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How many questions allowed per day?

How many questions allowed per day?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Is there a limit to how many questions I'm allowed to ask per day in Wealthy Affiliate?

There should be a limit. Not sure what it is if any.

Chasing ranking by asking too many questions isnt right, but I know its happens!

Honestly, that was the experiment I ran over a few days, just to see what happens lol

I would said anyone of those answer below


as much as you like i hope your question will get useful info

Good Morning Daniel,

I just now looked at your profile and I see you started in May, I do not know the date.
You have asked already 38 questions. When I see that somebody asks 3,4 or more questions a day I might pick out 1 and delete the rest. It gets too much and the day has only 24 hours.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Thanks! Yeah, I only look at the ones that are relevant to me too and delete the rest

Infinite, but you can try to find answers using the search bar first, to avoid spamming our mailboxes with questions already answered.

I don't think that there is a limit. However, I will advice the following:
1. Follow the training
2. Search for answers to queries in the search box above.
3. Last resort: post your question and wait for members to answer and fully understand the issue before posting another one.
Hope it helps.
Sometimes it's better to contact support or Kyle instead of posting questions.


You are welcome.

There's no actual limit but common sense should prevail. One of the most important things to learn in life is how to find your own answers. Use the search box at the top of the page because most questions have already been asked and answered many times over.

Somebody must have put that to you Daniel as I notice you fire out several. Theoretically indefinite. Practically most of these can be answered in chat and the WA knowledge base or Google online!

I don't think there is a limit

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How would you get a ghost writing job?

How would you get a ghost writing job?

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Authoring & Writing Content

If you were getting into ghost writing, how would you go about actively looking for ghost writing gigs?

I don't know for a fact but I am sure if you Google this you will find a lot of leads that will get you on your way.


I am in the market for a ghost writer. If interested PM me when you can.


you're looking for a writer or you're looking for a writing opportunity?

I am looking for a writer.

Take a look at Bamidele's Writers In Charge Blog


thanks for the link!


i do not

The vast majority of article brokers will help you become a ghostwriter. (as you know, the definition of a ghost writer is you write and someone else takes the credit for the contents, right?)

Two of the resources I use are:
http://freedomwithwriting.com and

Go to each, check them out and subscribe to their newsletters..
(they are free, emails and usually only one every day or two and they have a LOT of good stuff in them to stay busy with forever.

Thanks for the links!

Good Luck! PM me if you have any issues.

I think you want to have a website where you can show your work to potential clients. Also, having your portfolio on a site like Medium helps. Medium sort of works like WA where you can publish your own blog and there are other members. You can follow them if you like.

Of course as a WAer, you can write here as well!

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What percentage of your traffic converts?

What percentage of your traffic converts?

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Search Engine Optimization

What percentage of your traffic would you roughly say converts into sales?

not a good sign if some of the more experienced WA'rs, especially Ambassadors, don't have any conversions...

I highly suggest y'all get hustling!

Yeah, that's what I was thinking in the back of my mind. Thanks for pointing it ou :-)

LOL no problem. It's quite shocking really. There is a silver lining in this discovery though.... Be mindful of who you take advice from, especially if its about actually making sales online!

Of course

No conversion.

on the way

Working on it

Trying to read the numbers!

many sites. different numbers...

One site I have figures for.

AVG CTR of 14%
AVG pages viewed 2.4
AVG time on page 1:56 min
AVG 69% of traffic who read an article will click my affiliate links
AVG 15% of people will buy

Cool! Thanks for the numbers!

Still undefined!

None yet. Lol

Can't really put a number on not a lot lol

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Have you ever "ghost written?"

Have you ever "ghost written?"

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Authoring & Writing Content

Have you ever "ghost written" a post in someone else's name? Why would you recommend this, or not?

What is it?

You basically write under a different name or the name of someone else. You get paid but they get the credit.

OIC, thank you.

no i have not

I haven't

I haven't. This is an interesting question for me to follow.

glad you're enjoying it :-)

Great question, D. Yes I wrote a great story about a ghost once! And then i used a different name.


I fell into it a few years ago when one of my friends in our local women's network asked me to write content for her corporate blog.

The disadvantage: income is limited to how many hours a day one allocates as a one-person service. In reality, it's a "job".

A possibility is to scale it up to turn it into a business, create a site and get freelancers to register, etc.

It depends on one's ultimate business goals.

In the short term, ghost writing is a way to make more-immediate income. In the long term, one is probably better off publishing content on their own site. ~Jude

How would you go about actively looking for ghost writing gigs?

I never did that. It was through my women's business network. It helped that my first client (friend) recommended me to a few people and it took off from there.

Search for 'ghost writing jobs' - and you will find places where you can post to offer your own services, or you can respond to ads by prospective clients looking for a writer. See if you can find any in your local area. ~Jude

I have been ghostwriting for many, many years. The benefit is simply the money I make from this activity.

How did you get started with this?

This income turns into passive income; Writing articles means you have to be there, working, to make anything!

Oh ok


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Have you ever invited someone to write a guest post?

Have you ever invited someone to write a guest post?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Have you ever invited a guest to post on your blog? How have you benefited from this?


No to this as well

no not on my websites, but on other platforms

No, but currently trying to find someone famous to write on my website.

I have one on my free picture website, I could use more:)) I benefit from the activity, Google loves that, not any direct financial benefit though

And one on my workathome website, that person invited himself and asked if he could write a guest post, let him do it for free

Reminds me a little of Tom Sawyer getting his friends to whitewash the fence for him :-)

I have considered asking a friend who is an occupational therapist to write a post for my site for a professional contribution

Not yet

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