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Hi Everyone Here! I'm Boaz Ethan N'Guessan. I'm A Consecreted Pastor Since December 14th 2004. I Freely And Joyfully Offer Targetted Breaktrough Prayers To Whosever Desires It.





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Another $300 in ad budget gone with just only 1 refferal?

Another $300 in ad budget gone with just only 1 refferal?

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Email Marketing

Friends, I Should Have Upgraded For One Year And Be Free! But I Focused On Promoting WA. Maybe I Opted For The Wrong Ad Companies. To Now Pay $49 After Burning $300 Is A Real

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Hi I am new here too.


I would say this. You really need to focus on the training.
This is not a get rich scheme. This is a change your lifestyle scheme

So this is going to take time and effort.

Yes it would have been better to have signed up for the year and focus on building your website with the amazing training offered.

But that is done now. So start moving forward with building a solid foundation for you future.

Also you can get some amazing help by reading some of the blogs posted here daily.

I have learned just as much from the blogs posted here along with the training.

oh and congratulations on your referral. Remember it is a numbers game. Work on getting more traffic to you website.

I hope this helps

Thank you Jenni.
I'll plan towards going yearly. It's better.
Thanks for your kind advice.
God bless you so much

You are welcome

You can really thank me by becoming more successful. That would make my heart smile.

God bless your kind heart Jenni.

You are most welcome

Hi Boaz,
I opted for the one year deal. Now I am no longer
interested. Too much cheering and no income
seems to be running rampant. So just forget the 400
investment and get on with a real life.. No point
in crying about a spill.

Hey James, you mean you're not making it though you went yearly? Ouf! Okey, I will calm down and think well to know what to do exactly.
Thanks again

I tried PPC but ROI was bad, FB adds for WA were disapproved because FB doesn't like an online money making adds, so I stopped spending money on adds for now.
Now, I fill up my website with content as good as I can make it and hope that organic traffic will eventually start doing its part soon.

Regarding WA referrals, of course, it is difficult because it seems that everybody is already a WA Premium member :)

You're right Alex.

Try using Facebook ads, starting at $20 where you can use extra tools for targeting your niche audience. You will need to start a business group page first and get it set up with your website. Then you can choose to either create an ad to drive traffic to the website or craft an offer to sell a product. Good luck!

Let me say i want to give you two more technical questions that you have to think: How did you build your funnel? what is your offer?

If you need help don't esitate to contact me, I would be happy to help you out.

Hey Gragozzino, thank you so much but you know, I am not an expert in the field you know? I have some funnels which I upgraded to pro and purchased more ads credits. That's all I did.

Funnel hacking is the worst thing you can do. It will obviously fail.
You cannot copy an other one and wish for results, everyone is different and everyone need his own funnel.
Forget the big online marketers tips, because trust me they are not doing money!
Work on your own strategy, it has to fit with yourself.

For evey kind of help write me back or text me in private. I would be very happy to help!

Boaz, hello! It is completely unclear, why you are dejected: you have been in WA for 2.5 months (since May 24, 2018), you deserve three badges, the last -3 level of certification. So, shake up, My Dear, and continue to study with interest. You have the beautiful Tanakhic name Boaz.

Thinks so much Mark. I'm a busy Pastor. My time is not always mine.
Thank you. I'll do my best to catch up.

Sorry for the loss my friend. Do as advised by our friends, be patient, learn, learn and learn again to build the foundation of your business!

Hey Boaz,
I don't pay for advertising so I guess I can't answer this for you.

Tried and True


Ouch...that's like a kick somewhere very painful. Can't you upgrade to yearly now?

I suggest you don't use any adds company to drive traffic, it's a waste of time and money.

Learn it the hard way, do it by yourself.
Before running PPC campaign, you should really learn What is all about, Why, How and When you can do it.

Some companies will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every month on PPC, however, they know what they can expect in return.
If you don't have this kind of data, you will burn your money, it's all you will be doing.

