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I am a single woman without children who chose the "career path." After many years of running successful restaurants, I switched fields and began managing with UPS for 10 years and now Amazon for almost 4...I am tired of working for others! It is finally time to work for myself and actually enjoy a good life! This is a mere sample as I am sure to update in the future...looking forward to finally succeeding with an online business.
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jkGst Premium
Please help Deidre...need to transfer my .com domain to a .org. Am told II have to do it when attempting to build my web site !! I heard it is a complicated process and I am not sure a person with very little knowledge should be expected to do it.
LloydSmith3 Premium
Hello, are you available to chat? I having some issues with widgets and getting my page set up.
I have content on it, however, the "About Me page or post" and the menus are not really working out the way I need them. I feel like I need to completely start over.
I'm trying to set up a fitness website. Can you help me please?
WhitedoveGS Premium
Hello, i write to you because i want to ask some favor, i need a helps. I'm very new to this WA and i don't have experience about this. I did try to follows Kyles procedure how to do it in his video "CREATING CUSTOM MENUS ON YOUR WEBSITE" i did try to do exactly but it's seems to me, it's not how my website look. It's still look boring. Kindly helps me?
MichalB Premium
Hi Upsgirl.

Nice e-meeting you.
I am tired of working for others as well..

it has been a long time that one guy (self-made millionaire in Arizona) told me that you can`t have financial freedom working for others.

"You gotta do something on your own"

Well, I still work for others - so I have been doing something wrong.
But here at WA I am sure I will be able to build my own path and will be independent by end of this year.

And I will have fun :)

Have a great one
jaks5 Premium
After working 16 yrs. in International Shipping, made a career change to Social Services looking for a career with more purpose. Although I love what I do, like you, I am disillusioned with the bureaucracy in working for others and look to work for myself and enjoy what I do. Just starting out, I am looking forward to your advice along the way, as I succeed in this business.
Marcus2020 Premium
Hello upsgirl,
Great bio and success at your affiliate market. We have two fields in common( restaurant as a management consultant I did a lot among my other assignments and the last was Amazon that I closed my shop but am still waiting to totally close it and leave it behind.
All the best and success,
raven1955 Premium
Hi Deidre, could please answer this questions. I purchased my domain name,, and register it with Icann. The https is not in front of my domain name in the seo address. what did I do wrong? and how can I correct this?
Hope you can help, I appreciate your time and effort. Thank You
upsgirl Premium
Sorry, didn't see this message. What's your url?
You didn't register with ICANN. Was it Namecheap? GoDaddy?
Waiting for your response.
raven1955 Premium
Hi Upsgirl, Thanks for a response, I reach out to site support and they turn on my url that was the issue. Thanks again for your response. Have a Great day,
All the best,
Hello, I am just a little nervous I have tried other internet things to do to earn money with the internet. My question is to built our websites , there is hosting so we , although, the courses are free but the building of websites and joining affiliates will not be free. Am I Right?? I was with.clickbank and didn’t make not one cent. Please help me, I’m told I have to speak to two people before I move on. So I’m starting with you. Thank you.
consult001 Premium
I think it's better to try and perhaps fail than not to try at all. I can relate to the feeling of nervousness, just starting out myself, but, you never lose trying, you always leave with increased knowledge. Now what you do with the knowledge is what matters in the long run...I will say, take a leap of faith.
bestweb1 Premium
The platform doesn't make you successful. I hear many people say this program or that system doesn't work. There are no magic bullets. There is a lot of good information here and people who are willing to help. Anyone who is willing to learn and work can be successful.

All the best!
buildyournow Premium
Hello upsgirl...it's me again!
Can you also advise how to get on the Wealthy Affiliate Review page?
I thought I was on top of all this until now, but I admit that I need some help with the two pages I've asked you to assist me with.
Thanks again!
buildyournow Premium
Hello upsgirl...its certainly a pleasure meeting you! I'm calling on you asking for your assistance regarding Affiliate Links. I'm having a difficult time following Kyle in the Bootcamp lesson 2 on 'Properly Using Affiliate Links'.
Here's my question: How do I get to that page used in the tutorial by Kyle? I've tried painfully to find it to follow him in the tutorial video, but was unable to. Would appreciate your help in this very vexing matter. Thank you so much.
Holmieras Premium
Greetings & Hello Upsgirl
I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Wealthy Affiliate Business Building community and to let you know don't be shy here. if there is any way I can assist you or give you a hand in working towards your success, please feel free to hook me or any other member up.

Wishing you fantastic learning, abundant earning and unlimited members support in your endeavours. Best Regards.

