Ambassador Ranking 2017 Update: Pay-it-forward!

Last Update: August 21, 2017

Hi Folks!

Wealthy Affiliate is a pay it forward community. It is something that we stand for and something that defines us. Plain and simple, we care about one another and it is a place you can come and feel comfortable getting answers to your questions in relation to your online business. WA is also a place where you can pay it forward as you have the ability to give back and help others that were once in your exact situation.

Personally over the years I have learned a lot, and I surely have learned a great deal during my 12 years operating as one of the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate. Where did I learn MOST of what I know? Directly here within the community.

The thing is, we all have skills, knowledge, information, and insight that we can share within many aspects of business. We are all consumers. We all have ideas and opinions. We all communicate, and we all have a common goal of creating something of substance within the online world...something that we are proud of, and something that we can look back at and realize that we have had a positive impact on the Internet landscape.

Collectively we can all do this and collectively we can all create success online. There is enough room for ALL of us to succeed, in fact, there is room for 10,000's of successful affiliate marketers in every niche. There are 3.75 BILLION people on the web & over 500 MILLION products we can promote within our respective niches. We can succeed and capitalized on this "never seen before" opportunity at a much greater rate working together to than independently.

Thus, we present Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadorship, 2017!

What Defines an Ambassador at Wealthy Affiliate?

The top 25 members at Wealthy Affiliate are considered Ambassadors of the community. These are members with a consistent and vested interest in helping others within the community. But not just that, these are folks who are continuing their education and pushing the boundaries of what they are capable of within the online world.

We lead this community as a "pay it forward" platform, and Ambassadors have that mentality. Ambassadors understand what Wealthy Affiliate stands for and they conduct themselves in a way helps evolve the community in a forward direction!

Ambassadors are just as willing to ask for help as they are to offer their help.

In the education world, someone that can teach and understand concepts is able to help people in the same way. The best teachers are not always those that can implement their knowledge (although often times they are. There will always be a broad "type" and “range” of ambassador within the platform at WA, some people with years and years of extensive knowledge and success online. Some others could be truly knowledgeable in how WA works, and where to find answers to questions if they do not have the answers themselves.

What Criteria is Considered in WA Rank?

Success is not tracked. We have no idea how much revenue anyone is making, anywhere. This is not data that we keep nor do we care about it in the Ambassador and member rankings.

Helpfulness is of great consideration. The ability to create and educate is considered. The timeliness of support to those that need help is considered. These include the interactions within training, knowledge of the WA platform, and the use of our tools and platforms that are available within the community.

The rankings are comprised of 3 parts. I am going to break each of these down and explain exactly what they mean below.

Ranking Item #1: Helper.

  • Live Chat. The live chat within WA is active throughout the day and is where people go to hang out, say hi, share experiences, and to get INSTANT help. If you are actively helping people within the Live Chat by offering answers to questions, and thorough resposes to fellow members, this activity will be considered.

  • Responding to Questions within Comments. Very frequently people ask questions within the comments in the training or within blog posts. It can help boost your ranking if you are helping folks with any questions they may have, and of course, answering them correctly.

  • Responding to Questions. People use the question facility here all the time. If you click the pen icon in your top header of the account, you will see exactly what I mean. Also, if you use the search bar and you ask a question that you don't find help with, you can turn that quickly into a community question. Responses to these kinds of questions are considered.

    Finding those who have “unanswered” questions is as simple as clicking the “Unanswered” filter on the activity dashboard.

  • Accuracy of your help is also something that is considered. If you don't know the answer when a question is answered, don't offer an answer. If you have a partial answer or some form of insight into things, that is definitely fine to contribute and offer. Furthermore, if you do not have the answer, but know where to find the answer within WA, please offer your guidance by pointing people in the right direction!

Ranking Item #2: Creator

  • Blog Posts. This is a place where you can blog about your journey, your activities online, what you are learning about, success stories, progress, and basically your "life online" in general. Blogs will contribute to your rankings. The quality and usefulness of your blog posts, as well as your response time to people that chime into your blog posts, thoroughness of responses, and thoroughness of comments overall, will act toward rankings. Blogging 10x a day is not necessary, blog scores are not based on volume at all (as they were in the previous ranks). Your blog post itself does not get ANY score, but the engagement it creates shows how helpful and important that post is to the community. That is the element of WA blog posts that are considered.

  • Training. After being a Premium member for 3 months you can create training. There may be voids you see within the current set of training, or questions that people are asking that you could help with. You may also have expertise in a particular area of the online world and have lots of knowledge you can share. Offer training if you find voids. Adding training for topics already covered will not be considered toward Rank and repeated posting of training that already exists will not improve rank.

    When you do add new training, support it. When questions are asked within this training, the best thing you can do is help others when they post questions within the training. As a side perk, training at WA is an opportunity to generate monthly revenue through any external traffic received. Keep your training unbranded, unique, thorough, high quality, and promotion free. Great training can have a positive impact on rank.

  • Questions. You will get some points for asking questions, however asking a question, 10 questions, or 100 questions is not going to create a major ranking surge. That is not to say you shouldn't ask questions because that's how you get answers when you need them. I'm referring to gaming the system by asking questions over an over gain with the hopes of getting a bunch of ranking points - this won't happen.

    With the above said, one way you can use the question platform (and a way I’ve done it in the past) is to create a question with a relevant title, give a thorough description of the question, and then answer it. If you are commonly seeing a question that it doesn’t seem we have an answer for within the community, you can do this. Answering a question (mentioned above) contributes to rank in a big way. Asking a question and answering it yourself also gives you something you can reference in the future when people ask a related question, it’s a great method of helping others and truly paying-it-forward!

    Be thorough when asking questions, and be thorough with answers. One line questions with one line answers won’t count at all toward rank.

Ranking Item #3: Activity

  • Time Spent in WA. The amount of time spent (no we do not actually count the minutes) within WA is an indication on how much the platform is actually used...and this inadvertently is included in the activity ranking. Spending time using the platforms provided within WA means that you will have first hand exposure with them. This will allow you to offer relevant answers to questions based on personal experience. Use WA, use the tools, interact within all areas!
  • Interactions and Responsiveness to Your Engagements. If you make a blog post and you are not supporting it, then it is going to be a one-sided conversation. If you are actively engaged in all your blog posts, questions, comments, and chats, then these elements will contrite to your activity.

  • Your Following. People who follow you does play a role in ranking, but the algorithm can definitely determine when you are trying to game the platform by mass following others, and hoping they follow you back. You're natural followers will be notified about your activity within WA and this leads to engagement, so your following at WA is indirectly considered.

