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Why do some pictures not show up on social sites ?

Why do some pictures not show up on social sites ?

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when you put images on some of your social sites to not show or are some grey avatar

PjGermain did a training on this subject. Search for it in the white question bar above. Basically it has to do with what KatieMac said. But sometimes, even if that doesn't work, it should work with a featured image. But you still need to go into the social tab and click "debug" or whatever after you've selected the picture, etc.

when you do a post go to edit scroll down there should be two tabs one saying social go into it and add the image you want to display for the post

thank you I will try that all the best Max

I don't have a clue, but I'd be interested in what you discover.

Also you have an alternative to make sure at least a caption shows up if not the picture.

Of which social sites you are talking about?

Google Facebook and Twitter all the best Max

Are they jpeg images?

Hi Max,
I really like the answer from PJ, he's usually on point. Have a good day.

It's part of the "Open Graph" technology that several social platforms are now using. See this - it normally fixes it:

Thanks so much!


Interesting question, and I would like to follow this comment thread to see if anyone has the answer?

me too

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