudios training and see he has a suggestion to switch, the framework SEO, and comments there show people talking about the bloat with aioseo - so I just deleted it there now and installed the new one, and the first thing I notice is how much faster the site is - since aioseo changed hands [sold to wp beginner, who always only half do things imo] it was very slow to change pages, I see now it was aioseo doing that, in the dashboard...also it updated itself despite my having all disabled updates! My site vanished this week already, woke up to a 'no website installed', I'm not sure what to blame for that, but critical error two days later is bye bye aioseo time!!

Thank you for sharing your experience with AISEO. I better check my site . I have not done anything to my VM website almost : months now.

Great news! I assume you exported all of your SEO data that was in AIOSEO and imported it into your new SEO plugin. I use Rank Math atm.

You are most welcome! 😊

lol luckily it's a site I'm loading up and left the seo till last, otherwise that'd be another heart attack on top of several this week. I did see a glimpse of something to that effect...but need to catch up with training on it...RM sounds interesting...

Yes, Rank Math is very good. There is a guy I follow on YT - his channel is all about website speed optimisation and he recommends it. He was actually a Yoast fan for many many years and then he goes through a detailed comparison between Yoast and Rank Math for example and his research swayed him easily to break ties with his Yoast loyalty.

He is a bit of a geek in the sense that he shows you the evidence and let the numbers on the screen do the talking and the reason his videos are so compelling.

The nice thing is that the free version includes by default some features you will only get in Yoast for example if you start paying for their premium features.

Could you share the YT link?

Hi Thomas

Gonna PM you.

Kind regards


I would submit a ticket to site support moving forward.


I do recommend keeping WordPress on manual.

You can use AIO WP Migration or Updraft plugins to back up. UpdraftPlus is a premium and highly recommended.

Hope you get it resolved sooner.

Hi - you can disable the automatic update, and review it manually. This gives you the chance to read in advance if there are any problems.

I haven't met a problem with updating All in One today, so it could be that the update conflicts with one of your other plugins.

You need to contact Site Support.

it wasn't enabled!!! I looked!

it could be an incompatability with another plugin you have enabled...
worth going through disabling them to find out which one it is ...
but make sure it won't break your site...
good luck

got rid of aioseo, for starters!

i have changed to seopress...it has all the boxes i need for analytics, excluding me for analytics, meta data and others...
the only thing it doesn't do for free is local metadata...
but glad you are sorted...
make sure you still have your analytics code on your site as this can cause issues in the future....

thanks, great info!

I had added a classic widgets plugin this week when the site auto updated widgets...I'm not using blocks, but I'm not sure that did it, the seo is the one flagged

it may be the seo one flagged but it is in conflict with another ...so it is finding out which one this is....
i have just come across a plugin called plugin detective, which is ideal for this sort of situation, as long as you can log in ...
it may be able to find the culprit...
most plugins go through a testing process before the updates are released...
as your site matures and grows it is worth switching off any auto updates ...there may even be one in the plugin itself as well as the wordpress auto updates...
then updating every month or so on a staging site to make sure nothing breaks your site and everything is running properly...
then sorting any issues on the staging site...
transferring the update across to your main site once happy ....

thanks, funny thing is the updates were disabled especially on plugins but still went through, I must look at wordpress, I don't update that either but one went through...

some do go through automatically if you don't update...
if the update is very critical then it will automatically be done ..especially if it becomes a security risk...and any plugins that need updating will also be updated...
i have found this on a few sites in the past...

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