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Hello everyone! My name is Kim and I am 49 yrs old and happy to be here!

My primary focus when going to High School was business and
technology, took typing, accounting, and computer programming (Graduated 1984, not much offered in this field at the time). My first job at 18, I was working for CMI Corp. a 3rd party IBM Computer Leasing company which was 3rd largest in the US at the time. I started in the Traffic Dept. coordinating equipment shipping for customer orders and confirming delivery. After about 2-3 months I was requested to transfer to Operations Dept. as an Assistant Operations Specialist. About 1 year later I was married and my husband at the time was an IBM computer technician. We moved from Michigan to Tennessee and started our own Refurbishment facility in a 15,000 sq. ft. bldg. This business was very exciting for me, we cleaned, painted, upgraded and repacked like new for our 3rd party computer company's around the US. We chose Tennessee because of its central location in comparison to our customers locations.

My next really advantageous job was working as a Parts Manager for Morrison Industrial Equipment. I was already mechanically and technically inclined with a great deal of other skills. I worked there from 1993-2003.
Then unfortunately I had to medically retire at a very young age due to several health issues which affect me physically. Now that I have found Wealthy Affiliates I feel my financial future will be looking brighter everyday!

About myself and skills:
I am a highly self motivated individual with multiple skills and talents, I enjoy connecting with people in various ways and helping in areas that I am well versed. My current goal is to achieve financial freedom and create a successful business online. I have experience with management, marketing, sales, inventory control, accounting, purchasing, intranet, shipping and receiving, technically and mechanically inclined, Microsoft word, excel, power point and task launcher.

On a personal note, I have enjoyed training race horses, riding motor cycles, fishing and ice fishing, skeet shooting, cycling, rollerskating and inline skating, swimming, sports, traveling, listening to music, science, astronomy,numerology, Scfy movies, cooking and flower gardening.

Please take a look at my website and leave me a comment.

Kind regards,
Kim Holmes
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#1 Just to be more comfortable and enjoy life more I would be happy with $ 3-4k a month. #2 I would be ecstatic with earning $15-20k a month to help with my sons future if he decides this type of online work at home business is not for him. #3 I will put as much time as it takes to achieve this goal.
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Dec 19, 2016
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kholmes Premium
#1 Just to be more comfortable and enjoy life more I would be happy with $ 3-4k a month. #2 I would be ecstatic with earning $15-20k a month to help with my sons future if he decides this type of online work at home business is not for him. #3 I will put as much time as it takes to achieve this goal.
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If you dedicate enough time to your online business, anything level of success possible. Everything you need is here at WA, from the training to the tools, the websites, the hosting and the personal help.

Take action on the tasks within the training and ask for help when you need it and these goals are going to become a tangible reality for you Kimberly!
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Great goals!
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MartinWeeks Premium
P.S. Forgot...Linda's website is: http://furrypetsuppliesdepot.siterubix.com Check it out. I think you'll like it. (I think it's better than my sites.) :-p
kholmes Premium
Hey there, I will take a look at all this in a bit, have some quality time here with my son before he crashes. Be back in about an hour and a half or so if you are still around.
Thanks for asking.
Kim :))
MartinWeeks Premium
Hello K,

Marty Weeks here. I was going to leave a comment on your page but it says comments are closed. Really nice website...only problem is I'm way down the ladder in computer stuff so most of what you were writing about was greek to me. No reflection though on the quality of content. I have a question. My girlfriend Linda was as of last year at this time literally and completely computer illiterate. Of course now she's doing WA and making her website so she has come a long way in one year. However, I'm not a real good "Teacher" as they say as I too am self taught, so explaining how I know stuff is really hard. (Don't really know the language as they say) Do you have like a basic type of easy to understand tutorial I could download for her to use as reference learning curve? Some folks are just better at the teaching thing and I'm not. Her site is wonderful, but she really gets over stressed over the little things about a PC that I don't even think about anymore. (cntrl c and cntrl v took two months for her to really get her head wrapped around for example.) We do tend to get into fusses over this stuff, and I don't like to be mad at my baby. Suggestions are welcome.
Also, how astute are you regarding musical software and digital editing? I set up my allaboutmusicgear.siterubix.com website as an informal chat amongst musicians, but am not at this time getting much response...so I need to find better authority folks to draw from for my posts. Since you are already familiar with gaming software I was wondering if you have some insight on all things midi, and mpeg? I've worked with "Cakewalk" and Band in a Box, and up till two years ago had a wonderful Roland VS 1880 Studio Workstation and a Roland XP 60 sequencer keyboard (God I loved that machine!!!) but I'm way behind the curve now on the newer software's and devices. And as always feel free to leave comments on my websites.

Thanks. Have a safe and fun weekend!!

shashinth Premium
Hello Kim,

Nice to meet you in WA. Wow.. you have lots and lots of experience in life. That's awesome. All the best and keep it going. :)

kholmes Premium
Thank you so much. Hope you have a great experience here, I enjoy the community a great deal. Kim :))
Matu Premium
Hello Kim, thanks for following. all the best for your business :-)
Celticdragon Premium
Hi Kim , Thanks for the follow. :-)