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Hi, My name is Larry. I guess you would say I'm from the "Old Dog" generation.. Ha..ha. I actually retired in 2005, "Kind of". Actually





Is anyone having trouble receiving email messages?

Is anyone having trouble receiving email messages?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I have not received any emails since around 8:30 AM 6/10/2015. Is anyone else having problems with the email system.

No issues here....

No issues-I have all my e-mails forwarded, just didn't like the Webmail.

no no problem here.

I've been receiving them as well. My last email was 6/10/2015 at 8:30 PM GMT -5 hours (US, EST). Perhaps your email settings were somehow turned off? (Profile picture > Account Settings > Email Notification Settings)

Hope the problem disappears as quickly as it came!


No problems on this end with the WA emails.

No, I'm having trouble with just the plain internet. But I'm getting my emails from WA.

I'm still getting more than enough emails from WA.
In fact I'm getting ready to reduce the amount of emails I get from WA.

Hi Larry,

I have noticed that emails seem to have slowed down, but I am still receiving the odd one.

However, one of my sites has disappeared altogether but it shows up on Site Manager and I cannot even log in it.

I am now beginning to wonder if there are issues with the servers again.

Hope this helps.


I had a bit of a problem this morn but seem to clear up just before noon. I think google was working on the system and has been for a bit.

Thanks Tim. I kind of figured if anyone else was having problems they wouldn't see my question. Thanks for responding.

Looks like I am getting email's because I just got your email so is that what you are talking about?

Hi Caroline, I figured if anyone responded then there email system was working ok. Sounds like I am the only one. Thanks for responding.

Hi Larry... Did you resolve the issue? I am not receiving emails even when sent from the same domain.

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How do you promote expensive products online?

How do you promote expensive products online?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

I have made a decision to promote high quality products within my niche. These products tend to run from low end ($500+) through mid range ($1000-$3000) on to high end ($4000 an

I think you're on a tough assignment but then again think how many "top-of-line" buyers there are out there. Just give these top-lline guys / or gals THE reason they have to have this top model (and don't be shy!) Glyn

Good thought, Glynn. I've never been much of a sales-guy but I guess if I want to make a sale or two, I will need to learn how to be a "slicer and dicer" kind a guy. Only with the high quality products. Ha-ha Thanks for the response.

HI hmasters has great insite. But you will have to look for products that you believe in and find an affiliate program that pays you the most commision. Let them know they really wnat want you are promoting.

Thanks Claudia, I pretty limited on Affiliates because of the nexus laws herein California. Amazon is really my only choice at this time. Commission isn't great. Thanks for the response Claudia.

Larry, my main item for a few yrs. has been water ionizers that range from $3,000 to $4300. I have a friend who is blind and sells more by phone than I ever have. Her customers have never met her and have never seen the product. It is her belief in the benefits and her enthusiasm that seems to do the trick for her.
What I have found is that people have already decided the price is not prohibitive for them or they would not be looking this seriously. So the main thing they want to know are the touted benefits and the evidence of them. The next thing is a factual and non-biased opinion of the comparisons and features. Then the reputation for satisfaction and service that the company has. Hope this helps.

It helps more than you can imagine, Harold. Thank you very much for the advice.

Hi Harold
So, does it matter if you can't see the product in person. I'm in Ireland thinking about promoting wedding rings on sale in USA. There are no real affiliate programs in Ireland and the audience is small so it wouldn't make sense to go that route. Thanks : )

I am no expert but I will give you a free opinion. I think it is possible to sell people something they have never seen but that the number of possible buyers is certainly decreased. I believe we are hard wired differently. For me, I need to see and feel most products before I buy, unless it is something like electronics where there is so much info available with reviews, etc. On the other hand I have a niece who buys almost everything she uses from QVC online and then returns what she doesn't like. I hate having to return things. It also has a lot to do with how much enthusiasm you have for the product and that comes through to to people. The last thing, and this is huge, is how much trust you have developed with your potential customers and what recourse they have if they buy and don't like the product. Hope these thoughts are of some help. Good luck to you.

Harold thanks so much, I have been having doubts about this niche for a week now but would still love to do it- maybe I'll just leave it to one side until I'm more experienced and go for something else for now.
Thanks again for all the sound advice - it all made perfect sense.


Great thoughts, Harold. I'm saving this thread of email exchanges so I can look it over from time to time. Thanks guy.

You can always give them options. Like the 3 top products of varying price ranges. Do three separate reviews and at the end of the reviews lead them to a comparison review of the three. And of course your affiliate links to all three, that way you're win win regardless of your customers choice.