Activity that DOES NOT Contribute to Rank

  • Volume. Volume posting does not at all contribute to ranking. There are many holes in the new ranks that we've patched up, and there are a few more that we are going to be focusing on going forward so that it's not possible to trick the system into thinking that someone is helpful simply because they post 5 blogs each day.
  • WA Affiliate Program. Referring others to WA does not have any impact on rank, or becoming an Ambassador of WA. It would not be an accurate measurement of helpfulness if this was considered at all, so it's simply not at all part of the rankings. With that said, when someone is referred to WA, it does give you an opportunity to help them out by answering their questions...and helping others is considered heavily.
  • Bulk Following. Following every single member at WA does not contribute to any ranking points. Following others at WA is a way to receive notifications and notices of activity via email. Whether it's a blog post or a question etc, by following others you are signing up to be kept in the loop. That said, the action of clicking "follow" is not considered.

So, there you have it. A high level explanation of the ranking elements we consider. This new algorithm will be updated with regularity as we integrate new platforms and see opportunity to improve, refine, and gain accuracy.

**A Note On Spam and/or Promotions**

If you spam or you are posting things that offend people, you are naturally going to lose rank within the platform. We have internal "sniff tests" based on certain behaviors where we are able to watch for this.

As you know, we aim to be a spam and promotion free community. We do this to keep Wealthy Affiliate a safe place for everyone to operate without having consistent promotions, spam, and subsequent flame wars utilizing your mind space. We all have different opinions and ideas based on our own experiences, and it’s ok to share them. However, Wealthy Affiliate is a place to learn how to build an online business and somewhere that we want people from all over the world to feel comfortable being part of. There is no place for arguments or negativity - none of us have time for that, nor do we want to be part of it.

The Pay it Forward Society.

Since starting Wealthy Affiliate back in 2005 our goal was to pay forward our knowledge that we had learned in the prior years to help people create businesses online. So the very underpinnings and core focus has always been to pay it forward, share information, and ultimately be the most helpful place on the Internet in this space.

Through time we have become known very much as a pay it forward community. There are tens of thousands of awesome people here paying it forward everyday by giving back their knowledge. As you learn here, you are going to be in a position to pay it forward too! You could be a complete “newbie”, but maybe you asked a questions yesterday, got an answer, then see someone asking the same question today - feel free to answer because that’s how our community works!

The member ranking is based on this very concept and how authentic your pay it forward activities are.

There is enough room for all of us to become independently very successful online. The most efficient way to do this is to work together as a community and help one another. Our focus at Wealthy Affiliate through 2017, 2018 and beyond, is going to be getting people the most efficient help possible by providing you with the tools and services that lead to maximum efficiency in your business...and ultimately more success.

So if you pay it forward, the WA ranking platform is going to pay it back. ;)

Is it Social, is it Marketing Related, or is it Success?

We are a community, people are friends here and people love to network within WA. This is because the environment is non-invasive and one that people truly want to be part of. We have ZERO intention of becoming a Facebook and we are far from it, but in saying this, Facebook does some things brilliantly well in terms of the ability for people to connect.

Our focus is getting people the BEST help and providing them with the most efficient medium to do this. We may already be the most comprehensive platform in the industry, but we want it to become something that goes beyond what folks think is possible.

Our goal is to make you a more successful marketer and business person online through facilitating efficiency, support, and education through ONE centralized platform.

You can post content that has social value, but it should be related to your Internet marketing journey or story. We are considering providing people with the ability to mark their posts here as being social, marketing/business related, or a success based story.

We have a blog that is updated regularly and that covers the posting rules within WA. If you ever need to reference this document, you can go here:

Posting Policy and Rules at Wealthy Affiliate

I suggest you have a read of this If you have not already.

Perks, and The Implementation of This.

Although we've just introduced a new ranking algorithm at WA, we are still working diligently to get the Ambassador and overall ranking platform to a place where we feel that it is going to be as accurate as it ever has been. In the past there have been tendencies for the system to rank folks that are clearly attempting to "game" rank so they can exaggerate their reach. This is something we continually work on so that those who have been authentically helping folks can be showcased and benefit in the overall ranks.

With our updated and consistent "real time" improvements on the Ambassador platform, we feel that we are getting to a place where we are going to be able to offer much more in the way of incentives. As we move through the rest of 2017, you are going to see "perks" for those reaching Ambassador status and for those that are truly paying it forward in the community.

There are platforms and integrations taking shape that we have been working towards for several years that are going to be create entirely new ecosystems and opportunities at WA. This excites us, and I know as we roll out these updates they are going to be incredibly exciting for the community. We do not want helping others to become a job for anyone, nor do we want it to be a burden. Helping others because you WANT to and because you enjoy helping people around the world experience a lightbulb moments, is exactly what we aim to capture within the ranks.

Today ranks have gotten a HUGE shake up. Folks that are helping others are going to see much higher ranks. Some folks may see their ranks drop, it’s the nature of an update, just like any Google ranking update. As the dust settles, RANK will also settle in and normalize. It will be apparent that helping others while being friendly and interactive will lead to consistency.

We look forward to the discussion to follow!


PS: During the roll out of the new algorithm earlier today there was a system glitch which caused a number of folks who were logged in at the time to see a notification pop-up saying they had achieved "Ambassadorship", or achieve a top 200 ranking. This may have been displayed by mistake. If you are new to the top 25 and have earned an Ambassador badge we welcome you, and thank you for helping so many here at WA!

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herinnelson Premium
What a great post, Carson! You confirmed my questions and added much depth to my knowledge! I absolutely LOVE helping within the community and find it refreshing and rejuvenating!

Paying it forward here in this world of its own keeps me focused in life and in my business. It's truly a brilliant set-up, and one that requires heart and integrity.

I am so thankful to be here as an Ambassador and as a friend to many.

I wrote a blog post recently about a comment I received from a girl who had just signed up and went Premium, but was logging in to her WA account to quit already. She said it was too hard for her, having multiple head injuries. My blog caught her eye and she began to read. After reading it, she decided to stay and simply "Shake it off." THAT is truly why I am here! So excited for what is to come!
RizaPelaez Premium
Glad to have found this post! Although it's quite late to respond but this has been a question to me, on how they base the ranking. Because sometimes I see myself low and then goes up again then so I was wondering how does your activities affect your position. I'm totally aware about it now and should contribute more in the community by helping fellow members with questions and posting some blogs that you've learned along the way and share it here.

