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Hi, my name is John, I'm married with 4 daughters, living in Perth in Western Australia, although I am, and will always be a "Tassie boy" at heart :-)

Before joining Wealthy Affiliate in 2013, I was on the path of personal growth and chasing various paths to financial freedom to make a better life for myself and my family.

Unfortunately, those paths didn't work out, but thankfully, I found WA and I haven't looked back.

There have been a lot of ups and downs, but after starting with no experience online, I have built websites, written eBooks, created online courses and made some money along the way as well!

My best advice to anyone joining WA is to stick the course... Follow the training, keep learning, work hard, ask questions, and keep creating content.

It's not a get-rich-quick-scheme here, there is no such thing as an overnight success!

Don't get hung up on the outcome, success will come!

But the most important thing is to enjoy it!

Building an online business is fun, so enjoy the process along the way :-)

To your freedom...
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#1. initially my goal is to earn to earn $1,000 per month but I will be happy when I receive my first sale! #2. I would be ecstatic to earn $10,000 per month #3. I am willing to put in as much time as it takes to succeed!!
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Dec 19, 2016
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johnwnewman Premium
#1. initially my goal is to earn to earn $1,000 per month but I will be happy when I receive my first sale! #2. I would be ecstatic to earn $10,000 per month #3. I am willing to put in as much time as it takes to succeed!!
Kyle Premium Plus
Excellent goals John! It is great to have you here and I look forward to seeing you achieve your goals as you move forward!

If you ever need a hand along the way, there is a TON of help here within the community, just ask. :)
07aslesl Premium

I am glad to see that you have the motivation and dedication it will take to reach your goals. I definitely think setting a goal for $1000 per month is reasonable. I know with time you can reach that $10K goal, and that'd be remarkable! I look forward to seeing you succeed.

Warm regards,
chadfoxman Premium
Your goals are reasonable and similar to where I would like to be....Good Luck....
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Pernilla Premium
Hello John!
G'day mate!

Thank you so much for following me and for liking one of my comments. I will follow you too!

That's great to hear that you come from Perth. For more than 10 years ago I stayed in Freemantle visiting an english course. It was a childhood dream for me to travel to Australia! Made some excursions to Perth of course - beautiful skyline! An awesome time, so exciting.

John, you have done a fantastic journey here at WA and in the online business. I will follow your advices and do my best to achieve my dream of becoming an online entrepreneur like you.

Wish you an ongoing success with your projects! See you around in the community! I'm looking forward working together with you.

Good on ya,
johnwnewman Premium
Nice to meet you Pernilla! Best of luck here at WA :-)
Robert-A Premium
Hello John and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.
Since you joined way back in 2013 you will surely have realized that internet marketing can be a steep learning curve.
If you do get stuck then can I suggest you browse some of the 290+ blogs I have published within WA.
You have decided to follow me so thank you for the follow and I will follow you as well.
Remember - get involved.
Enjoy your day.
Robert Allan
theres another member from your neck of the woods (Perth)
johnwnewman Premium
Thank you Robert, much appreciated :-)
AfqmBiz Premium
This is my appreciation message to all community members that willing to buy sometime just to following me together networking under WA.

I wish all the best in your 2017 journey and beyond!

Keep it up and welcome! :)

*P/S: Glad at least i'm learning my networking people brief bio. Hopefully i manage to remember the background each and everyone of you :)
johnwnewman Premium
Cheers Afqm :-)
scorpwealth Premium
I have similar beliefs and goals, I like your profile and I hope to hear more from you and your progress. I'm starting to dive deeper into the training mostly due to the fact of how busy I am in my present business but I'm really intrigued with the online world. Wishing you and your loved ones a great 2017. I will be following you. Cheers!!!
johnwnewman Premium
Thanks for the follow and best of luck online! :-)
Mudd1 Premium
Awesome stuff John.

Just wanted to say hi and tell you that I am going to try and follow the same basic 12 to 36 month business model that you have basically laid out for everyone to follow in your bio.

I will say this. I just recently became a member a few days ago and have had two already backed up a few times and retrain. I did not think the process would be easy however my initial thoughts were I can have this set up and running in no time. Becoming a member and creating the basic website was pretty easy however it gets a little complicated after that and sometimes a little frustrating but as you Illustrated in your bio your updates at 12, 24 and 36 months, has given me a "New Perspective" on my short-term as well as long term goals and accomplishments.

I can only hope to someday in the near future have a bio as motivating and as seasoned as yours.

johnwnewman Premium
Thanks Brad!
Being persistent and consistent is the key!
Yes, it does take work, but just think what you can accomplish in 5 years time if you put in the time and effort... AND what will happen if you do nothing?
I know the second one is not a lot ;-)
Best of luck :-)