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Do free members get to use site content and the photos?

Do free members get to use site content and the photos?

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Do Free Starter Members Get to Use Site Content and the Photos?

Thanks for this question.
I did not know that there are free images in Site Content not until now. When I searched the WA, this information about site content did not appear, so I used to have my own images or get it from pixabay.

The images are great, in fact my last post consists of all images from SiteContent. If I had to buy them from Dreamstime it would have cost me $68 Australian, or about $49 US.

Hey Dan you can get images here as per attachment

Thank you. I will check it out.

Hey Brad,

Given that Starter members have 7 whole days to complete the first set of 10 lessons in Level 1, and that Lesson 7 of Level 1 introduces them to SiteContent.

Kyle's training fom Lesson 7 was done before the FREE images became available.

Carson's announcement regarding the FREE images: says only for premium members. See screen print below...

Hope you find this helpful.

Thanks Trish,
Yes, very helpful thank you.

I am fairly sure they do

Thanks Vicki,

I was a free member for only 7 days before going premium and site content wasn't around then, so I wasn't sure.

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