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Hi, I am new at online anything, so I need this to teach me. I like many sports and right now golf is the one . That is why i joined WA--- so I can make some $$$ to play.I like helping others with what I know about.

I am 58 years old and married to a great woman who we call NaNa. I enjoy 5 children, 16 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. I am a natural extrovert who loves interfacing with others.

I am known for two quotes: “People Helping People is a part of the solution,” and “It’s all about value.” So whenever possible, helping others to gain from the association we share has become the right thing to do.

Over the years, I've had a broad and varied career that ranges from new & used car sales; insurance sales, parish law enforcement detective and, served as Director of security, health/safety (OSHA), and human resources to privately-owned companies. One of the highlights of my career includes having built a marketing network from the ground up on a nation wide level for industrial manufacturers. I now own my on company, and we consult with any company or person who needs help.

Our offline business consulting company had market penetration as the objective more than 65% of the time. The other 35% was solving the problems of the companies. I hope now I can add to this by helping others with their problems online through R&D writing and connecting them to solutions online.

Thanks for stopping by to find out about us.

Ed Cronin

Well, It has been four months now, so I am not so new now and must say i am still learning. Have made some sales but still need to keep on keeping on. If we don't give up, we will make it. All we need is a point to arrive at. I wish all to work hard, that will be your luck. LOL

Hi once again, I am still learning and have made a few more dollars.This is my one year date this month April. I am way ahead of where i started for sure, thanks to many people and WA. I am no where I need to be but met about 75% of my goals. All keep working, and it will be your luck!!

Well, a few more years have going by now and I am still learning.
Check out my blogs for more information.

7/30/2013 update
Well, back to say I am still learn and earning. My DNA family is growing so fast I cant keep up with the names of all the GGKIDS. LOL. My wife and I have really been doing good for a change and her health seems to better. We really don't see the family much, they all are living their lives and that is good for them.I been thing of having a big reunion this coming year. I am loving WAs new site and the coaching is great. I have a big internet family now and It is nice to talk to so many nice folks.

I have adjusted my reasons for being here at WA . I have also have find tuned my goals as well. I am not to high on being a once in a while person. Relationship needs to be on a weekly bases in order to be a real relationship. I think when we just start to tolerate each other we just make the relationship worse on the inside. So, I have step up and now try to contact some people from my past to renew the relationship if possible. Just like internet marketing new content works and must to it on a weekly bases. WOW, it took me to many words to say that. LOL--LOL

I have some great DNA family members and hope to have many great www family members

Until the next update, learn and earn!


I am doing better and making more now than before !!!!

It dont matter really what I make , it is what you can make that matters. If we stop doing what is taught here we will not make anything and that will not cut-ed for me.m I came here to learn and earn and thay is what I am doing now --learn --learn and learn. Now earn -earn and earn !!!

I am here and will be here from now until I am not on earth any more or the WWW is taken down !!! Who is with me ---post and let me know please ???



I am happy to report that my website is ranking on Google #1 and #2 for each keyword Phases. I still have a lot of work to do on the one I am talking about but It is good to get the results. I followed the lessons and they are working--- now --to get visitors and then get it to paying off. Okay, I am off to finish my WA website so my referral will pick up !!! Okieeeeee Dokieeeeee----Made some more money again this month.

To all our success!!!!!

Wow, 10-9-2013

I just saw that my site is ranking for other keywords now on 1st page now that is what I am talking about. When you start ranking for other keywords it is getting a lot of googly love for sure. This WA way just works> !!!
Thank all !!!


Well time to give a report---all is well and just keeps getting better--our income from our online effort has went up from our last update. It is so good and active will breed active---follow up is every thing and keep learning from WAers and the lessons. Because of what we learn here at WA our off-line business is getting better. I just love to coach and help others ---The great Zig-Zigler was so right---WHEN WE HELP OTHERS GET WHAT THEY WANT ---WE WILL GET WHAT WE NEED !!

Note: Remember to let WA be your credibility until you have your own !!! Even if you just started----you can feel great about referring WA based on their success !! If we can help you let us know.