Ray the HolmieRas.
westerwriter Premium
We have something in common. The first thirty three years of my life (from age 12) was in the restaurant and bar industry. Then I joined the Army and became the Chief Illustrator for my Headquarters unit. Then, I want into a really serious occupation in the Army. At ten years I discovered I had multiple sclerosis. Out of the Army and back to school. Became a Clinical Psychologist. And, again, MS caused me to leave that profession. Now, I am a writer, a genealogist, and an artist producing acrylic paintings. I am not working for others, but I do want to set up a business that my son can profit from - he was badly injured in workplace accident and is not low income. Before becoming disabled, he installed phone system for Nortel Networks, all over the United States. Good luck with your goals.
westerwriter Premium
We have something in common. The first thirty three years of my life (from age 12) was in the restaurant and bar industry. Then I joined the Army and became the Chief Illustrator for my Headquarters unit. Then, I want into a really serious occupation in the Army. At ten years I discovered I had multiple sclerosis. Out of the Army and back to school. Became a Clinical Psychologist. And, again, MS caused me to leave that profession. Now, I am a writer, a genealogist, and an artist producing acrylic paintings. I am not working for others, but I do want to set up a business that my son can profit from - he was badly injured in workplace accident and is not low income. Before becoming disabled, he installed phone system for Nortel Networks, all over the United States. Good luck with your goals.
Jojofarr Premium
I like your attitude. I left a professional career to raise children because we couldn't have two deploying soldiers, and I found out I was pregnant. When we divorced, things really fell apart for me. It has been many years, and it is time for me to also live the good life and be in charge of the life I want. I want to see what you accomplish for yourself. Jolynn
Rhiney Premium
hi I built my niche and site yet I am not sure how. to get to that detail page that Kyle is showing in the training
am I now looking at the site manager
its the part if one would want to delete one site menu
I hope u know what I mean Miss ups girl
HAbdelhalim Premium
I liked being a part of a team who takes the time to answer questions and actually points you in the right direction.
I've had only one other company who actually called me up and walked me through the setting up mode. But then abandoned me after the setup process. Then I got agitated and gave up , which caused me to forget it existed. Which made me forget my login info, and loss of all of "my money " earned.
Delfida Premium
I know what that feels like n I would love for this program to be the one to help me to achieve this
kiss68 Premium
I am having trouble on a lesson Making your website a place to engage
What does the first line below mean? I have no plug in and am not computer savvy!! I also do not have much of a following on twitter,facebook , google+ other than the wealthy affiliate community

At this point you should already have a "" plugin on your website. This is a good social plugin and serves the purpose for many of the main components of social engagement. This allows people to share any of your website content on their social profiles. If you create quality content, you will get a good deal of traffic as a result of this.
upsgirl Premium
Go to Plugins.
Add New.
In the search bar, type social.
Pick one you like.
Now, when you want to share your Blogs, all you have to do is click the icons.
kiss68 Premium
Thank you for that, there are a lot of things that wealthy affiliate assumes everyone knows. I have struggled with a lot since joining
DaliaVVargas Premium
Thanks for the information, but where are the Plugins?
finally i meet someone who works, with Amazon, upsgirl, i am inky50, i just got started with W.A. about a week ago, tomorrow is my last day on, the starters, program, i would like to get some refferrals for my W.A. website as well as i am an affiliate for amazon, i must say i have been trying these online businesses for a while, and not one sale or referral yet can you please help, me i am from the Bahamas, my phone contacts are 1 242 3923467/ 1242 447-7646 cell, i may not be able to reach you after tomorrow, until I go premium, Nice meeting you, check out my website.
UPSGirl, How much success have you had on this site? I noticed you have been on since 2014 and I was wondering how long it took you to start making enough to provide for your bills/utilities/etc. and if it is even possible to do that with this job alone.
Thank so much,
Feeking1 Premium
Hi Deidre. You have one of my fave names from my childhood. Great to connect with you on this entrepreneurs platform. I just signed up today and I am very excited. I'm being proactive by setting my account up and moving quickly through the training; which will get me to making an impact. Fee King
LMW Premium
Upsgirl, I was here a couple of years ago but dropped out:(
I remember you from then and remember that you are quiet active, so was I then, maybe too active. It easy to get caught
up In the Community and let your work slip... Not this time.

I am sticking with my passion and I'm in the process as Kyle says:) of building my "Self-Help Coach": website. I see you
are growing and getting it done.

