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How can I find a new member by just his name?

How can I find a new member by just his name?

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WA Affiliate Program

I want to find a new member's profile and I only know his name.

Are you looking for Nicholas? I found him.

is there Chris Bower as member for now

Haven't read all the replies and comments to your question, but this is my recommendation:

If you use the @ sign in front of the persons USERNAME it will come up immediately.

Let me know if you need any further help.

If you have a name you can Private Message them...

Thank you Ed.

And - if typing his name in the search bar doesn't work, pull up Kyle's profile and take a look at the people he follows bc he follows everybody. Depending on when the new person joined, he should be fairly close to the top of Kyle's list.

Do you mean you know his real name or his profile name?

If it's the profile name, you can just type it in the search bar at the top.
Suggestions will come up and this should lead you to that member.

Try typing his name in the search bar at the top of the page.....usually works for me....

Thanks to all of you for such a quick response.

Thanks Kevin.

If you type his name into the help box at the top, it should bring up his picture icon. That is, if he's using his name as his username.

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Is the black friday annual rate available for a new sign up?

Is the black friday annual rate available for a new sign up?

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WA Affiliate Program

I have a young man who wants to sign up as a premium member and would like to have the annual Black Friday savings if available to him.

Make sure he uses your affiliate link to join as a starter member. He'll be able to take advantage of the Black Friday deal this weekend. It's a great deal isn't it?

When I signed up as a Premium member I wanted to be yearly immediately, but I first had to sign up to the monthly payment before I could access the option to go yearly. Unless that's changed then I'm assuming new members would first have to go monthly premium and then switch to the yearly deal immediately.

Thanks for your help.

Yes he can just have him signup under you then he can get on Friday.

Thanks Tommy.

He must already be a starter or premium member before going yearly. Have him sign up now and then upgrade Friday. Look on the left for affiliate program or at the top at the rocket to get your affiliate link


Thank you Glenda.

It's available for everybody who goes annual on black friday until cyber monday, and when they are now monthly, the days left of the monthly fee will be reduced from the anual fee.
(This will not be reduced by the monthly fee of $19)

Thank you Loes for your always prompt help! While I am imposing on folks I forgot to ask how I go about getting credit for his membership?
Thank you.

When they sign up yearly, you get about 2 months later your credit payment on paypal

If they sign up on the valid days of Black Friday, you'll get paid on January the 1st

have him sign up on friday, and he`ll get the discount ;)

Thank you

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