Go slowly and step by step, it takes time, however, I believe it's the best way.

This is just my opinion, though.


Thanks so much Calvin. Real waste of time and money!
I regret it so bitterly.
Thanks again

You're welcome.

I can suggest you a Youtube Channel:

Miles Beckler

This guy is good and you can see he really want to help peoples, spend some time watching his videos, he posts one new every day.

He talks about everything.

And yes of course as Jennifer said, follow the training here at WA.

I know it's frustrating because it takes time and people who joined want to start making money Now, however, it's the way a lot of things work.

Persistence + Patience + Hard Work = Success

You will see when you start getting results, good things will add up and you will find out it's easier for you to get results.

Good Luck.


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Please tell me, is there any difference?

Please tell me, is there any difference?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I Would Like To Know If There's Any Difference Between Websites And Blogs?

Thanks So Much And Sorry For My Novice Looking Questions...

Blog post/article are what you put on your website as grow

A website is a collection of related pages and a blog is a part of those related pages. This is what I learned.

In my humble opinion I would say yes. I am a newbie though.

I look at it this way. Your website is your house and the pages and posts are what is inside your house. What I do is, whatever titles are on my website menu, I make them pages. If I am selling Black Opal I will make Black Opal a page so viewers can see it on the menu on their initial visit. If I am writing about Black Opal I make them blogs. Blogs, posts, and articles are the same thing, just different wording. I use pages to promote my brand and posts to describe my products and link texts on my pages text to my posts.
Interlinking is important.
My advice is to use your most important and product promoting material as your pages and include them in your menu and the rest as posts, blogs, articles whatever you want to call them. Bare in my mind, you can also do submenus if you want to make them all pages but put the most important on your main menu.

I hope this helps you.



Thanks very much Brad.
God bless you

No problems and you may want to have a look at this link. It is about site structure. We want the visitor to be able to easily navigate around the site so they stay longer. And it is important to make the pathway easy.

It depends on your point of view. I run websites that include blogs on them and in that case, there is a difference. The blog is only a small part of my website.


My question would be what is the difference between a blog a post and an article. Subtle differences or essentially the same thing?

Hi Brad,

Same thing. You can call it article, post, review, etc. The point: we are talking about a a regularly updated blogroll aiming a specific target group and containing chronological publications

Got it. Thanks.

My pleasure!

Paul gave a good description between a blog and a website and Wendi below gave an excellent analogy

Think of it like a house.
A website is a whole house.
A blog is a room in the house.
Hope this helps.
Wendi :)

Thank you soooo much for this great clarification. I'm completely okey with this.
God bless you Wendi

Great!! :))

Blogs can be components of websites A website is a composite of blogs, articles, and other works!

Thanks so much Pa'Mark for your availability.
I'm so grateful.
Thank you so much.
God bless you so much!

Yes, a website can have many forms, one of which is a blog. If you Google your question, you will get many more detailed answers.

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How should I consider keywords to be?

How should I consider keywords to be?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

To Me, It's Like Keywords Are Google's Own Language Syllabes.

Thus, Until Your Website Contents Are Full Of Those Syllabes, It Would Be Difficult For Google To Trace You

I agree with rjkennedy. I went back through the video then practiced researching the keywords. Look for most hits avg >100 and least competition qsr

Only thing I could suggest is to go back and pull up the Training class link regarding 'keywords'. Maybe you'll find your answer there.

Hi Boaz,
Use Jaaxy. It's the best way to get excellent keywords

I still struggle with the best keywords to use, so I don't want to give you the wrong advice, sorry.

I don't think so Boaz because I got indexed in Google pretty quickly and I'm sure I'm WAY behind a lot of other members in the speed in which I crank posts out. It's a mystery to me how they do it but that's O.K! Some things I prefer to remain mysterious! ;-]

Wish I could help, I just do not want to give you the wrong information. Wishing you success.

You have to be a detective when researching them you want the best keyword you can find. Keywords are the most important part of your post.article.