Thank you for laying this out clear and concise! WA really is an amazing place to be online! More power to you and Kyle for managing this platform very well!

All the best,
TeamIceCream Premium
I'm a bit late to the party (hopefully we're still in time for the ice cream?), so I only saw this today. Wow, is it possible that this lovely community can be even more helping and caring? ;-)

Carson and Kyle, I really feel so grateful to be part of this lovely community - but I am not surprised, because the saying goes that "as the leader goes, so goes the people" and in this case, I have found it to be 100% true. Thank you to both of you guys!
MsMerry Premium
Never too late Sharlee
TeamIceCream Premium
Awww, thank you MsMerry!
Sending you an e-hug! ;-)
MsMerry Premium
:) thank you! Received!!
AfqmBiz Premium
Thanks, Carson. I feel I am less in engaging with you, sir. I am to be more engaging you and your content start from now on. I hope can learn more from your different kind of expertise and experience, bro.

I love this pay-it-forward method/ As of late, if I am offline, I receive lots pay-it-forward WA emails to inform me on Members that in need of helping hands.

Thanks for this update that keeps on encourage Members to apply this good pay-it-forward method at WA and also one we can apply in our own daily life.

Thanks! :)
MTrabant Premium
Love and hate the fact that new premium members must wait to start training courses.I can see how you all want to protect your community and you want to make sure that the person is going to stick around. I also see some areas that could use some help and look forward to working on creating some as soon as I can. Keep up your great work. I love the help you all have going on here. This isn't just a website creator but a place to create full business.
Sylvain34 Premium
Yes that's the way it is. I waited 3 months to do y first training.
ColleenLVSJC Premium
Wow, Carson! Thank you so much for your excellent educational post about how WA ranking works! You answered so many questions. I'm sure I will refer back to this post along the way. I appreciate all that you and Kyle have done and are continuing to do to keep WA awesome. :)
MPollock Premium
Nice work and better way for ranking, I enjoy helping members and spending my free time with my family. I did enjoy my time as Ambassador but felt not enough Ambassadors where helping out as much as they should have. I like being hidden in the new ranking system and will keep on helping members when I am online. You keep up the great work building the best online system out there.
Thanks, Carson.

I will see you around once in a while.
Mike P.
TJ Books Premium
I guess you changed something, Carson, probably for the better as usual. I was in the top 50 forever. Overnight, I dropped to 1069.

I remember back in my ambassador days that I was ranked Number 1 at WA. I told Kyle that something was crazy about the rankings (I was the top Trainer according to your table.) I told him that I could not be ranked higher than Kyle, Carson, and Jay.

When you fixed that I dropped to a more reasonable ranking. That is probably what happened again. John
chjerpstedt Premium
As I move along with WA training, website development, and many other things, I am gaining a degree of comfort. I can see how being more involved in the community is very important. I am learning something all the time about the importance of Ambassador Ranking. We can all try harder.
Gran Trabajo gracias, hay algunas cosas que no las entiendo mucho ,pero agarro la idea ,asi que analizare palabra por palabra,frase por frase y aplicare todo lo que este a mi alcanse

Great job thank you, there are some things that I do not understand much, but I grab the idea, so I analyze word for word, sentence by phrase and apply everything that is within reach
Hari S Nair Premium
Not to mean any kind of offense, but I never give a hoot about the rankings. I never did in school or college even..Lol..

I just follow people especially with the intention that they will read my bio because there I have put my success stories (Only way I can show my gratitude for what WA has given me since I am not in a WA related niche)

But yes I am aware that this system is powerful, there is a psychological need to compete in people which cannot be denied.

So when WA brought up this whole ambassador program, I really found it very smart. This is something that has improved WA activities like never before and it will continue to do so.

Though many of us need no reason to help people here apart from the fact that we understand our pay it forward principle, however, this ambassador thing really gave those people a reason who were not much involved in WA and also the beginners..kudos WA!

However, someone here recently brought something to my attention "WAers are slowly turning it into a social networking site" and I opposed that view because somehow I had this notion that social networking is a part of the motivation, soon I realized I was wrong.

Although social networking helps people to stay here for long and get some motivation, it also makes them forget the true purpose of our community..we gotta build sites and make money, folks!!!

Looking at the changes I can see that more preference is given to constructive activities and I believe that's the best thing we can do right now.
TopAchiever Premium
Well said!
sdcarcamo Premium
Hi Carson,

The topic of Ambassador Ranking 2017 Update: Pay-it-forward!

Today you brought a good content as well as its essence, its development and above all, the purpose and desire for each member in WA achieve their goals and objectives to create a prosperous and durable business with the invaluable help of the most experienced members in Internet business. Also the rest of the community that put their grain of sand in helping the one who needs it. Finally for all those who participate and collaborate every day in WA my infinite thanks and admiration for teamwork and continue helping others.

GerrieRose Premium
I have created a website entitled "Make-A-Million-Club. My title line is CLAIM A FREE MEMBERSHIP AT WEALTHY AFFILIATE.
I have written a 3 paragraphs about my time at WA and all the training I have received. I also dropped one of your banners (I think I saw on Jaaxy).

The one thing I haven't addressed (because I don't know how much space I would need) is how all of the members of WA are included in our training. I think your Ambassador Ranking system is great and it goes into great explanation of membership input into every question.

I have two questions to ask: Can I use some of your wording on membership assistance to include in my website and/or can I copy the Pay it Forward Banner that explains in one indepth banner the total membership involvement in our training.

I have geared website towards all consumers but have been in touch with the Veterans Administration regarding retired and disabled veterans who would be able to benefit greatly not only from what they would learn but also the input and collegiality of the membership which is so helpful to me and will be to them.
viyee Premium
This explains a lot.
There I was thinking: Uha? How did that happen, Ambassador and then my ranking dropped.
The ranking is not everything. There is a lot of work to do and a lot of people to help.
Glad to have it cleared up.
It appears to be a good step forward for us all.
SantaFez Premium
Thank you Carson for this post, it clarifies a lot and I think it gives a good perspective to all of us on ranking and working on our business here at WA.

I am really enjoying all the attributes of WA, the community, the learning and the challenges that I encounter here. The quality of people is great and it is so nice to be part of a similarly aimed community.