Up date time !!!! 2-3-2014

Okay ---I just am coming back after taking a bout 5 weeks off and I hope I am revived---Well, for me that means--- I did cut way back on my online stuff--"I like the word stuff". I was only about 10% active online to where anyone could see my tracks. My rank went from 39 to 98 due to it---I was doing a lot of offline research and with online research as well. O yea, I was flat of my back for 7 days too--old back injury but with the tools of today-- I still could do research. I am looking forward to the next 10 and 1/2 months online and will use all my WA understanding to help others and us. Okay, that is it for now If I can be of help let me know. I think I will go make a new blog on my profile, create a new teaching to help others, update some of my many websites, look at some new training here, start a new book today about my mother--who was a great woman, coach a few folks who need my help and any other things I need to get going to have a full day --week---month and year !!!! Y'all --all have a great new year too !!! See-ya at the next update !!!


up date time--3-20-2014

Hi all ---I have been in reorganize mode on many things off-line and online --The new Google changes made back has cause me to make some changes. The changes knocked most of my websites I had on the first page. Due to my promise I gave my clients --my offline business is where I do most of my business I am now going to build some new websites to get them rank and start promoting WA harder than ever. I will do it off-line 80% and 20% online meaning my time split 80/20. Okay that is it for now --see-ya on next update
Coach Ed

Note: 3-25-2014--Age and Grand KIDS --- GG Kids Update
My age now 62 but next month 63 !
We still have 5 children !
We now have 18 grand kids !
We now have 10 Great Grand Kids !
We have two pet dogs --but don't tell them I called them dogs ! LOL
We have NaNa --O -she is the big part of the We and her ages is 39 LOL
We have Thousands of new friends all over the world --thanks to WA and social Media.

That is for now !!!


Time for an update !!!

We have been doing a lot of coaching and it is what I like the most. We have made some money but not rich yet !!! Our local business is getting better and all my services have produced income. Our affiliate marketing has been the same but has improved with ranking getting better. It takes time and tweaking to get your websites right. The lessons here at WA along with video training has been a big help. We made some money with good training resources as well.

Well, that is it--OPPS forgot There was another GG-Grandbaby add. LOL

Coach Ed-Croninweb---If I can be of help let me know.

9-17-2014-----Update time !!!

It is 4:25 AM and I woke up with WA on my mind !!!

It has been over 5 years now at WA and I still love being here. It has helped me in so many ways for sure. I have made money off-line because of it. I have made money online because of it. I have found it is all here if I will just work at it.

The last month I have not been real active helping here but have been working in the back ground on websites that are hosted here. My active rank as went from 29 to what it is now. If anyone needs help I am here just let me know --PM ME !!! I am just not looking for all who needs help at the moment.

My advise is to get lazier focused on two website at first one at a time. For fast money promote WA first. then after yo have it up and going in the boot-camp --then --- get your Passion website going.

If you want to know how to make income in your local town let me know and i will coach you on how I go about doing it.

Well that is enough for now I am a WAer for life no matter how much I make. !!!

Remember the hard you work, the luckier you get !!!

O -again--- we have another GG--baby okieeeee dokieeeee !!!Yeaaaaaaaaaa

Coach Ed and My lovely wife NaNa --We do love people all over the world !!!

8-5-15 sorry it was so long posting.
We had some health things and change of direction.

It is time for an update, well over due. Time just flies by. It waits for no one for sure. We all need to make good of each day. Doing some each day not letting the time go by.

We have not been online much over the last few months but are offline using what we have learn to earn. Helping those that need our help. Some can pay some can not, we help as much as we can both. What you learn here will add value to you. Then you can find people who will pay you for your knowledge. Online and offline it is up to you.

Be willing to spend a year learning.

NOTE: We have another grand baby to report. :)

My advice to all, is to laser focuses on only one direction if your new or not. . If you don't know that yet, go with being a Affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate boot camp. Learn it well and start making month with that. Then after you reach a goal you set at boot camp move on to just one niche that you have the passion for. Then build the best informative website you can were you have love for the niche. Then one day that website will make money for you. Jumping around is very bad and will wast your time. Follow the the niche training by the letter

Well keep going, make good of your time.

