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Hello, I am a mother of two teenagers. My son Michael is 13 who happens to have autism and my daughter is 14. I love spending time with my children and watching movies with them.

I've also been unemployed for awhile now and the internet seems to be the only way I'm able to get the flexibility I need to earn an income. I'm hoping WA is the business that would take me to the next level in my life.


I've been building my business for a year now and I've had some success. It's been a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs, but I stay committed.

I know what Wealthy Affiliate teaches works. It's all about taking daily actions. Each time I do that, I notice more results and more revenue.

The only thing I could say is that if you don't take action you won't succeed. To your success! :)
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Evelyn, I will make you a promise. I will keep at it through all the ups and downs. If you can no longer find me on the wa network in one years time from now (just joined yesterday), it means that I am in some form or way not physically capable of doing so. When we celebrate your 2nd year, we will be celebrating my first. I promise you that I will take all the action that I can, that I have no illusions of over night, "get rich quick" sucsess. The adventure is part of the fun. You have a great sense of responsibility and you sound like a warm hearted, very patient, caring and loving mother. I know that the challenges of having an autistic child must have been hard. But they are both lucky to have you. I wish you all the success you deserve and have worked for over the years. I also hope that I can be of service to you in the future.

Yours sincerely,
SowAndReap Premium
Hey Janus, actually I haven't updated my profile, but I'm going on my third year here at WA. I'm so happy that you see the value with what WA offers. I saw the goldmine, just like you, I also knew that work is required. What really makes WA so special is that there is no gimmicks here, they really give people the process of how online marketing works.

My son can be quite a handful, but he is very special. Thanks for leaving such a great encouraging warm message, I enjoy reading your message, Cheers to you and your success! :)
Stradman Premium
Hi Evelyn, can you post your website on your profile page? Just look to your right under the kitten. It should say manage my sites. Just click on that and enter your website. I'm sure we would all love to see your website! I wish you all the best with WA!
jkhatri Premium
Hi Evelyn,
Thank you very much for the follow.

I have noticed that you have joined in 2014 so you must be doing very well. I upgraded myself on 12th Mar, 2016. I am just building my website.

I wish you all the best for your online success.

Best regards,

Jayesh Khatri
SowAndReap Premium
Hey Jayesh, I'm doing okay, I'm a busy mom as well. I noticed you joined WA in 2013. When I upgraded, WA turned out to be the best investment I made. It does take work, but if you do follow the training and keep going you will do fine. The best advice that I can give if you'd like it, is to have faith in what you're doing. Cheers to your success, Evelyn
Windancer1 Premium
Thanks to you and your blog, I am here! Been burned with online scams and when you are down on your luck, those con artists suck the life right out of you! Not to mention your last dollar! Just wanted you to know you gave me hope. I just hope I can financially hang in there till my business gets off the ground. I know it takes time and hard work to build any business. I will make this work! Thank you again!!!!!!
SowAndReap Premium
You're very welcome Sharon, it's crazy out there in the online world. I've been down that road of trying to make a buck online. Once I got here at WA, I knew the sky was the limit. If I could do this you sure as heck can. Many blessings to you Sharon. Evelyn
Windancer1 Premium
Thank you lady!
BRao Premium
Hello thanks for your honest article and I got to know more about WA as I progress. Since I am a full time missionary trainer in India, I need to raise my support for my family and kids. At the same time I lead my Organisation 'United Gospel Mission', a network organisation of indigenous missionaries in North India, who toil day & night with little resources to serve their communities, hence I need to to raise support even for them. Besides this I also take care of 13 orphan kids. Hence you can imagine it wont be an easy task for a faith based person like me , when I am surrounded by 99 % people who don't follow the way of my faith. However, I believe when Lord gives vision, He also gives provision. For me working.....hard working is the connecting point between Vision & Provision. Hence I see my self not just as Entrepreneur but as Faithpreneur.
SowAndReap Premium
I love that word Faithpreneur because you have to have faith in what you're doing. I really appreciate your drive and what you want to accomplish. You can really do this. WA gives you the tools to get you and your family to where you want to be. Thanks for the follow many blessings to you and your family, Babu.