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I am a regular fifty-three years old guy. I began living the internet lifestyle 23 years ago. Back in the ’90s, I was a humble supermarket manager without any online businesses or income sources, but gradually I have come to realize the existing opportunities and eleven years ago I finally decided to quit my well-paying job to become an actual, genuine digital adventurer.

Needless to say, in the first two years I barely survived. I’ve made my mistakes and I’ve paid my dues. But, I’ve learned from my mistakes and nine years ago I’ve reached a point where suddenly everything started to work … Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a millionaire and I’m not even rich, but I am making a decent living online.

Two years ago I’ve decided to create a personal blog - smartketeer.com - to help others to achieve their dreams. You can check it out by clicking the website URL in the Follow Me On section ...
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dragonfly10 Premium
I have been away from WA due to illness, I am back and very serious about starting a real business, while I was in the hospital my son built me a new computer (laptop) to start out on my new journey. This brings me to my question, How do I do a quick Data transfer? Including licensed programs. Also, do you have any feeling on Divi vs Elementor pro page builder?
Your friend Sandy
SFacey Premium
Hi Smartketeer, following up on my last message i noticed that the about me post is published in wordpress. My word press dashboard is saying 1 published so why is WA dash board saying 0 published and 1 unpublished.

I did not bother to go to trash to recover since it was published in word press

I have not yet set up my privacy page which is the next step as a result of this. I do not know what to do .I need to complete this next step. I am a complete newbie , never did this website thing before. please assist i would really appreciate it.

SFacey Premium
Hi Smart keeper, I M having issues setting up my first comment about me. I noticed that there were supplications . I think I have deleted the published post instead of dummy on like I saw on video. I spent do many time on this. Is my published content really gone. Could you please assist me..
SFacey Premium
That should be duplication.
smartketeer Premium
Hi Sophia,

Go to your Wordpress admin menum select Posts - > All posts and click the Trash link to access the content of the trash ...

See the screenshot
SFacey Premium
Hi Smartketeer thanks for your assistance . I really appreciate it.
smartketeer Premium
You're welcome Sophia!
TersiaBrown Premium
Good Morning,

My studies went very well but I'm stuck and I need help. Don't want to just ask anyone!

I'm busy with - Building your own Traffic Producing Website - Module 9: Amplifyig Your Google Love with Google Plus.

It is not very clear how to "Add atleast 5 people to G+ to your circles", "Add your G+ account to the 'Share your G+ account Blog Post'", and "Create a New Post and Add it (with engagement) to your Google+ Post Page"

It is holding me back from moving forward. I will appreciate it if you can assist.

Have a awesome day!
smartketeer Premium
Hi Tersia.

1. For adding people to your G+ circles check this out


2. You simply need to add your G+ account to this post 3. You should create a WA post in order to share it on your G+ profile. I said "should", because due to the high number of shared links WA has been banned by G+ and any link that contains the root WA domain will be automatically removed by G+
TersiaBrown Premium
Much appreciated, thank you!
smartketeer Premium
You're welcome!
Kickbacked Premium
Hi Zed

I came across you through one of the people on my network who was looking for help
I saw you were in the top 100, so I decided to check your profile out!

I found it rather interesting that you were only following 3 people here in WA and that you had a rather large following of people which included some who have been ambassadors here in WA!

I read a few of your blogging posts which were well written with very excellent advice.

I do have a question for you. I am still rather new at this internet marketing concept! I have been here a little over a year. I did start a website as recommended by WA last year which is rather broad.

I created a new website and what I wish to do is link one of my posts from this website to the blog site I originally started to prevent duplicate content and also so I do not have to re-write a post. I am planning on doing it in a manner that both sites will remain open in their own tabs on the browser.

Am wondering if this is a viable option?

Have a great day!

smartketeer Premium
Hi Tim,

Thanks for reaching out!

So you have 2 different sites and you want to create some links between those two sites ..

OK, Let's say, that you have one post with this URL


and you want to insert a link in the content of that post, a link that will open in a new tab displaying o given page on your second site


Here's what you need to do:

1. Select the text that will be tranformed in a link (let's say "visit my other site") and click the "Insert/Edit link" icon in the default Wordpress editor (first screenshot) to insert the destination URL (http://www.seconddomain.com/given-post)

2. Switch to text mode in your editor (second screenshot), and locate the line where it says

visit my other site

and change that line to this

visit my other site

And voila, your second site will be opened in a new separate tab ...