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Joined June 2014
Retired from an exciting career in design engineering and telecoms, with experience as financial director, looking for a new challenge.

Marketing has always fascinated me. I've seen great business fold and poor businesses thrive, all down to how well or badly they were marketed. Marketing is "make or break" for a business, online or offline.

Internet Marketing is a valuable occupation and a great way to spend time. It's also very easy to do part time and from home. I get a huge buzz from showing others how to make money online and take control of the way they choose to live their lives.
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Hey Chris, this is Trevor. I have been a member of WA for almost 2 days now and have approached the hurdle of choosing my first niche. I am interested in cars, sports cars more specifically, and BMW even more specifically. Do you think an interest in BMW sports cars is a specific enough niche or should I get even further specific. I think I am in the right spot but I want to make sure I get it right.

Anyway I hope you're having yourself a fine week thus far and thanks for your help


moneyman6901 Premium
Hey Chris,
Hope you are doing well. I am pretty much like you as far asa starting up with affiliate marketing. You bet its easy up to when you don't know what to do next when you hit a brick. However you have a great attitude and wish you best of luck.
chardin4 Premium
Hi Chris. I find the statement about the businesses ..... due to the marketing or lack of, fascinating. It just really hits me! A good business can go under if not marketed right, yet a poor business can actually thrive due to the right marketing. That just kind of says it all, huh?
Hi Chris, i'd love to hear more about your story, how you got into online marketing here and what all you have accomplished in the last 3 years or so since you joined. Is there a good time over the next few days we could chat a little? Please know your support is greatly appreciated!
Hello Chris, how you today. Am here to seek you advise if possible. Am currently on Level 2 oof training but am kind some how stuck on buying my self domain name from the WA domain platform but every time I try am not successful. Am a move-foward person. Any advise please. This is what the domain name cart shows every trial. Am using a tablet.
Tshupp Premium
was just wondering if you had a minute for a quick question, have set up ad sense account, but not quite sure that I have pasted the code or link in the correct part of my html went to appearance then to editor and if it is not in the rite place the body or between the head<> I'm not sure where it starts and ends in html if I have to remove it is there an automated way to do so as opposed to going in and manually removing,
thanks for any input, tom
Samthepieman Premium
Hello Chris, My name is Sam and I just joined. Actually I joined about 10 days ago and then had to leave town so I'm looking to get refreshed. I think I understand the beginning except the web site acquisition. I would like to use my existing web site and don't know exactly how to export it into the WA. Any chance you could give me a quick "how to"?

cptkirk Premium
Hi Chris, my name is Kirk and I am new to this and may need a little help once in a while from a Friend and hope to Thrive so if I feel I need help on something I will will be sure to ask you if you don't mind.
BOwusu Premium
Hello ChrisGooden's
How are you and the family? I'm doing good by the grace of God. I have read through your bio's data, I'm very glad about you. I have just join the WA community I may need your help also. I have started building my first website www.allaboutofficeadministration
Now that I have read about Jaaxy, Can I change website name to
office administration schools or classes?
Since office administration schools, according to Jaaxy Avg 160 and QSR is 73 and office administration classes Avg 136 and QSR 79. Thanks
Hi Chris,

I totally agree with you about marketing. It's often done so poorly or not at all. I've have some copywriting experience which I plan on using to better market my site. I'd like to share it with others.

Anyway, best of luck on your internet marketing and here's wishing you much success.


Geoff M.
Hi mr chris, iam so greatful to meet you here at WA......iam still very new to this business and iam still learning what it entails to do this business. Iam not very new to internet mketing...i have come across it before, tried doing it but i never succeded but now i want to take time understand this business better so that i can earn an extra income for me and my family.i hope to get advise and help from you. Thanx so much. Simon peter.
zayin998 Premium
hi Chris..
here is my first website that i create after reviewing kyle's website.
it will be appreciate if you can visit my website and give me some comments or feedback that can help me to update my pages further..the link is below

kind regards
luziaS Premium
Hi. Thank you so much for following me. It's very nice of you. Do you know, I love everyone here at WA. You are so warm. I really need to deal wih people like you right now that I am going through a very difficult time. It's coming from everywhere. My only rock is my Beautiful God, that is always with me. Keeping me away from going insane. Like the other day I was trying to improve my Website and end up disappearing with my Social sites buttons. the Share buttons. If you see it anywhere, make sure you let it know that I am looking for it. Desperately! I am not gonna take much more of your time. Talk to you soon. Thanks again...
BelieveItYes Premium
Hey Chris !

Would you mind helping me boost my youtube channel by subscribing to it?


It would mean a lot to me. This channel is my dream job : makeup artist (halloween crazy stuff and every day makeup as well)

Please check it out and subscribe! and let me know if you need me to return the favor, by subscribing to your channel or anything that can help your business =) I will be happy to do it! :D
Many thanks!!!