Another great idea. Thanks Guy.

Yeah, your "customers" will already know the product. It's your reputation that they are going to be eyeing.

You're right Thomas. Thing is, the "customers don't know me from Adam". So somehow, I need to provide good info about quality products. Thanks for the response.

Build the know like and trust relationship before you try to sell.

Don't worry, Larry, these people will have done their homework on "your" reputation before dropping any sizeable amount of money through you. They would have checked out any complaints against you, any BBB reports, etc.

Hopefully your right about that Thomas. Thanks again.

Actually the answers given, I think is true. Your visitors already understands your site

The key to your success is that you already know the market. One way of checking products without buying is physically spending some time in a shop. Do an inspection as if you're buying and take notes, then compare online.

Very good thought Sharon. I actually did this on one product and then it turned out to be something that did not fit my criteria. Oh well, lessons learned. I should have researched it more before I actually went to see it personally.

Anyone you attract to your site will most likely already know the prices of the products and can afford them. Your job is to give them quality information to satisfy them enough to buy from you. You have to remember, someone who can't afford the products you promote isn't looking for those products anyways. Hope this helps!

Very good input Michael. You are right the folks that visit my site already understand the price of the various products. Thanks for the insight.

Anytime Larry

As Zack says, it is about quality content. You don't really promote it. You give the visitor information, the pros and cons, personal experience, etc. and then you give it a Star or Percentage rating and let your visitor decide it if it right for them.

If you use the product yourself you can certainly recommend it based on your own experience. ~Jude

I see, Jude. That is what was bothering me with the reviews. I really have not used all of the various products. So there was no way I could recommend them from personal experience. But I can develop a comparison chart of sorts and let the visitor chose for themselves. Very good. Between you and Zack, I already have a better idea what I need to do. Thank you very much.

You certainly don't have to buy every product you review. You do need to do the research. You can check out other reviews and forums where the product is discussed. That will give you a pretty good idea of the kinds of questions and answers people have about the product and you can address those concerns or praises in your review. ~Jude

More good thoughts. Thank you Jude.

Ask your visitors for their experience with the products. Testimonials from real people are important.

The majority of the process will be the same, but I would think having in depth reviews of the products you promote would lead to much better conversions. Also, make sure to target keywords that would be searched by people late in the buying process. Nobody impulse purchases a $3000 item.

Very good insight Zack. I agree that in depth reviews are one of the keys to conversions. Also targeting people late in the buying process makes sense, but how do you find these people and what type of keywords would target them? By the way Zack, I checked out your profile and am very impressed. Computer Science makes for a great career. I spent many years designing and maintaining large scale Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems for large power and pumping plants on the California Aqueduct. Good luck with your career in Computer Science.

This course helps explain the "customer purchase lifecycle." In other words it explains how to target people who are at the near purchasing point of looking into a product. It should definitely help you out. Good luck.

Thank you very much Zack. I will check it out tomorrow. Thanks again.

No one impulse purchases a $3000 item. Lololol

You are so right. Thanks for the insight.

I just laughed as I read his comment at that part. I should have put "...."

I apologize.

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Can I increase the width of my site page content column?

Can I increase the width of my site page content column?

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Everything Wordpress

Hi everyone, I have a similar question that someone else had recently. I hope someone can help me.

My Theme is Twenty-Thirteen-Masonry. My site URL is. http://papa

Sorry, I've got nothing man.

Just a couple of thoughts ...

First, don't mess with your theme code. The next "theme update" will wipe your changes. Only ever do this via a child theme, never the parent.

Second, before you address the theme why not address the offending item. I don't know anything about Amazon but normally the code has the display size embedded in it. Why not just tweak that to fit the theme?

I think it's your theme's limitations Larry. If you want to change your theme you can try this: ~Marion

Thank you Marion, I think you are right. It's becoming apparent that the theme I chose had several limitations. This is just the "Straw that broke the camels back", so to speak. I will check out your video and see if I can come up with a good theme. A few of the others have made recommendations. Maybe between their recommendations and the video you brought to my attention, I will be able to pick a good theme this time. Thanks again, you are fantastic.

Larry I know this doesn't help, but just wanted to say that I love your site, it's so fresh and exciting ;)

Thanks Sharon, glad you like the site. I'm having fun with it.