Looking forward to discover more...
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Carson, thank you for the clarification it will help folks adjust to the recalibration. My take home is that there is so much going on behind the scenes as you and Kyle and your team work to make WA the progressive and innovative platform that it is. Being part of this community is a reward in its self and I think that many of us will continue to grow as well.
haroda Premium
Thank you Carson for taking the time and creating this amazing Pay-it Forward system and your informative article. One thing I was reminded constantly here at WA is to take the time to be the best that you can be for yourself and all the people around you. Create quality content!

Both you and Kyle are great examples for me to follow. I love reading your comments and articles because they are thoughtful and sincere. You both are great inspirations. I hope to follow your footsteps. Thank you!!!
Magus Premium
Very nicely made system. I personally don't give a damn about ranking here but I do like to see you guys are working on this website to make it better. It's a bit old school and I so very much want to see a mobile version. Fella can't sit at the computer all day and today mobile access is much more needed, The website would be visited and used much more.

All together though, as always, great work guys. Cheers!
Cashndash Premium
I'm having trouble getting going. I follow the instructions
on building a web site. I don't have a product to promote.
After I built the web site useing the template
It gave me a generic one. I purchased the premium package. When I write for help, I'm getting the same generic message
Welcome me. Help!
MsMerry Premium
Alesia you need to open a support ticket. I think where you are getting confused is you are not or have not started any training yet. Once you start the training you will soon understand the website and themes etc. On the left of your screen you will see a green get started here square. Click on that and you will be in the training. Hope this helps a little.
DianneBee Premium
Start the training! It covers finding products etc.
judebanks Premium
Hello Alicia,

Congrats on setting up your website. if I can use an analogy, at first it will be like a house with no rooms or furniture in it yet. I'm assuming this is what you mean by "generic".

As you work through the lessons, you will learn how to build out your website content and generate traffic to your site.

There's a ton of help and support in the community. It takes a little settling in period to know how to ask questions so we can help you. Your question will not be seen by enough people when posted in threads that are on a different topic.

Use the little pen icon in the top bar. From the drop down menu select. Ask A Question. When you ask your question that way, more members in the community will see it.

You won't have any products until you choose your niche and join affiliate programs as taught in the training.

I encourage you to persist. It's a learning curve for sure. It takes time and commitment. ~Jude
ColleenLVSJC Premium
Hi Carson...I'm fairly new here so I appreciate your explanations and updates. Thanks to you and Kyle for your vision and all that you're doing to keep this a progressive, caring community focused on integrity and paying it forward so everybody has the opportunity to succeed. Thank you so much!
susanmacneil Premium
Thank you, Carson, for all you are doing to maintain the integrity of your company!

The philosophy upon which Wealthy Affiliate has been developed is admirable. If only this "pay it forward" philosophy existed throughout the world in everyday life! What a wonderful world it would be!

I am thrilled that I found WA. I am learning lots and have been meeting amazing people in this great community you boys have created.

I truly appreciate all that has been done for those of us lucky enough to be a part of Wealthy Affiliate.

Stay strong and true to your principles. You have chosen worthy ones.


Susan MacNeil
Skydancer1 Premium
well said.

Good job
LeanneS1 Premium
This is an amazing site and course. I´ll always gladly help but not sure what I can offer as a newbie.Either way I am very impressed by what I´ve seen so far and I´ve literally only just started (there´s so much stuff to learn!) Thanks for this opportunity and hopefully I can help someone at some point! :) :) :)
DavidSeay Premium
I love the way this site is designed to help each other and where everyone is wishing everyone else as much success as they desire for themselves. Carson, you and Kyle lead this organization with an incredible show of character, It is obvious that you are cheering every one on to success!
Donnie58 Premium
This is excellent, Carson! The old system of ranking is one of the very, very few things that bothered me about WA. I hated to see the way people gamed the system AND spammed it as well.

I also think this will be much better in the sense of trust. The people that are going to be ambassadors NOW, will be more worthy of it, and therefore more trustworthy from which to seek advice.

As always, you and Kyle ROCK, Carson! You have an excellent platform already, and it's getting more awesome each and every year! Thanks!
LouisaB Premium
This is my first year here and it has been a learning experience, and, I look forward to do better than ever. For the past two weeks I am getting surgery on both eyes. Since my rank went from 47 to 219. However, there's a lesson in it for all of us here at WA.
RickD1 Premium
Thank you for the explanation, I joined in 2016 but didn't do anything until July of 2017. I went premium a couple days later the big reason was the community.

It also had a lot to do with the fact that you and Kyle are always working to make WA better and better. (including everyone behind the scenes.)

The bottom line to all of this is just do what you can. If everyone does their part, and gives back when they can. No one will ever be as good as the WA platform and this community.

All the best,

Grazka Premium
Thank you very much Carson. I was just shocked how fast your ranking can drop when you are not active for a week.I recently had a death in the family and wasn't able to spend any time on my business/WA and my ranking drooped from 347 to 1731. I travel for my website and sometime I don't have access to the internet during my travels. Does that mean that I will be constantly loosing my WA rank while on my trips?
DianneBee Premium
Most days I'm scrambling for time to get posts written and up. I rarely have time to engage at WA. It happens or it doesn't. I do appreciate all the input that is available to me when I need it.
gjshawk Premium
Hi, Grace. My rank dropped about 2000 points since yesterday and I didn't go anywhere. It's just the new ranking algorithm taking effect. I wouldn't worry if I were you. It wasn't because of your travels.
Grazka Premium
O so that's what happened. Thank you for the clarification. I really appreciate it. I was just shocked but now I understand. Have a great evening.
Grazka Premium
Thank you for sharing. I am also finding difficult to divide my time between building my website and being involved every day in WA "activities", but I find members very eager to help when I need their expertise. That's why I am trying to stay engaged as much as I can.
DaleMaz Premium
The way I see it for me is I just continue doing what I am doing. I am adding followers slowly as I find interesting people, I comment when I can, Stay away from stuff I don't know. I write a few blogs and of course I work at WA.

I do not go out of my way to do anything special and for me that's what is working. Some days more time in the community and some days not so much.

Its always nice to see improvements being made here though.

I love this place.
Manr1970 Premium
When people interact in this community, it helps give me personally a feeling that not only am I in the right space. But the encouragement to push through and let others coach me with obstacles is priceless! I like the ranking, but its the connection I feel that makes WA so great! I look forward to all your insights, so that I can do the same for others! Thank you to everyone here!

Awesome Post Carson!
drlumsden Premium
Dear Carson,

Good Day!

You have written a quality article. Good job.
I have flagged it in my email for a reference highlight to an article I always want to read and read again, for solidification of learning the specifics of Ambassador Ranking.