Coach Ed and Nana

Update 3/10/2016

Hi all, just a few lines to let you know we are still alive. Things are still he same with us.

Taking care of Nana now is where most of my effort goes to. As we get oler we see thing in a new light on what matters.

Like, how long is life? It is just one heart beat because if you don't get the next one it is over. Time is your best asset, use it wisely.

Like, My youth was wasted on my youth. I know what I need to do and know how to do it now.

As for WAers, just keep going one lesson at a time. Remember, you only fail if you stop trying. We all will have different success at what we do. In life we can see the different levels of that. It is no different here at WA. Learn your
different s, knowing that will help you a lot.

We have more G-Babies too !!!

Learn and earn and ask for help fast when you need it.

Coach Ed and Nana (:)

!0/15/2018 update.
It has been a very long time from my last update..I am nmow 67 years old. I just lost my wife of 42 years who we call Nana. I a lot to say but no time now .

I will be back soon to update.
Hope all is well with all you WAers.

Coach Ed
Never give up !!!
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dja123rd Premium
Thanks for the follow!
CoachEd Premium
Thanks back---If I can be of help just PM me !!!
Berny W Premium
It was awesome help Garth - just what i needed. You too will help others when the time is right, I know that is true just from your response.
CoachEd Premium
Yep Berny he will --have a great night !!!
garthjen Premium
I am absolutely amazed at the time and trouble you took helping Berny, when she so desperately needed assistance.
I hope one day that I will be able to do that for others. Garth
CoachEd Premium
Yep you will help others as well--I tell you this Berny was easy to help--she was very coach-able ---that is important for the process of coaching to work !!1 Thanks for the follow--If I can help you let me know. !!!
garthjen Premium
Thanks Ed, I am struggling at the moment with screencast videos but I want to try a few other things and if they don't work I may ask you for some help. Garth
garthjen Premium
I have tried Screen-Cast-Omatic but I can't get the sound to work. Am working on this right now.
garthjen Premium
Thanks Ed, I can create a screen cast video, no problem, but I can't get the sound to work. Maybe my PC does not have the sound feature.
How can I find out if my PC is set up for sound?
CoachEd Premium
First check all volum levels ---make sure it is not muted---now, if they are not look at --- I think---it will be in the software at the bottom left when you are capturing and recording.
garthjen Premium
Thanks for the information Ed. I created a screen cast video with sound and managed to upload it to YouTube. I am really chuffed that it all worked out. Garth
merryman88 Premium
Hi Ed,
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your nearly 5 year saga, I admire your persistence, but I do agree like you I am here for the duration I really enjoy my time in WA reading about members Triumphs and failures but as Job killer ( Anthony) so aptly says we are all successful here at WA because we keep doing what we are doing knowing that eventually we will have successful On-Line businesses.
In just over 4 weeks time you will celebrate your 5th Anniversary at Wealthy Affiliates , and I hope all the optimism and hard work you have demonstrated over the previous 5 years is recognized by our esteemed founders and all the other members of WA .

You are certainly a credit to All of us here and a shining example to any Starter who is tottering on the edge of becoming a premium member .

I salute you and I hope you keep on enjoying the journey , I will follow you now so that I can watch your progress and enjoy it with you.

Ray Bowley ( Merryman88 )
CoachEd Premium
Ray thank you so much for all your kind words ---I know you will do fine because you see what it is about---yep my five years are about here---it has been up and down but worth it all now in more ways that one ---Hope you all the success you deserve---If I can be of help just PM !!!help
Berny W Premium
I just wanted to drop by your blog and thank you for the much appreciated personal help you gave to me yesterday. If anyone wants to read what Ed did for me..... https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/berny-w/blog/3-months-in-wa-and-still-no-niche/comment/1463178#

Thank Ed and Nana from the bottom of my heart.
CoachEd Premium
It is always a pleasure to work with someone who gets it---thanks ---for your kind words. Now, I will be waiting to assist you with your success and needs !!!