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My name is Juliet,
I am a mother of four great children. Two young adults and two teenagers.
I love music, especially singing and playing my violin.
My passion is for everything about food, I mean experimenting with cooking, studying about food and food nutrition, writing unique recipes and staying healthy by consuming the right food.
I started cooking and making juices at the age of nine, putting a twist to recipes and creating my own recipes.

What got me researching into African food nutrition was an aerobics 30 day plan I was starting. They had a 30 day food plan with all the nice healthy food but none of them was African. Hence my food journey!

Here at WA, I am looking forward to building a website that would enlighten the whole world about the health benefits in African meals. I would not mind making some money while I'm at it.

UPGRADE - July 2017
Thanks to WA, I have built my website. I also have a book published and on sale at Amazon.

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I would be happy earning 10,000 a month
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Dec 19, 2016
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JulietAA Premium
I would be happy earning 10,000 a month
delroy2222 Premium
Awesome Juliet.
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laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Juliet,

First of all, playing an instrument is good for one's soul, when I was quite a bit younger I also played various instruments and wrote little bits of music.
Then this about food, brilliant! I bet African Food has not been influenced as much as the food in our world so has not all this additives and toxins which are so bad for our health. I write about that on one of my websites.
In case you need a good source for writing do have a look at my WA post on the Spanish priest and the world library, you might find it helpful.
Thank you for the follow and good luck.

Regards, Taetske
JulietAA Premium
Thanks for reading my story Taetske,
African food is being diluted as well, I hope to signpost Africans back to the quality of our original food. While I'm at it I hope to enlighten the whole world about how healthy and nutritious African food is. I will definitely be visiting your site and posts
Thanks again
ryankornegay Premium
I like your idea for creating a 30 day food plan that consist of African meals. I am an athlete so I am always looking for new ways to improve my own eating habits so I will check out your site and your posts for inspiration. No matter what level you make it to there is always room to learn. I hope you find success on WA.

JulietAA Premium
Thanks Ryan.
PBitzer Premium
Greetings from the Jersey SHore Your idea for a site featuring African foods sounds so interestingand has the potential to be very popular. Is there one major spice used often inAfricancooking. I have a lot to learn. Thanks for the follow and I'll be watching your progress and subsequent successes!
Pat B
JulietAA Premium
Thanks Pat,
there are so many spices used in African cooking. You just gave me the topic of another post!
Pernilla Premium
Hello Juliet!

Thank you so much for following me! Once again thanks for answering my question the other day (within what time answer comments). Thought it would be nice to get to know you a bit better. Of course I will follow you too.

It´s great that you can combine your passion for african foods and healthy foods. Passion is a good foundation for building success. I wish you the very best and may you achieve your goal.

:-) Pernilla
JulietAA Premium
Hi Pernilla,
Thanks for your kind comment.
Wishing you the very best as we journey together.
Redsedge Premium
Nice going Juliet I can't wait to see some of your recipes. I'm a food lover all the way. I love cooking good food you have my best wishes. And it seems like just about anything possible here. It's like a chunk of heaven on earth. Ours in success and well being.
JulietAA Premium
Hi Sid,
Thanks for your lovely comment.
Looking forward to connecting with you on my website and social media sites.