I'm following you to success so lead the way. I may contact you
for some help if I get stuck:)

May you have all the success you are seeking.
GKah Premium
Hello Upsgirl,

You are good road model being very determined. This is when success comes, except for somebody who only wants to play lotto. When the eye is on the ball or mark, the future is yours, not so much or less that today may bring. With this mindset, you certainly will succeed with a lucrative online business. Go get it!


NielSmit Premium
You are at the right place to make that final big Move to your own business.
I have a life mission to help people realise, we were not made to work for other people, you were made in the GREATNESS of you CREATOR.
Just remember, YOU DESERVE to be successfull.
Just Do It!!
SabrinaHicks Premium
Good afternoon.
I'm really impressed with the style of Course procedure, here on WA. Looking forward to much success on down the road. Like yourself, I, too, am single & without children. So far, I'm quite impressed with WA & the fact that you were one of the "Helpers." Have a wonderful day.

All My Best,
Sabrina Hicks, Dog Obedience Training/Animal Behaviorist
luziaS Premium
I am about the same. No children. I want to thank you for following me. It's so nice of you for doing that. I want you to know that I will be very happy to help you with anything that you need. Thank you so much. Again??? Upsgirl... Very genuine.
All the blessings for you!
Ali-M Premium
Dear Deidre, I've recently followed you in WA.

My site is about technology and since I've started to build my network, I would like to have you in my social networks too.
Here is my links and I appreciate it if you could follow/like me over there; also if you leave me your social network links; I'll be able to following back you too: )

Here is mine:

Wish you great success in your online business,

Tavaepule Premium
I neep help. So I'm trying to find keywords using Jaaxy and it's quite difficult. I've been researching quite extensively. My niche is 'Print Dresses' (so dresses with prints on them) and the difficulty is that everything I search relates back to general dresses (cocktail, midi, long, with sleeves etc) if I even put the word 'print' or 'printed' in it, the search results become pretty dismal and I can't refine my searches but it's supposed to relate back to my 'print dresses' niche. The whole aspect of my website is that the dresses are specifically meant to be 'printed'. Any help?
MLipkens Premium
Hi, how are you? Maybe you can help me solve a problem....
I'm trying to login into my wordpress "out" from the WA, direct from the wordpress.org, and since always is not possible, I only can connect thru WA, I have another person that is working with me, and he can't login from Brazil, for this problem, I start to think that is a WA problem, cause I made 2 more admin, and they can't loging neither, somebody can help me???
LaineyMoney Premium
Hi Upsgirl. Can you give me your feedback on my choice of niche? "Cat Health". I am a cat lover and owner and am always looking for information online. I think it would be great to have a all encompassing resource with link and products. I know other websites already exist but mine can exceed. I can think of many categories of info off the bat. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Lainey
upsgirl Premium
Cat health is too broad. What, specifically, about cat health? Diets, symptoms, tips, exercises, supplies, etc.
Be really specific.
JohnStevens Premium
Hi Upsgirl, been stuck for a day now, didn't, want to bother anyone. I have my first affiliate merchant to work with soccer.com. Using their address http://soccer.com/ and following Kyle,s training, linking Text is not a problem to soccer.com, but I have some pictures from soccer.com site which I uploaded and inserted on my page/post. I need to be able to click on these images of soccer boots (cleats) which will take me straight to soccer.com website, same as text.
Please help as my morale is going down fast, please explain in easy 1,2,3 step by step process what I need to do.

Thank you,
upsgirl Premium
I think I understand.
Click an Image. Now, see the chainlink?
Click there to INSERT a link.
Paste your affiliate link.
Heidi56 Premium
I am so glad you did the jump into working for YOURSELF instead of for others. We women especially are so used to not insert ourselves in the picture, doing everything for others and often without or little payment. This is very valid for married women with children - but sometimes the workplace can have the same function to keep us running.
So how is your autonomy going since you jumped? I see you have come very far here in the community!
upsgirl Premium
Hello! I am still working...I worked July-December for the last 2 years. I don't like staying home...weird, I know!
Thanks for your kind words. I held the third slot for a long time but I suppose 13 is fine...lol!
I have 3 websites and things are good.
How are you progressing?
Heidi56 Premium
Thanks for your answer! So you are combining the things! And yes, at home all ALONE might not be the most desirable thing! ( I have animals and husband, which keep me busy - and company)

