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Hi, My name is Wayne and I am self taught on the computer and have had various web sites but with little success. My wife





Should I delete my face book account?

Should I delete my face book account?

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I have been signed up To FB for a couple of years now but have done very little on it, mainly because I don't know how and am more interested in spending my time on my websites. I

Keep your Facebook account and even add a business page that refers to your website. The broader your online profile the better it is!

And yes, turn off the unwanted notifications and simply delete the people you don't know.

Yes turn your notifications off. I know so many people who get lots of customers and leads off Facebook myself included. So from an online business perspective I would keep it. But if you are not going to post anything there or take part then it probably will not matter one way or another.

Thanks, For now I will just turn off the notifications and maybe later on I will try using it business wise.

Sounds like a plan :-)

You can change your notifications so that you don't get any emails from Facebook, if you still want to keep in contact with your family and friends.

Go to the little down-arrow triangle that you click on to log off Facebook. Choose "Settings" instead of "Log Out". Then on the left hand side in the menu choose "Notifications". One of the options under "How You Get Notifications" is "Email". Turn off everything if that is what you desire. On the same page you can select or deselect a variety of other notifications.

Thanks I'm going to try that for now, I do not use it for family or friends so maybe I do not need it at all but will keep it for a while just in case I change my mind about the business part.

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I am having trouble with finding keywords and writing posts for my site. It's about pet supplies and

I am having trouble with finding keywords and writing posts for my site. It's about pet supplies and

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Hi - I am having trouble with finding keywords and writing posts for my site. It's about pet supplies and it seems you can only write so much about it unless you write about c

Nice tip thanks.

Hi Wayne
I like your site. You need to pay attention to your images. They are too small and you don't have any captions. These help draw attention to your text. Have a look at these two resources


I think you need to break down your articles a bit. eg. Feeding your pet. You say that you like dry food - but you don't mention the different types of food available. I know you say - talk to your vet - but you need to give your readers more value and offer some of this information yourself. I'm not saying you have to write long articles - you don't but you do have to give your readers useful information.

You could write articles - about pets who are fussy eaters, what you should do if they're refusing food.

There are so many things that you can write about - I won't go on because people have suggested where you can get more ideas.

Great info, Thanks Wow so much good info now I can go to work.

How about an article on food and quality? Reviews is products would be appreciated too. Crates, beds, toys, treats etc

Here's an idea. Find some pet magazines and go through them. You'll get tons of ideas for content and also tons of items you could review.

Did a quick search and found this:

If you click on the magazines on the top left, you can actually browse the full issue.

Took a quick peek and found a couple ideas.
- Is Your Dog/Cat Eating Healthy? (promote healthy dog foods)
- How To Exercise With Your Dog? (do some research here)
- Taking Care of Your Dog's Teeth (promote doggy chews, etc more research)
- 10 Best Toys for Your Dog (That He'll Actually Play With)
- Do You Have a First Aid Kit Fur Your Pet? (first aid kits)

That's just one issue and thats just from browsing a couple pages. I love getting ideas from magazines. Just don't copy the articles in there word for word.

Thanks, so many great ideas.

You may also want to include other pages on how to find a good pet sitter and groomer, how to keep your pet warm in winter, and cool in summer.

You can't run out of ideas.

Thanks, I see you are right

Hy Wayne…go visit a couple of those pet supply stores. Walk around the aisles…you'll get some ideas...

Thanks, I know what you all mean now , write about supplies like flea powder.toys,collars, leashes etc.

Hey Wayne,

Here are some ideas right off the bat:
pet supplies online
pet supply discounts
pet supply market
pet supply coupons
pet supply from vets
best pet supply stores
best pet supply
top pet supply companies
how to get the best deals on pet supplies
pet supply wholesale(r)
pet supplies for dogs
pet supplies for cats
pet supplies for exotic animals
how to save on pet supplies
how not to get ripped of when buying pet supplies

Also, find out who your competitors are and see what they are writing about. Go to article sites and search for the term there.

Hit up pet supply forums and blogs and see what people are discussing with regard to pet supplies.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Jim, I'm getting so much help, this is great. Thank you everyone

I was always working so hard on keywords. I lose focus on the actual
niche so i just write then look for keywords to fit in if i need to. Just keep writing what you know or learn about your niche and it will work out. {:

Thanks, sounds good

I know how hard it can be to write material. Write what you know and research, research everything else to form your opinion on different pet items. Then start to write your opinion on each item. Here is something that could help also. Good luck! https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/kyle/blog/keyword-marketing-strategy-picking-green-peaches/a_aid/Ul4TaEZe

Thanks, gives me some better ideas, will get to work.

I have found that when I am getting stuck to use the Alphabet Soup technique that Kyle reviewed in the training works great.


Thanks, I've used this and then go to jaxxy to drill down,I guess what I mean is do I search about care of dogs and cats or do I write articles about supplies, like toys, back packs, makes of food Etc. or should both work?

I would definitely stick to supplies since that is what your theme is about. The occasional article about pets but not so much the supplies would still be ok. I would still even try to gear those to lean toward care and the supplies though.

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