PS. Say hello to Kyle for me, please.
drlumsden Premium
Dear Fleuallen,

Thank you for your response to my comment to Carson.
Welcome aboard!

Skydancer1 Premium
Great post. I am all in on the 3 categories for blog posts. It would be nice to be able to sort straight to training or a success post.
It is also nice to be able to have some fun back and forth within the systems as well and that can be done in chat or a "social" blog post. I try and help when i can, I am certainly no expert but I have learned many new skills here and I share them whenever I can.

The new ranks are great, The folks that earn a higher rank did so by paying it forward in a way that helps others and that is what we are all about here. If we drop, so what, just keep working and help when you can and it all comes around.

The main focus is our online business and the success that follows. The WA ranks will naturally follow as we use the system and tools within,

Keep working on your goal eveyday and the rest will take care of itself.

Thanks Carson for the information

buildyournow Premium
This information is excellent as I always wondered what the status 'Ambassador' meant and how to achieve it. I was a recipient of the 'ambassador' status just yesterday due to a system glitch which caused a number of folks who were logged in at the time to see a notification pop-up saying they had achieved "Ambassadorship".
Your explanation most certainly explained what had happened to have caused me (and possibly others) to receive this unmerited status of 'Ambassador". Wealthy Affiliates is truly a trusted, true and ethical platform for training for online marketing and I'm glad that I made a decision to become a member.
WarrenK1 Premium
Great explanation about how this all works. I believe that just going about the normal activities of trying to grow our businesses will result in decent rankings. Asking questions and helping others with theirs, as well as engaging our fellow members,, will result in rankings and not blogging all the time just to blog. Now we can really pay it forward and grow ourselves along the way. Thanks.
RHBarlow Premium
I appreciate the changes in WA. As the saying goes, "One thing is constant and that is change." Change is good and if it wasn't for WA, I would not have accomplished anything with a desire to build my websites like I am doing.

I have reached a number of my goals and I am going to reach many more as time goes on.

I have Kyle and you to thank for this. In addition our great members here at WA.
fleurallen Premium
Change total only guarantee
DorcasW Premium
Carson; Thank you so much for this blog. There is something that I was not clear about that I now understand fully.

I am one of those who got the popup last evening. I have to submit a ticket because of the figures in the rank and the place mentioned in the popup

I enjoy helping people but in any promotion wherein I am promoted I want to understand the process fully.

I believe in WA and I am here to stay.
Thumbs up to you and Kyle
Pernilla Premium
Thank you so much Carson for your very informative post.

Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful platform and the longer I'm part of it even more do I like it, yes I love it! It's very positive that you and Kyle together with your team are constantly working on improvements which helps us to learn the marketing business in a most effective way.

The new Ranking System seems to be a very good step. WA is known for being the most helpful online business platform existing today. Therefore I appreciate that the ranking system to a major extent is based on being helpful as well as creating useful trainings and blogs.

I'm looking forward to the future of WA and I'm excited about building up my own online business! Thanks to you Carson and Kyle and the awsome WA community it'll become true!

All the Best,
:-) Pernilla
sharyphics Premium
This is really helpful. WA is really helpful. This is the first ever platform where i see rank improves while helping others this shows how much WA want us to help others, it simply give a very strong message to all of us. "Build others while you are building yourslef"
We should all appreciate what WA is providing, the community they have given us, its not the money its something more stronger than that.
Look forward to help others, it is the key to your success door.
Best of luck to all,
DaveSw Premium
Hi, Carson...

Thanks for the thorough update...

It reaffirms to me that you and Kyle will maintain the #1 position for learning about affiliate marketing by providing the most useful platform that the multitudes can benefit from...

The passion you both share for this business shines through in all areas of the site, to include your efforts to fine tune the ranking system, and I for one appreciate your dedication to us all and to what you are providing here...

In the "For what it's worth" department...

There is startup that is a direct competitor to ClickFunnels, and it appears that the owners have the same passion for their particular market segment niche...

I mention this only because both Wealthy Affiliate and this new platform's operational mantra are directly related to the path I am following:

That path is setting up a similar platform and community to what you both have for beginning to experienced e-commerce marketers...

This work in progress project has largely been guided by what I have seen here (and now that other platform)...

We too want to build something that is based on that 'Pay It Forward" concept, not "How much can I take from your pocket to put in mine".

The cross pollination of what is behind everything here and also on that other platform when added to what we are building will make our final product so much better...

I look forward to being a member here for the next years as we all continue to go and grow...

Likely I will stay with that other platform as well, I see that they have a bright future and the owners have the same attitude as you and Kyle.

In fact...

It is conceivable to me that at some point we will have many members here that are also members of the other startup platform AND the e-commerce platform.

Won't that be grand?

In the meantime, congratulations to you and Kyle for once again nailing this issue. It shows us all that you two truly listen and from your position work to address the issues, big and small!

I wish you two nothing but continued success, you most certainly have worked for it and deserve it!

Dave : )
ValerieJoy Premium
Thank you Carson for your post explaining the ranking system in detail. I appreciate all the great work that you and Kyle do to make Wealthy Affiliate the amazingly wonderful place it is.

I was pleasantly surprised at my rank when I logged on several hours ago. But, whatever my rank I will continue to help others where I can, and for as long as I remain a member of WA.

Best wishes for the future :)
BettyPace Premium
During the past three years of IM, I relied only upon myself to muddle through the many avenues presented to learn this business.

My big regret is not staying with WA the first time I joined. I would have learned more, been more successful in profits, but ultimately I missed the interactions of the community.

I was afraid to engage within the community for fear of sounding stupid as a newbie, not realizing that this is the path of growth.

Gratefully, I am happy to be back so I can move forward as a person and a business.
Pernilla Premium
Hello Betty!
So good that you came back to WA!

Yes, as I started my adventure here at WA, I was also a bit afraid of feeling stupid being such a newbie as well. But very soon I noticed that the community is very understanding and does not judge at all. Now it's six months since I joined WA and still I've got thousands of newbie-questions. Well, what matters is that I learn how it works.

"The more I know, the more I know how little I know."

Wish you success!
Stilltrying Premium
This is one of WA,s strongest points. The fact that everything is updated and improved constantly. Another strong point is the Community Support, without it, I don't think I would be here today. So if I can be of help, just pm me and I will do what I can.
SteveCrozza Premium
Looks like the update has come in, my rank moved upwards, amazing really as I do not do that much, other than help where I can and not for long.