Here I am
Filling the new website (about cats)
Learning and
Hoping that things work out
upsgirl Premium
Keep in touch! We got this...lol!
suzzziq Premium
Hello:) I have messages to several people, but no one has responded. I've noticed that you actually respond! I'm wanting to upgrade to premium, but I'm wanting to read the terms of service first. Every time I pull it up, it only shows me a blank page. I'm also wanting to pay using pay pal, but it won't let me. Any clues on these questions???
upsgirl Premium
Well, thanks you for your kind words. I do my best!
Read this... Yes, click your Profile Image.
You can also setup recurring payments through PayPal.
suzzziq Premium
Thank you so much for responding! I actually figured it out by myself last night! I'm now a premium member:). I'm ready to get going now! Have a blessed day:)
upsgirl Premium
Glad it helped...you're welcome!
gloria8 Premium
Thank you following me....... I am so excised about my journey!
I actually joined a coupe of years ago, butt maybe I felt overwhelmed and then I fell into the "shiny objects" syndrome. Now I am very committed to make it work.
Have you been with WA for a long time?
upsgirl Premium
Well, I'm glad to meet you! This July will be 2 years for me...seems longer...lol!
I'm excited for you too!
If you need anything, just ask!
I intended to have the two free websites each for a different niche I first created the web site for the brain food supplement memory
Then I created a second free url in the online marketing niche. Now to my surprise siterubix just created 2 urls of the same niche.How can I fix this?
upsgirl Premium
Delete and start over and/or delete the duplicate website. Make sense?
SDuheme Premium
Hi Upsgirl, Sorry to be so tortoise like in responding to you. I'm thankful you are a mentor here at WA. May you achieve the kind of success that you desire in your life. Thanks for the follow, I'll reciprocate in kind. One last thing! I'm spying out your site on Tinnitus. I have that and in my case it's a combination of noise and seven and a half decades of living in this present world.
upsgirl Premium
You're funny! Are you okay?!?!?!
You're welcome! I'm glad I can help and if you need anything, just ask!
Thank you!!!
gordk6 Premium
Hi Upsgirl
So you wrote a cool little article on Selfie Sicks and got 8 zillion comments .. that means you must get a ton of traffic ... right?

Here is my question I sent to Kyle and Carson.

"Its been a while so I thought to check in regarding my web business.
So far I have written 14 pieces of content.
I feel that what I have written is good .. especially compared to some other blogs I have read.

I am only getting 30 visits a week.
I seem to need a way to get more Traffic.

I have good profiles on G+ and 800 followers on Twitter and have engaged ...posted links with images and so on - but have not seen much return from Social media.

My Page with the most comments: http://keyboardgord.com/playground-sessions-review

Here is my home page: http://keyboardgord.com/

Thanks for any advice or ideas.

If you have time.

upsgirl Premium
That was my forst website and I do well. All I did was follow the Lessons. I saw my first sale at the 1.5 month mark.

You can't compare your Blogs to others. Do what you're supposed to do and the Traffic will come.

I did check your Keywords and they're perfect. Good job!

I clicked through some Blogs and I can't find where to purchase anything. It needs to be evident one can easily purchase.
Adding Sidebars will help too.

Thanks for your kind words. Keep plugging away. You're on the right track!
lena16 Premium
Thanks for the follow. I liked reading your blog - If you want to be successful. I know, I Need to get back to continue my Training here at WA. I did a lot at the beginning but then I started my Website which kept me busy, as I am a complete beginner in Marketing.
upsgirl Premium
HAHA...keep going!
Thanks for your nice words!
You're welcome and if you need anything, just ask!
samw1 Premium
Hello upsgirl, I have a question about course 2 and lesson 2. before this lesson, we had 3 pages - About me, privacy policy and how to lose belly fat fast. In this lesson, we don't have the how to lose belly fat fast page anymore. I was reading a comment that this would be the home page.

How do we set this to be the home page? I have a page created thats by itself. if this is the homepage, is this going to be a static page? Or is the home page a page that summarizes the recent blog posts etc? I am very confused :(
upsgirl Premium
I am confused too.
Let me try to answer this question.
Kyle's 3 Pages were the About Me, Privacy Policy, and a Home Page. The Home Page is also known as the Getting Started Page.
You can choose any Page/Post you want to be a Static Page.
Another option is to set it up as a Rolling Blog. You will make any Page/Post the first thing we see...always.
What do you need to do RIGHT NOW?
samw1 Premium
I am at at this point where I am building out my menu items on the top (omega theme) which reflect the categories of my website.
So if the third page is a home page, we won't be needing this if we set it as a rolling blog correct?
I was confused since the last lesson had 3 menu items and the new lesson has two menu items (about me and privacy policy).
upsgirl Premium
You still need either a Home Page or a Getting Started Page. Follow Kyle's instructions. It informs your visitors as to what can be found on your website.
samw1 Premium
ok..I will reach out to you if I have any further questions...thank you!
upsgirl Premium
Cool! I'll be waiting!
You're welcome!