Jaaxy is a very good keyword tool, Kyle shows you many ways to find keywords.


Yes Kjdahlina; thanks so much for your contribution.

Not really Ethan, keywords are words or more specific, phrases that surfers type into the search engine to find the answers to a query they may have.
Therefore it is the content that is written pertaining to a keyword that Google ranks.
The more relevant the content of a keyword/phrase the better Google likes it and the higher your content will rank.
As soon as your website is indexed Google knows about it and it is then up to the webmaster to write content that is both relevant and descriptive of the subject pertaining to the keyword/phrase, to get Google to place the article as high as they believe will be of benefit to the public.

Thank you so much Gordon. And have a grea day!

Boaz Ethan

It can be like this in the begining. if it heps this is how I do my own research in conjunction wiht the raining.

I choose a phrase or question, then google it, then depending on the options or variations of that which come up, I put the top two or three phrases into Jaaxy and chhose my phrase from that report, which helps get my site ranked

Does that help

Hey, Boaz! Keywords in your content attract others to your site. The more unique they are, the better they rank and gain traffic. They help to present what your content is all about. You are doing very well, my friend! Here is a lesson that may help you better understand keywords and their significance! Erin :)!

Wow my beloved friend Erin, you made my day! God bless you so great!
Thanks and have a great week full of blessings.


So glad to help out, Boaz! Blessings back to you, my friend!

Erin :)!

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Why am I been ranked upward again?

Why am I been ranked upward again?

asked in
The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I've noticed for the past 48 hours that from 857, I climbed to 936 yesterday and today to 1014!

Am I Progressing Backwards Knowing That It Wasn't Supposed To Be So???

As much as we all say, WA ranking isn't important because it has nothing to do with our website ranking, it is still disheartening to see it climb. But it is what it is..just continue to follow what you are inspired to do and it will change again. Comments below give a good explanation for the climb.

Thanks Droseh!

Yes, don't let the ranking thing get in the way. I was hovering at 500 and now back up to about 2700. It is all about how active you are on here at WA....so for myself, I am just taking each day as it comes and accomplishing what I can. Sometimes I am busy on here but most of the time I am researching, working on my website or dealing with life :).

Thank you very much, it's really wanted to become a banana skin on my way.
Thanks for the clarification.
God bless you!

Some things don't make sense in the beginning but hopefully it turns out to be a positive.

How do I get my Google+ ID is to my email Jonathan3all@gmail.com And add to my profile
For example https:/google.plus/Jonathan3all or is there an ID #

Don't get disheartened friend. Keep going as you are.
Stay focussed on your goals/dreams :)
You got this!
Much appreciation for you:)

Di :)

My ranking is doing the same thing!

Some of the information in this post by Carson may help you to understand the WA ranking system. If others are more active than you, they can actually move your ranking upwards even though you had the same activity from the day before.

Don't put too much effort into the whole thing unless you have an abundant amount of time to spend boosting your WA ranks.

Just because someone is an Ambassador does not mean they are making money. You can achieve low numbers here by just being social, but that takes you away from the reason that you are here: to learn, apply that knowledge, and get a website that makes you money!

Thank you so much Howard.
I appreciate you so much for the enlightening contribution.
God bless you

Hi Ethan,

There are 3 components helper, creator and activity. basically total is your final daily ranking. In order to climb up you need to be constantly active ...

But more importantly: we are talking about a relative position. In other words, even if you are active, you can lose positions if others are gaining more points than you

Simple as that

The others who were around your rank may have just been pushing harder, answering more questions & being more active in the community. So you are not necessarily going backwards, it is merely others going forward :)

No need to get too caught up on your internal WA rank though :)

Do not let the WA ranking bother you too much, as it does not reflect in any way how your website is coming along. Just concentrate on your website and business as the WA rank is not important. My own rank has been up and down since i have joined here last year.

Ok thank you much Abromley.
I appreciate you so much for that!

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