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Uploading a large them file?

Uploading a large them file?

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I was wondering if WA has a type of C Panel where I can upload a rather large theme file on the WA server.

I tried via wordpress dashboard but it timed out saying somethin

No hassle Russ, just upload the .zip file to a folder in your wp home directory, like /httpdocs/wp-content/uploads and then go back to the dashboard and point to the theme file zip from there. I have done that enough times to know that this is a sure fire way of installing a new theme without having to go through the hassle of the "out of memory" errors.

Thanks Savant, I think that's what Nathanielle may have said too. I'm not real flash at the back end stuff.

Really appreciate your reply, thank you so much!

I'll give it a go right now!

Thanks Nathaniell,

I have a zip file that I tried to install on my site but I thought I had to do it via a C Panel or FTP file as the file was too big.

Here is some of what is says. It's Flexsqueeze theme

"If you run into errors when trying to install the theme into WordPress using the theme uploader, you may need to FTP the theme to your server or upload it via your web hosting file manager
"An alternative method is to use your hosting account file manager to upload and extract the zip file. Here’s how to do it in cPanel if your hosting account uses it. etc

Even using the FTP file I can't access the server at WA

What do you recommend?

I can always host it elsewhere, that's no problem but I just thought I'd check as I am currently using the WA server.

Cheers Russ

You can definitely do this in WA. Check this training https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/fix-wordpress-sites-with-broken-themes-plugins to see how I get in FTP and mess with the themes/plugins

For some common connection issues to FTP at WA, check this https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/troubleshoot-connecting-to-ftp-at-wa

Remember you have to unzip it to upload via FTP. Let me know if it works for you and if not, we can dig deeper into this.

7.46am here in Aus..........Cheers Nathaniell, appreciate that. Will do

'Ya know Russ,

I've run into a problem similar to yours. The FTP is something that seems to function on one side, but not so well on another, I too am curious. I've just re-set my C-Panel and have had problem's, though not as a result of W/A., Still ......? Server situation's confound me at the moment!

Thanks Roger,
Nathaniell and Savant sent through some advice, this seems to be the answer:
"For some common connection issues to FTP at WA, check this https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/troubleshoot-connecting-to-ftp-at-wa"

Mention FTP and I'm all at Sea, as they say.

Another learning curve. Although I used an FTP client a year ago I can't for the life of me get the hang of it. Once I do I'll be right, it's like everything else I suppose.

Thanks for replying

Cheers Russ

Sorry Roger I was logged in to one of my new WA affiliate sites just helping her out.

Very interesting thank you so much Russell

You can do it via FTP. Unpack the zip file for the theme and get the folder. Then upload that folder into the Theme folder of your site. Have you used FTP before?

Sorry Nathanielle I replied above.

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