How to Cover the Cost of Premium if You Can't Afford it

Last Update: February 17, 2021

2021 update: You now have to be a premium member for 90 days before you can become a certified commenter and earn credits.

Wealthy Affiliate is great as you all know, but one of the issues is that the cost of Premium often prohibits perfectly capable people from continuing their training here.

For many, $49/month (or ~ $30/month if you go yearly) is simply not doable.

But if these same people had access to Premium, it could be life-changing if they put in the work (I speak from experience, having gone from $0-$2,500/month in my two years here).

Well, guess what...since the release of SiteComments 2.0, anyone now has the ability to cover the cost of Premium.

Now ANYONE can cover the cost of Premium - right from within WA!

Let me explain.

If you read the announcement (here it is again), Carson states:

"For those that can maintain specific criteria in the SiteComments platform, you can not only earn WA Community credits to put towards requesting SiteComments or SiteFeedback, you can now earn WA Cash credits that have a value of $0.50 each. Maintaining certified commenter status will pay you for comments that you are offering in the form of WA Cash credits that can be exchanged for USD through your credit dashboard!

The criteria to become a certified commenter is based on a 30-day history.

  • Minimum of 50 comments offered
  • Minimum of 80% approval rate
  • Maximum of 20% skip (not interested) rate

Certified commenters offer high quality comments on a wide variety of topics on all kinds of websites. Earn $100's a month by offering comments to others, it's a pretty great way to provide our BEST commenters some incentive to continue being awesome! We all appreciate your help with sparking engagement and discussion on our websites :)"

This means that as long as you hit the criteria, you'll earn $0.50 for every single comment you offer!

This is a huge deal!

Carson even says so himself that you can earn $100's a month from this!

Which means everyone here should be able to cover their Premium membership with relative ease, and without a burden on their budget.

If you are a Starter member, you'll still have to fork over $19 for the first month of Premium - but once you've done that, you can then start using SiteComments to pay back that initial $19, and your subsequent Premium payments!

If you are new to SiteComments, you'll need to know how to do it the right way. There are many posts and tutorials on it, but here's a good one to start with:

Note that it's from 2015, and at that time you couldn't get paid for leaving comments. It's still good information on how to do it right though.

So that's that!

I hope you see the potential here. There's really no excuse anymore not to go Premium, especially since you can pay it all back and actually make money on top of that!

I haven't done the calculations, but I'm sure you could even make a nice side-income just by offering comments here.

What are your thoughts? If you aren't Premium yet, will you utilize this opportunity to pay for your membership?

Let me know in the comments below!

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