I can see that, it looks cool :)

Well, I see 3 columns and I don't have a sideway scroll bar


Hi John, the three columns is for the Home or Blog Post page. My problem is with the standard Page. Thanks for the response.m

Don't know if this is possible but see if you can 'squeeze' the store code or decrease the font somewhat. Someone out there should be able to help on that. I am exploring code options but don't know enough to advise you yet.

Thanks Helen, I am slowly coming to the realization that a change in theme is inevitable.

You can change your theme or modify the existing theme settings. I forgot exactly where it's located but it's somewhere in settings. you don't HAVE to update the theme if you are OK with the way it works. And if you do update the theme just make a note of what you changed in the settings and roll that over to the updated theme.

The change will vanish with the first update of your theme. I visited your site and I could almost smell the good smoked stuff you have there. Left you a comment with pleasure. Jovo

Ya, you are right, if I change the HTML code, any theme update will overwrite the change. Probably not a good move on my part. Starting too come to the conclusion that a theme change is in the mill.

Larry, have a look into my site 'Just my thinking', this is zeeDynamic theme and I love it, contrary to my another site on mountains with 20-10 theme which I would not recommend to anybody. Think also about Virtue, modern, two main menus etc. Jovo

Hi Jove, I checked out your site. It looks like something I could work with. Are you using the Pro version or the Magazine version. Also do the have tutorials in English. I'm afraid I'm not a rocket scientist like you and only speak English. Ha-ha. Thanks for the help

This is just WP free version.

Have you looked into changing your theme. Or is that not an option.

I was hoping I wouldn't have to do that but it may be the only way out. I'm sure a good HTML code person would have a fix, but we will see. Thanks for the response.

I am sure someone here will be able to help you or you could private message Kyle or Carson they will help you

I'm starting to get this feeling in my gut that I'm going to be changing themes.

I hope not. Hopefully someone will help.

Thanks Jo, WA has a lot of great folks with a ton of knowledge. I'm confident that someone will point me in the right direction. Thanks for the comment

That's a great question. I have that problem too and have also changed the width and length.

Hi Jean, like I said, you can set it so you can scroll sideways but that isn't too cool looking to a visitor. Hope I don't have to change Themes, but that is the only thing I can think of. I was hoping someone could show me some HTML code to change that would help. Thanks for the response and good luck with your site.

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Can you please checkout my site?

Can you please checkout my site?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Hi every body. My BBQ site is still very much a "Work in Progress". I was wondering if you could take a few minutes and check it out? Can you please give me comments in the si

Your site is definitely one I will be revisiting, I really like it! I understand how the white on black can be an issue though! I have a recipe I might be sending you!

Great, send it down and I will post it. Send photos too, if you have any

Thanks for the comments

I will have to work on some photos, but tis the season! :)

I know you are busy but I will remind you from time to time

lol! okay!

An important tip for you
don't build any pages until you are ready to put content on them the work in progress pages with no content are now indexed by google and then google see it like this

Title - then no content = bad page = then mark against your site

Build your content, don't put empty pages on your site

Your site looks very catchy and is simple to navigate so don't let empty pages spoil it, visitors would rather see no page than an empty page and so would google


Hi Barry,
your advice to Larry about not posting a page until it's complete brings a question to my mind. I looked at the status of my website builder and it showed both of my domain names (that's all I have at the moment) and both of them are showing as being indexed with Google, what can I do to keep google from seeing it until I'm ready for the world to see it?

Hi Barry. I am sure you are correct about the site pages that are still under construction. Thing is when I started the site, I didn't really care how Google indexed it. This was just my site and wasn't intended for promoting products. Now all of a sudden, I am getting a lot of traffic so I am being advised to start promoting products. I was using the pages under construction as space holders to kind of remind me what I still had to do.

In hind sight, if I had known this site would get good traffic, I would have done exactly what you are recommending. Live and Learn :-)
Thanks for the comments. I will definitely do what you are suggesting on my next site.

Thanks for the constructive comments.

This is very new and useful info to me Barry. Thanks

I noticed in the Canadian article you put 'that makes since, huh.' I think you meant sense. I like you site and will find some time one day to fully read it. Keep up the interesting work. We have great fishing in Tasmania but unfortunately no Halibut, my favourite fish.

Yep, you're right. I did mean sense. I'll change that. Thanks for catching it. I love Halibut too. Every couple years I go to Alaska and catch Halibut. Nothing like fresh Halibut steaks. Thanks for the response.

I worked in the salmon works in Prince Rupert when I was at university in the dim dark past. Fortunately since I was so much taller than the Pacific indigenous (wonderful) people I got to work with the men in the fresh salmon area. (A good thing or my back would be history.) A second product were the halibut. There was a minimum size limit and we got to take these home. Boy did I have my fill of halibut. Fortunately, overall there weren't many undersize due to the net size.

