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I began living the internet lifestyle in 1998. And 9 years ago I finally decided to quit my well-paying job in order to become a genuine digital adventurer.

My latest "achievements" are ...

smartketeer.com ... a blog focusing on free A-to-Z marketing tutorials for internet marketers and online entrepreneurs and ...

websitegooroo.com ... a coaching & auditing site for website owners, marketers, newbies, etc who are interested in making money online from home
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Jul 5, 2018
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smartketeer Premium
Hi Ray,

First of all: thanks for following here at WA and welcome to the smartketeer family!

Of course you can succeed! Success isn't age-dependent!

I'm far far away from Alabama :) It's Europe ...

About your site: it's a nice clean site Ray! yes of course, there is room for improvements, but here at WA we just don't have the time and the space to discuss all those aspects ... That would require a separate personal coaching platform ... But I can tell you one important thing right now: your links are opened in the same window, in other words you are sending away your visitors from your site ... Which isn't good! You want to keep them on your site as long as you can ... The point: you should edit your URLs to open your links in new browser tabs ... This way your readers won't leave your site after clicking one of your links.

BTW What's that envy thing?

Thanks for your time!

despatis Premium
Dear Zed, thanks for sharing and for accepting my invite, much appreciated. Seems you're doing very well, so keep on track and let's stay in touch.

smartketeer Premium
All the best my friend!
Johnpavich Premium
Holy moly # 5 well u must have a lot of time to devote to wa !! This time of year is my busiest time with home renovations but iam almost finished phase 2. I could spend all day on the program at wa I find it fascinating and when i start making money it will be even more interesting ha ha !!!
SachiKashi Premium
Wow! I just subscribed to your site and it's amazing! I'm looking to learn a lot from you. If you go to the Rank button in the top left-hand corner and follow the top members there, you'll get their tutorials and training - perhaps you might get some tips from them too. Blessings on your success!
smartketeer Premium
Hi Sachi,

Thanks for subscribing and of course, WELCOME TO THE SMARTKETEER FAMILY!

I'm glad you like it!

I'll do my best to provide you (and of course, ALL my subscribers) with real, helpful content.

LucyLee Premium
Love your blog - wow fantastic all round. I'd absolutely love to have my site like this for my niche (animation)...blogs, free training, leading to pay for courses. Did you use Avada Wordpress theme or BeaverBuilder?

How long has it taken you to build this site? You say 6 or 8 years on your blog, but you are a new member here. Did you start with another program?