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Joined March 2007
I have been a member of this site for years now.
Made a lot of money in the beginning and reached a stage where I could forget about my sites and still make money.

And now I will share 2 things with you –
1. A sad story , and
2. Good news

Here’s the Sad Story-
My money making sites are all gone now – hit by the google slap.
Money that I used to pay my bills…suddenly vanished like it wasn’t even there.

....A result of the mistakes I made.
I was warned…but it was already too late then.

Anyways, I have started again now.
I already have the knowledge it takes
And I have already started to build my site.
It’s going to take time, but I know what it takes to get traffic and sales
It was tough to start again.
I kept procrastinating.
It was not that I was lazy.
I was just too tired.
I had worked for hours everyday and worked till midnight everyday, till my fingers ached and my eyes too strained.
Somewhere inside I wanted to get started...but couldnt gather the courage to do so.
The path is too difficult and long...but others have walked the same path before me.

Have already completed some of the tasks in phase 1 of the affiliate bootcamp training and the more I am doing it, the easier it becomes to complete the rest of the tasks.
What makes it easier for me is that most of the techniques of wealthy affiliate are already ingrained in me.
Just wish me luck guys to keep walking the path.

And now for…
…The Good News
I have already managed to start a new income stream for myself.
And the buyers of my service have to pay almost peanuts.
So, I was able to create a win win situation for everyone.
And guess what?
It was when I was helping a wealthy affiliate member that gave me the idea to start a similar service for others too.

She was asking for help here -
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and I didn’t like the kind of help she was getting.

It seemed like no one was telling her the truth, and I couldnt stop myself I just had to offer her the “Harsh Truth” about her post.

And that’s when it took off.
She made the change I recommended and
…BAM! She received 17 Sales in a Single Night

The wealthy affiliate member that I helped even shared her success with others here -

(Go ahead and read her post in the above link and you'll be inspired to write your next article right now!)

I am just glad I could help.
The service I provide provides some little cash to me
and I find it so satisfying when I see people getting sales after making the recommended changes.
I can go to be bed happy that I was able to help someone
and that it's putting some cash in my pocket too.
A win win.
I just wish I could do something like this sooner.
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Komla22 Premium
Welcome back! Wish you all the best!
stephhill Premium
Hi Faraz:

I wanted to pop over and say thank you so much for following me. You definitely have been here for a long time I can see.

Your story is inspiring how you made money, forgot about your sites and then started again. Thank you so much for sharing with everyone.

I will be following you back.

glycogen Premium
Thanks for folloein and I sure hope your goals Faraz! Glyn
ricksr Premium
Glad to have you back! Look forward to seeing you back out there again... Soon!

pmenke Premium
Thank you for the following and best of luck to you!