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I am a single woman without children who chose the "career path." After many years of running successful restaurants, I switched fields and began managing with UPS for 10 years, Amazon for 4, Kroger for 2 years, and contracted myself for others. I am tired of working for others! It is finally time to work for myself and actually enjoy a good life! This is a mere sample as I am sure to update in the future...looking forward to finally succeeding with an online business.
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5K a month is very comfortable for me...same answer to Question #2...40 hours or more per week seems reasonable...
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Dec 19, 2016
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upsgirl Premium
5K a month is very comfortable for me...same answer to Question #2...40 hours or more per week seems reasonable...
Carson Premium Plus
Hi Deidre,

These are great goals and I know that you will work hard to achieve them! One of the most important aspects of building a successful business is having goals so that you always have something to work towards!

Keep on taking action within the community as you have done here, you are well on your way!

I am here to help, so please let me know if you have any questions while you get started. I look forward to helping out!

birdyy37 Premium
hi, I'm new here too. All the best on your journey
after reading your history and what you've been through, I wish you all the best at meeting your goals!
I am VERY new and just getting started. Wish me luck :-)
Please feel free to private message me if you feel like giving me some confidence that this is a great choice to incest your time too.

Thank you, Jolina
You got this! You go girl!
You got some good goals, I wish you the best in crushing them!
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Jojofarr Premium
I like your attitude. I left a professional career to raise children because we couldn't have two deploying soldiers, and I found out I was pregnant. When we divorced, things really fell apart for me. It has been many years, and it is time for me to also live the good life and be in charge of the life I want. I want to see what you accomplish for yourself. Jolynn
Rhiney Premium
hi I built my niche and site yet I am not sure how. to get to that detail page that Kyle is showing in the training
am I now looking at the site manager
its the part if one would want to delete one site menu
I hope u know what I mean Miss ups girl
HAbdelhalim Premium
I liked being a part of a team who takes the time to answer questions and actually points you in the right direction.
I've had only one other company who actually called me up and walked me through the setting up mode. But then abandoned me after the setup process. Then I got agitated and gave up , which caused me to forget it existed. Which made me forget my login info, and loss of all of "my money " earned.
Delfida Premium
I know what that feels like n I would love for this program to be the one to help me to achieve this
kiss68 Premium
I am having trouble on a lesson Making your website a place to engage
What does the first line below mean? I have no plug in and am not computer savvy!! I also do not have much of a following on twitter,facebook , google+ other than the wealthy affiliate community

At this point you should already have a "" plugin on your website. This is a good social plugin and serves the purpose for many of the main components of social engagement. This allows people to share any of your website content on their social profiles. If you create quality content, you will get a good deal of traffic as a result of this.
upsgirl Premium
Go to Plugins.
Add New.
In the search bar, type social.
Pick one you like.
Now, when you want to share your Blogs, all you have to do is click the icons.
kiss68 Premium
Thank you for that, there are a lot of things that wealthy affiliate assumes everyone knows. I have struggled with a lot since joining
DaliaVVargas Premium
Thanks for the information, but where are the Plugins?
finally i meet someone who works, with Amazon, upsgirl, i am inky50, i just got started with W.A. about a week ago, tomorrow is my last day on, the starters, program, i would like to get some refferrals for my W.A. website as well as i am an affiliate for amazon, i must say i have been trying these online businesses for a while, and not one sale or referral yet can you please help, me i am from the Bahamas, my phone contacts are 1 242 3923467/ 1242 447-7646 cell, i may not be able to reach you after tomorrow, until I go premium, Nice meeting you, check out my website.