I learnt a while ago that it is more important at this pint in time for me to work on my business, spend some time here and then do some training, pretty much in that order.

Looks like a good update, lots of work has gone into this and the rewards are there for every one to see, lots of positive comments!

Well done Carson and Kyle
jetrbby80316 Premium
Change is always a good thing, and any improvements to an algorithm that enhances the user / member experience here at WA and rewards those that TRULY are helping others in a meaningful way is very welcomed.

Carson, I've also noticed some very interesting nuances not mentioned in the New Ranking Criteria within your post, that I am sure is not a coincidence and is worth mentioning:

1) Greater SENIORITY seems to now play a much greater role in the New Ranking Criteria for being an Ambassador. Of the Top 25 Ambassadors, there are NOW more SENIOR members who are now Ambassadors than ever before.

Of the 25 current Ambassadors, only 5 ambassadors have joined WA after January 2017 (myself, Patsy, FTurner, cweillver, and ToLiNoLi).

Of those 5 Ambassadors, only 4 have joined later than March 2017 (myself, Patsy, ToLiNOLi, and cweiller). However MANY longer-time members who have been here since prior to 2015 have been raised to Ambassador status.

Meanwhile, there are now 19 Ambassadors who have been members here continuously since prior to December 2015. And 1 Ambassador (CraigW315) who joined in early 2016.

2) The Definition of What is a Ranking Blog Post has apparently been redefined based on the before and after Creator Rank category..

There have been some members who were in the single-digit Top Creator rank category(one was previously ranked #9) who have fallen down to 79,000+ and 95,000+ respectively.. Prior to the Ranking Criteria change today, these members in some cases had posted over 1000+ blog posts on WA.

The fact that I only dropped a mere 8 ranking points from Rank 6 to Rank 14 certainly tells me what I have believed all along: that I happened to be doing many things right here as a Helper here at WA the whole time. And I am up to Rank 6 in the Creator category!

Thank You Kyle and Carson for always tweaking the platform toward greater improvements toward the user experience.
Carson1 Premium
Hey Carson, it's Carson....and yes in the short time I've been here with WA I have gotten a lot of attention just because of the name I know. Ha!

Thank you for the update on the internal ranking system. I have to say I really haven't paid that much attention to it but treated it more as a novelty.

Having said that, I have searched out guidance and help from higher ranked members. So I guess it does have an influence. Especially for the newer members looking for answers from identified leaders within WA.

You are correct this community is full of like minded, caring people from around the world, all striving toward common goals. With so many willing to lend a helping hand, how can we not be a success.

I do look forward to all the advancement that are coming our way.

Thank you ATB Carson 1
ToLiNoLi Premium
Double Carson, Double your fun!

I heard Dr. Ambrosius Fard is currently experimenting with new cloning technology... hmmm he did not.... or did he.....? We will investigate the matter.

ATB ATB.... I can remember he used this word a while ago, ha now I remember, it was Atoms To Beam, and he said it all the time during the cloning experiments, when a clone was created, looks like this subject never forgot. :P

Thank you for being a helpful member of our community Carson 1, your answers are always well formulated and funny, keep it up, we need you! :))
maxxlife Premium
Within this year alone I have seen WA keep improving and updated be it with the features or training.

Ultimately I could say worth the every penny we pay without much outsourcing or using the 3rd party.

This already saves me a lot of money in the long run and keep my FOCUS in building my online business.

Lastly, I am sure that I will renew and stay with WA in order to build my online business to the next level.

Perhaps my next focus is contributing my time to the community here in order to support each other and last but not least increase my rank as well.

Awesome Carson and Kyle.
Rawan7784 Premium
Thanks Carson for sharing this.
But I'm still wondering why that huge drop happened in my ranking from 354 which I was so happy about as I was getting closer to 200's, and now 727!
I appreciate the changes you've done in the ranking system, but can't imagine that all what I've done is gone. It's discouraging.
And I might in the future reach the 300 and get back to 700 due to another change in the system!!
AishaLabefo Premium
With my busy schedule...this is one place I love to come and be inspired to keep going.

I love the sense of paying it forward and my idea of paying it forward is to inspire people not to give up in life and to think outside the box.

I am forever grateful for this platform, the people I have interacted with and hope to in the future.

With this being said, it's good to know we have great mentors like you Carson and Kyle. And for that, I am grateful for you both and the team. Grateful to everyone that has supported me and those that are still finding their feet. Also to everyone that has posted their training that has made me go WOW!!! Amazing.

From me to you (Carson and Kyle) and to the amazing people within WA...Thank You.
I am very happy to see these changes and how they affected the ranking order. Yes! I am happy to see some awesome people that had been pushed way down be pulled up and others who don't belong on there dropped. I know I was one of those that didn't belong there when I was on it, so I have spoken of myself as well.

Over time, t has been suggested to me by several members, for various reasons, to rarely be seen on here. I don't think I will ever make the Top 200, or 100, not to mention the Ambassador List again but that's just and it's perfectly fine. The entire list has been massively improved and I'm much happier with what I see now!

Truly said, nothing like WA exists anywhere on the Internet, not by a long shot.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Dear Carson,

Thank you so much for explaining with great clarity the Ambassador Ranking Update for 2017!

This is why people join WA and stay at WA - the value of a "Helping", "Creative" and "Active" Community of like-minded Online Entrepreneurs is priceless!

Thanks again to You & Kyle & all the Amabassadors - past & future!

Dr Barb
kmer6 Premium
Thank you for the clarification on ranking. I had read several notifications on this subject and some members were puzzled over their rankings. I am happy to hear that being a true helper with correct answers rates and wrong answers don't.
WA just keeps getting better! Thank you, Carson!
Debs66 Premium
At 935 I thought it was a new thing( ambassador flag) of course I got told it wasn't for me and it was a glitch so I posted just to say heck without it I am still wonder woman only to be told again what is important to me W.A is more for marketing than being ambassador. I got a bit fed up with the remark ...
So I just wanted to make sure that in my mind what you think isn't how I think ...
It goes like this. 8 months ago I was nothing.

Today although I'm not an ambassador I am still more than I was In the beginning. I do earn money but my best asset is my learning curve that I have achieved up to date. Guess one day I will get ambassadorship but right now. I made the mistake and enjoyed my moment only to be put down .. I wasn't bothered I am still me and I am so proud to be a part of the best training platform ever with or without my little flag. xxx Guess what I am less than a thousand. There was nearly 8 thousand above me I'm doing well for 51 and never achieved nothing in ten years that I achieve now. xxx I Love this platform xxx Thank you all at W.A xx
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you Carson for the thorough explanation of the new ranking updates. I agree with many of the features that you have explained for the reasons of ranking here at WA.

