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Keywords barely rank if at all

Keywords barely rank if at all

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Search Engine Optimization

Apparently I am not very good at keywords that will rank. I follow the rules and find low hanging fruit but never can find my sites using these keywords.

My question is WH

I would leave you current content alone and just continue to write more. Build it, they will come!

Thanks Kary, I think that's what I'll do. It makes more sense now that I've had some feedback on it and thought about it some more. I'm bound to get a good keyword sooner or later : ) I think rewriting the content will just cost more time in the ranking side of things.

Highly searched low QSR keywords is we're it's at. But you can get lucky with low hanging fruit. Good luck

I thought I had some of them too. It's kind of weird. I find a keyword that looks like it is searched thousands of times in a month and the QSR is like 33. Then if I plug it into google it says there is 250,000. I don't understand. Do the keyword tools treat the keyword as if it has quotes and then google looks for each word and the combinattion of words. I'm kinda not getting it.

The reason why Google has a higher number is that they are giving you every possible combination of the keywords. But if you put them in quotes you will get a better result.

I think some really comprehensive jaaxy training would be useful
Thanks guys for your help on this

Hey Matt,

You could create new posts with your new keywords and let the low hanging fruit ones alone. Remember that low hanging fruit is not intended to rank as easily as the stronger keywords or it's going to take longer to get better positioning.

So your stronger keyword posts could actually help the low hanging posts because as your site becomes an authority, the whole site tends to improve.

Best Regards,

That is a very good thought. Just keep trying new things with the new content rather than messing with what I have out there already. I think it is good natural content so that makes a lot of sense. Thank you for that.

There are many factors to getting ranked with Google. It all starts with the content that you write. But there are many other factors. Age of your domain, if your website is less than 4 months old, it'll be more difficult to rank. How often and consistently you post content. Posting 3 times a week is better than 1 time per month. Your post need to be at least 500 words in length. Your post's socially engagement and number of comments are factors. How long people stay on your post is another factor. All of these and more are seen as indicators of your authority in the subject matter. The more authority you have the higher you rank.

Thanks Steve, in other words just keep at it and the more the better. The site is only a couple of months young. I hear so many success stories of ranking on the first page right away anon. I just thought I must be doing something wrong cuz I can't find my stuff. I can find it just not with the keywords that I thought I would be getting found with.

What you say makes so much sense. Thanks for the reinforcement. I do have to blog more often. I am only managing about once a week and some are not quite 500 words.

I would keep adding content with new keywords. In time your site will have more authority and everything will rank better. After about 4 to 6 months you may want to look at re-writing some of your content. I wouldn't change the keywords but try to improve the content based on the same keywords.

Sounds reasonable thanks for your help

Hey Matt,

You can take the page that you make the change and in your webmaster tools, have Google crawl it. If the number of changes are significant, then it could be worth it to resubmit a sitemap. Bear in mind that there are no guarantees that Google will rank it based on those actions. It's really just letting Google know that you have made changes and hopefully they act quicker on it.

Best Regards,

Ok, thanks Jim. I will be sure to do those things when I make changes.

What are some of your results? Any on the first page?

Never that I can see. GWT shows 1 keyword for one site in avg position 74. My other site shows 2 one at postion 850 and the other at 94 (this one is not even my keyword but I think the word avoiding got ranked in the long tail. Other manual searches I have done show little to no results if I dig really deep/

do you have a lot of content?

My dog blog has 12 posts and two pages. My affiliate site has two pages and 4 posts. Not huge by any means.

Does it make a huge difference if I do these things that Tommy talks about in this? https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/rich-snippet-meta-discription . I have not done that for everything. Just some of the posts. Some say it makes a difference others say not. So far I only use the WA keyword tool. Would subscribing to Jaaxy make a huge difference?

Hey Matt, I prefer Jaaxy vs the WA keyword tool. Don't forget you get 30 free searches with Jaaxy as well.

Yup, I used them up early on. Wondering about its full potential as a paying subscriber. Do you get lots from it's other features?

Meta descriptions are a good thing I'll look at the training. You should be able to find good keywords using the tool here but Jaaxy is cool.

Can't tell you yet for sure as I just did the upgrade and mostly due to the searches.

It's a great tool, it makes doing research easy and fast I do it everytime I have a thought about something

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spammers found my dog blog

spammers found my dog blog

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Website Development & Programming

For a couple of weeks now I have been cleaning up a lot of spam in my comment approvals. Is it recommended that we disable comments for a while so the spammers give up on our si

Whilst spam is annoying I think that you should take the positive out of the fact that your site is attracting attention :)

Sorry I get that spam stuff too. Good luck with this. phyl

I like your site so far. Our two dogs play together, but they fight over bones sometimes, even when there are plenty around.

Matt, do you have Akismet on your website? It catches all your spam! I've had mine loaded since day one and it has captured one. However; all the rest of the comments have been legitimate.

Yes I do and have all along. It has been good until just recently. Hopefully it stays that way for you. Less maintenance if they don't find you

This is off your question, but do you have a dog training site? I have been looking for one. We acquired a 2nd dog in the house. He's a good dog most of the time, but he does chew up stuff sometimes. There's a few other things I want to learn to train.

It's more of a dog health and happiness site. I do have some discussions on handling as well. You can see if there is anything you can use the-healthy-canine.com

Thx for your interest and don't forget to comment : )

I just go delete them whenever I see them

Thanks Wayne, good. Would hate to miss out on a good one

I just clear my spam every two or three days. As long as you have Akismet it will catch them and hold em for you before they go on your sites comments for view by everyone else. Enjoy

Yeah thanks goodness for akismet or i'd have a heck of a mess. Thanks for your comment. Just another one of the duties of a webmaster eh.

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