Hi Helen. I have been salmon and halibut fishing several times out of Prince Rupert. It was great fishing if you could keep the Orcas away. Ha-ha. We would go out on the "Northern O" for several days. Always brought in our limit of King Salmon and Halibut. The halibut regs were more relaxed then.
You are right, the deck hands were usually the local natives. They were great help when we needed to bring in the fish. I loved it up at Prince Rupert. Unfortunately the "Northern O" doesn't work out of there anymore.

Hi Larry,
Great job for creating your site. You have done a good job. My preference is not to have a black background with white writing, would you consider a dark gray background consistently throughout. I did find the red writing a bit hard on the black background hard to read. Great content!!

Thanks for the constructive comments. I am getting negative comments about the background color from others too. Guess I need to decide what, if anything to do about it. Thanks again

You are welcome

Good work, nice site and full of info. Left a comment on your site

Thanks Wayne. I appreciate the comments.

Recipe on it way:) Like your site a lot:)

Hi Loes, I just checked out your chicken kabob recipe. It really looks good. I'm kind of a garlic freak so the garlic sauce sounds good to me but sometimes I like it spicy so the curry sauce is a good one too. Great recipe. in will get it on my site soon. Thanks for sending me the recipe and your comments.

You're welcome, the pictures are from my wedding:) It was a part of it

Looks like you folks ate well at the wedding. Too bad I don't have a picture of you in your wedding dress eating the chicken. I would post that with the recipe. Thanks Loes.

Larry, I will reveal a little of my life, I remarried 3 years ago, for the third time, so I do not have to explain that my life was full of joy, but also full of suffer. I didnot wear a wedding dress this time.

Ha-ha. My bad.. :-). I just assumed you were in a wedding dress. I will say it a little differently.... It is too bad we don't have a picture of you holding the chicken in what ever you were wearing. :-). Actually to tell the truth, I was hoping you would come back and say "oh, I have a picture. I'll send it". I know, why didn't I just say that.

I hope, after three years, your life is still full of joy.

Thanks again Loes.

Quite delightfull, Larry, and I do have picture, but not one off them I am holding the chicken:)

That's ok if you're not holding the chicken, send me one anyway so I show you in the post about the recipe. You have a great smile and it will make the post that much better. :-)

:) you can "steel " one of my profile pics:)

Ha-ha. Sounds like a good idea. Thanks Loes, you have a great day

Just went to your site, and left you a comment, along with a link to a marinade for grilling salmon recipe on my site. Don't know if it fits within your niche - if grilling with marinades counts as "barbequeing"?

But you're welcome to use it if it works for ya.

Site looks good, dude! Loved the tip on cleaning your grille with Kitty litter - Would have never thunk it, lol.

Thanks Marvin. I will put the recipe for the marinade in the Rubs and Sauces section. I use a marinade all the time for things like tri tip. Thanks again.

Cool dude. You're most welcome.

Thanks again Marvin

Actually, if you post rubs and sauces, the "tri tip" jogged my memory. Here's a great rub for tri-tip: http://tinyurl.com/mj4oewr

Hi Marvin, I just got back from your site. I will have to checkout the salmon marinade. I just smoked a nice salmon filet that turned out pretty good. Will be writing it up tonight.
I really like your site. Lots of great recipes.
You and I have a few things in common. Like the Southern grown wives. I call my wife, who has a ton of Cherokee in her, my Little OkAr because her mom is from Arkansas and her dad is from Oklahoma. Great southern cooking in that family. Can't say it was Soul Food but very good and very fattening. Ha-ha.

If it is okay with you, when I put the recipe on my site, I will put a link to your site. You have a lot of great posts on your site.

Catch you later

Awesome sauce, man. Sure, backlinks to my site would be much appreciated. And hey - send ME a couple of your fave BBQ recipes, I'll put them on my site, with links back to your site, ok?

Hi Larry,
Left you a comment on your site.

Thanks Chris. I will check it out.

Hi Larry,
I have to agree with Little Claire, too much black is hard on the eyes; I read an article somewhere (can't remember where) where someone did a survey on what colours were good for websites, it turns out that "warm" colours such as browns and orange shades held peoples' attention longer than harsh ones such as blacks & greys, even reds didn't rate too highly.

Hi Chris, Thanks for the constructive comments. Several people have commented on the black background. Guess I have to make a decision on what to do about it. Thanks again