Like I said before in Kyle's Official Update on Ambassadors, Rank and Activity, my ranking position does not matter to me as much as being able to help others here within the community to succeed in areas where I have.

I always try to create WA blogs and tutorials that either educate or help people to come up with niche ideas, search for keywords, understand more about social media, and other such information beneficial for building an online business.

This knowledge I share with the community comes from my positive experiences in the online world, which in turn has come from the AWESOME training I have received here at WA.

We all can learn much from the training here, but unless we actually apply that knowledge to our online business, we will not know if success in any form is possible. This is why I rarely share any knowledge here unless I know it has worked for me.

I enjoy paying it forward but not just to do so for higher rankings. When I started here 4 years ago there were several beyond you and Kyle that helped me move forward. I have always been one to repay the favor.

I believe that you reap what you sow and what goes around comes around. Unlike some WA members that I have seen blogging about how to increase their following, I do not gain my 15K followers in that way.

If you help people with information that will have a positive impact on their education and progress in their online endeavors, than you will be rewarded with people that will want to follow you.

Though this is something my parents have taught me, it is also something that you and Kyle have instilled in us here in this Pay it Forward WA community. You both have done a GREAT job in creating a safe and productive environment here, and I thank you.

I am confident in any and all future upgrades to WA that you have in store for us, that they will contribute to the quality of this online business education and building platform. You both have the best intentions for the success of us all and this is why I am here to stay.
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Carson. Appreciate these changes. You have really considered every aspect so carefully and all your changes make so much sense. I love that your focus at WA is always on helpfulness within the community. I was getting very nervous of the volume of blogs Ambassadors were posting. I found myself thnking, Where would I find time to complete the training and build my actual website if I became an Ambassador? Would it be counter-productive? Feeling much safer in these very welcome changes.
KelseyLim Premium
This morning I woke up with a big surprise when I access into to WA platform. My ranking skyrocketed from 1822 to 399. The last time I hit less than 200 was late last year. So the revised ranking system which we anticipated has kicked in this morning.
There are a couple of points which I agree wholeheartedly with Carson that has been put in place making the ranking system more equitable.
It often makes me wonder how on earth members handle their emails when they have 10s of thousand followers. I can't imagine staring at the screen reading and answering those thousand of emails. I will have a nervous breakdown before long. In fact, once in a while I go into the ranking system and remove my following whose rank is more than 5 digits. I suspect these members might have called it a day at WA or about it quit. And I try to keep a balance between the numbers of followers and the numbers of following.
Second point, when you read a question and you cannot provide a meaningful answer please don't touch the keyboard. "RIP". I don't mean to be rude. You are not only wasting your time crafting a polite answer but also wasting others people's time reading it.
It is like walking towards a glass door and get a bump on the head. Time is precious and perishable. Waste your time if you have nothing to do but don't waste other people's time. This is highly unproductive.
Today is my day and many others like me as well, I believe.
canoz Premium
I also appreciated this thorough explanation. Although ranking is not the "aim of the game" for me it is motivating. It gives me a "heads up" that life has gotten too busy and I'm neglecting my website and the things I love being involved with at WA. Thanks again for an informative article and for consistently making WA better and better. .
PatsyC Premium
Thank you Carson,

I'm happy the changes have taken place, and everyone is where they are suppose to be now.

Athough I never wanted to be an Ambassador thinking it wasn't for me, I gradually made it up there because of the blog posts I wrote about my issues that helped not only myself, but many other members. I actually solved many of them on my own and for this I'm proud. Becoming an Ambassador is something I didn't 'work towards' but I can see that I earned it from all the help I have been giving, as I continue to work on my website.

I can actually leave links to my blog posts for members who are at the point of needing that specific help.

Thanks again Carson and Kyle for taking care of us all!
MoritzS Premium
I am still on my WA holiday (focusing 100% on my business) but this is great news.

Makes me want to come back. I hope it really will help against those spammers and people who are gaming the system.

Even though my rank had a massive drop, I am happy with the changes.

I haven't been active for 2 or more months.
That drop makes sense.
I would be very happy if and when you come back. I've purged my Buddy List and you're still on there! You are an awesome asset to the this community because you have the performance to back you.

I did a study on the ambassadors back in April and those I found were not fit to be there were indeed shuffled to much lower positions and those that would have passed my tests are now back on!

When you have something to say, there's substance behind it. Looking forward to your return!
MoritzS Premium
Thank you. That's very kind.
I'm not ready to come back yet.

But I will make it known once I am. :)
StevenEsser Premium
Great (and long) post Carson!

I am happy with the update. In the same time I want to say to all the people here at WA: It is still your site(s) that you will make money on, not the WA platform.

Thanks for the update Carson and let's see what this new update brings to the rankings. I think those that have dropped quite some, will actually get back up again soon enough.. and probably I will drop a bit over time.

onebluemoon Premium
Hi Carson,

It is always exciting to see new updates as we know you are constantly improving the platform for better member experience and overall help for the entire community.

What attracts members to sign up and stay on is this sense of always having support. Faced with the many struggles I have as a newbie, WA acts very much like a safety net which I can always count on for support.

I am all for the new ranking system as it seems now to be more geared towards the helping part as opposed to previously when its easier to "game" the system. Personally I feel this is definitely a good move as the help and support should have more emphasis.

As with all new rollouts, there will hiccups and confusion, but I believe the system will evolve and eventually stabilised. I myself look forward to adding value to the community and paying it forward with the knowledge (however limited) I have gained in the 6 months I have been here.

MKearns Premium
This is great Carson. If you see my post today I didn't know about this and a was already in relinquish mode. call it ESP or a reading of the tealeaves I welcome it all the more.
My rationale in the post will indicate how prepared for this I am!
A perfect time for a shake up and new adventures!
Kyle Premium
By no means is the rent adjustment intended as a shakeup, It is a positive move based on hundreds of new data points that have been integrated into the ranking algorithms here at wealthy affiliate to make some much more accurate.

The problem before is there were certain things that were far too weighted and we weren't looking at enough in the way of metrics that would indicate whether or not someone is truly an investor.

