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My menu will no longer save in the format that I use?

My menu will no longer save in the format that I use?

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My problem is that my menu is not saving and it is changing on it's own. I know how to make the menu and subcategories and have had no issue until a few weeks ago. I have sear

Interesting. Hope you figure it out.

Create a child theme, that way when everything updates on the original theme it won't effect any of your content... It's pretty easy to do, just Google it for your theme & follow the instructions... Hope this helps...

I guess I do need to do that but it sounds so complicated! I will have to figure this one out and, if I have to change themes, I will create a child theme in case of future issues.

It's not as hard as it sounds, use filezilla to create it..
Let me know if you need any help...

How did you get on with this, did deactivating plugins solve the problem?

Kathy, I just got off work so I'm going to start on it soon. I will keep you updated.

My first thoughts is your theme, change your theme and see what happens. It's always good to have two themes loaded on your site anyway as a back up.

I hope you find the answer... I googled it and theme is also a possibility, though I hope not. Maybe you can also ask the developer? I'm clueless, but I did see that you aren't the only one who has had this problem.

I googled and saw plenty of the same problem but never any answer. I messaged the developer of the theme so maybe I will get an answer. I have worked on it for days! If one of the plugins isn't the answer then I guess I will have to change themes. That was the only answer my support ticket got after replying to the email they sent to ask the community. That just sat wrong with me because I have never submitted a support ticket and everyone has always bragged about how helpful it was. I guess we both were caught on an off night. Going to leave it alone for now so I can get some sleep and come back in a better mood. I will be asking for prayers for my sanity and patience if I have to change themes again. I'm about ready to cry at that thought! :(

Maybe send another ticket and tell them it's not a plugin issue, do they have any suggestions. It doesn't sound right to me either...

I did that last night and asked if it could be the theme. They told me to changed themes. Nightmare in Missouri talk there!

The reason I had to switch themes is because of bugs I was having with the old one. I was getting duplicate code for all of my plugins so it broke features when connecting to social media tools. I tried everything I could think of to get rid of the extra code, did a bunch of research to find a fix and tried to contact the theme creators. Nothing worked. It was a premium theme upgrade too but it seems that the creators have given up on supporting it. I haven't gotten a reply to the support tickets I sent them on their website and it's been months. The theme also wasn't responsive for mobile devices so it was time for a change.

If you do have to change themes, Virtue has been a really nice free one for me. It's really customizable and works nicely on mobile. There are tutorials online for it too. I'm thinking about getting the premium version but mostly because I want to support their nice work. They don't make you feel like you have to upgrade like some themes do. Pretty much everything I've wanted is in the free version. Of course, I'm going to contact them first to make sure they are still supporting it if I do decide to upgrade this time lol.

I noticed that my social media tools also quit working. URGH! I've been working on this for two days and I still think I am going to have to toughen up and change themes. I will check out Virtue. I'm kind of upset because I paid for this theme but the developer is not responding to emails.

Did you add any new plugins before this happened?

I recently changed themes and noticed none of my blog posts were recognizing the spaces between paragraphs. Everything was running together like one long paragraph. So the other day, I went in and added in bunch of HTML page breaks to all my blogs because that was the only way to separate the paragraphs again. Then today, I deactivated a few plugins that I wasn't using or didn't need for now and there were suddenly really big spaces between my paragraphs on my blog posts. I had to go back in and manually remove all the HTML page breaks again lol.

I'm not sure what plugin was causing it but I'm going to have to keep an eye out for what happens when I activate new ones. I know a lot of them haven't been updated to work with the newest version of WordPress either so it's something you might check. I could be way off but I have noticed there are many bugs in WordPress land.

I had not added any plugins but they have updated. I am going to deactivate all of them tomorrow and then add them back one by one to see if they are the culprit. I have to sleep and leave it be right now because I am so frustrated.

I'm thinking possibly the theme update. I don't even want to think about what that is going to entail.

First, what changes have you made to your website just prior to it messing up? A theme update? A new plugin? Update any plugins? Install anything?

did you install a new plugin?

I have no answer for you, but if someone does not come to your aid quickly I would pm Carson!

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