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Dear You,
You, who are reading this presentation.

It's me! Joze from Slovenia. Just an average guy. Neither poor nor rich. IT engineer by profession. Winemaking is my hobby. I have my own vineyard and a wine cellar. 'Cvicek' is the name of the wine. Very special wine. Different than you're used to.

But O.K. this isn't the reason why I'm here. Probably, we both know why we're here.
The fact is, you want more money and freedom in your life. I want more money and freedom in my life.

Almost all we want to spend most of our life on a boat in the middle of a beautiful lake somewhere in the mountains, drinking beer and hanging out with friendly people while listening to our favorite music. Or something like that.

I personally want to pursue my true passions like gardening, winemaking, knowing that all of my bills will always be covered and my time will always be my own?
In fact, this is the main reason why I'm here. And I think, I'm in the right place. I strongly believe that I will succeed. And I would love to see you do just that.

But if we're gonna get there, we've gotta have the right roadmap. And WA has the roadmap. In fact, in many ways, WA help to create the roadmap!

But only we can decide what our next move is going to be like.
See you on the right side. On the side of success.

If you wish to know a little more about me: https://about.me/joze.tomsic40
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I'll be happy earning 1000 dollars a month
I'll be ecstatic earning 2000 dollars a month
I can invest 2 hours a day, but it can change in future if I reach ecstatic level. :)
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Money I would be ecstatic earning
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Dec 19, 2016
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ar20746 Premium
I'll be happy earning 1000 dollars a month
I'll be ecstatic earning 2000 dollars a month
I can invest 2 hours a day, but it can change in future if I reach ecstatic level. :)
AnnieB Premium
Hi, you'll reach ecstatic level quicker with the more quality time that you put in. I can't think of why you can't get your goals they are perfectly within your reach!
Kyle Premium
Those are wonderful goals Joze and I can tell you firsthand that these are more than achievable. When I started out I had very similar goals and with some hard work and dedication, I exceeded any goals that I could have ever initially set.

You will get there if you invest some hard work and dedication to this, I don't have any doubt. :)
parlan Premium
Hi ar20746 I expect you'll meet your goals. This really looks real doesn't it?
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Ninanana Premium
Končno nekdo iz Slovenije! Se že veselim sodelovanja :)
ar20746 Premium
Tudi jaz se veselim sodelovanja. Sem pa popolnoma nov v tem poslu. Upam, da bo kaj iz tega. :)
DavidArturo Premium
Hey, many thanks for the follow!
Labman Premium
Hi and Welcome to WA. Thanks for following me back. If I can help with anything please ask.
MikeyB Premium
Hello there Joze and thank you for the follow. welcome to WA and the best of luck in here. It truly is a wonderful community.
Christene9 Premium
Hope all is going well. Just want to drop in and make sure that you had found your way around WA.

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