Still Making Process Despite All The Challenges.

Last Update: August 16, 2018

Learning Is Still In Process.

We can never reach out to an uttermost top as long as life continues but it's better to keep on moving as long as there'll still be a some place called "FORWARDS".

I've achieved by the way, my 2nd level Entrepreneurial course Badge.

I know more still remains to learn, and the best of it all is to practicality the acquired knowledge to our own success.

May we all be encouraged.

Also, by the grace of God, I've now been able to walk a little without crutches after my car accident which occurred early on January this year.

May you exempted from any kind of such evil throughout your life!

God bless you and have blessed times.

Boaz Ethan

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nsilva2270 Premium
A favorite quote. "Run if you can, Walk if you have to, crawl if you must, but never give up".
alan47 Premium
Good to hear from you and many Blessings to you.
firstlearn Premium
Well done Boaz.

DShort Premium
Hi Boaz,
Good for you in all your endeavours keep it up.
TommyVTE Premium
Congrats with this milestone