This update is a great starting point in saying this though it is knocking to be 100% perfect yet. Like Google we are going to be moving to a real-time algorithm update format so you will see changes and improvements on-the-fly moving forward. We just needed to get the significant update out there. This has been eight months + in the making.
MKearns Premium
Thanks for your response Kyle. I'm ready but not fully acclimated on every nuance of all these changes. That will come. This puts all the shiny objects anew on the table.
We all have a lot adjusting to do. I don't mind dropping out of ambassador ranks status wise especially after a year.
But I will always be hopping in and contributing where I can regardless of "rank" :) All good going forward!
Kyle Premium
Well we included a pretty detailed outline above. :)
Sylvain34 Premium
Hi Carlson,

Thanks for the update about ranking, even if i lost a few ranks :-)

I'm not really worried about Wa ranked and i'm focusing as we speak on my site. My organic researches are improving slowly every day and i'm quite happy about the WA platform for 3 months now. i'm waiting to the Black friday and i've decided to go yearly from there :-)

Beckywahm Premium
I was surprised to see that I was in the top 100 today. I was just using WA naturally as I am trying to learn more about affiliate marketing.

It sounds like your new system will benefit us all greatly. I am looking forward to discovering quality material rather than posts/trainings that were created to game the system rather that provide important/useful content. In other words, I do believe that it may help me use my time more effectively and efficiently as I improve my business skills.

Thanks! I know making changes can appear simple on the surface but can be significantly more challenging and complicated than we realize.
Paul1916 Premium
Hi Carson - my rank actually improved though it doesn't bother me all that much..
Thanks for the update and hopefully it will end a lot of nonsense questions / blogs which is a little annoying and distracting to say the very least...

On a personal note, I would like to thank both you and Kyle for providing this awesome safe platform for building websites and affiliate marketing, im enjoying the experience today as much as i did when i first started so keep up the fantastic work!
Carson Premium
Hi Paul,

Thanks for the comment. This algorithm update will not stop the nonsense questions or blogs however the folks that posting such content we'll not be rewarded for it with high rankings at WA. Really glad to hear that you're enjoying yourself here within the community. You can expect a lot more from us in the near future!
VeronicasLuv Premium
You and Kyle really do make every effort to make this platform top notch! I may not always fully understand or even agree with all decisions, but I have complete respect and appreciation for the system.

If nothing else, change forces you to either adapt or decay. Having been away from the platform for a few weeks, I knew my status would drop. I'll definitely miss the Ambassador cup next to my name, but how incredible that I came onto this platform without any knowledge of affiliate marketing, and was able to reach that level!!! But, at the end of the day, it's about developing and growing a profitable online business and helping others along the way.

My love affair with WA is never-ending! I'm looking forward to a bright future!

A thousand times, I say, "Thank you"!!!
ToLiNoLi Premium
Dear Carson, Kyle and Team,

The updates are very much welcome and all in the interest of the community within WA. It is about helping each other and driving our businesses forward and this can be done in many ways as described above.

Each and everyone has his her own qualifications in what we are good at and this is what we can give back already. And the rest is a learning experience by following your courses and asking the relevant questions to get on going. From what we learn out of those questions is what we can give back.

I like to ask the members here not to give up in helping others, and if the problem is not resolved to take the time and find a solution as this is one of the main reasons why we are helping others. It cannot be that halfway we just give up, there is an answer to everything and we must try to do our best to find the solution, so in the future others will not struggle too.

I like to thank you and Kyle and your team for all the great work you have put into this University, that you are active here in participating helping others. That is a wonderful gesture and surely a moral boost for any newbie and advanced community member, that anyone can and will succeed in what we want to build. A successful business in a niche we love to work for, whatever that is and making money in the process, making us independent entrepreneurs for life and enjoy life as such.

I am grateful for having that chance here with you, and I am happy that I have found you. I like to thank Eddy Salomon who has taken time and effort to be there for me, helping me with questions and keeping in touch with me. I like to thank many of the helpers here who have helped me out with many questions I had so far. I like to say thank you to the awesome community here, I am proud that I am a part of you.

I am looking forward to build my great businesses to come and to teach anyone along my journey with the best of my knowledge. I will keep up my Edutainment blogs for The Daily WA and quality education questions, that anyone may have it's benefits from.

Wealthy Affiliate University Rocks!

Stefan, aka

The Joker, Ambassador Reporter of The Daily WA
SuzetteH Premium
We have had our ups and downs. We've had misunderstandings and yes, a little drama, but Wealthy Affiliate is amazing and just keeps getting better and better.

I tell everyone I meet, it is my happy place. The friends and mentors I have meet are worth more than gold.

Thank you!
frd Premium
Oh, btw, started following you :)
frd Premium
The day WA starts looking like FB I'll do the same with WA as I did with my personal page on FB: start ignoring :P

WA is just the place to be if you want to learn all the "how to do" in affiliate marketing, no other program can beat this. Let's be honest about this :)

One of the things worth mentioning when promoting WA is the help, which you get at any hour of the day.

Carson let WA be and stay the best Platform on this planet

magistudios Premium
What a fantastic outline of how the WA Ambassadorship works! This will defiantly serve as a great bookmark for future use.
(BTW Folks, click the star icon beside the cog at the top to do this.)

This is going to be a very refreshing algorithm for the WA Ambassadorship.

I’ve certainly seen my share of folks who seem to be gaming the system and I can understand how the excitement of being recognized as a leader/helper can dictate this addiction to pursue a top ranking inside the community.

I’m very excited to see home some of the newly ordained Ambassadors step up to the plate and help lead this amazing community.
Carson Premium
Thanks #3!! Bookmarking posts like this are always a good ideas because when we display searches from the TOP WA search box, we organize your favourites at the top.

For example, if you were to add this post as a favourite, then search for "Ambassador", it would likely come up as the top result. Makes it easy to find and share with others.
MKearns Premium
You richly deserve your reconfigured rank Jay. You've held it before and in my book have always held it and never should have been moved from it!
A more equitable system indeed!
My-Mate-Bert Premium
Hiya - one the most most encouraging things I love about WA is the way everyone is encouraged to become involved & to help give useful information.

This way new members can meet old hands & ambassadors to get sound advice at any time of day.

I have found that in just a short while new members become very useful members as their experiences are still fresh where-as sometimes the old hands misunderstand what it's like to be a new member.

Great idea having a Pay-It-Forward, give then receive ethic. It's outstanding. All the best - Andre
Carson Premium
Thanks Andre, great to hear that you've had a positive experience so far getting help from the amazing folks here at WA. As you move forward and get answers to the questions you have, you'll be able to contribute and help others as well. The concept of working together and helping one another may be simple, but it's incredibly powerful!