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Where are my comments going?

Where are my comments going?

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WA Affiliate Program

I have been noticing that comments I write on person's pages are not there when I return some time later. Is it that I am exiting the page too quickly.

Sometimes my comments on WA do not appear, but I think I must hip something else before I hit the Add Comment box.

Do you mean on someone's website or here at WA? If it's website then sometimes it can be moderated and takes time for the owner to approve or discard depending on what you wrote.

If it's WA then I'm not sure - maybe you can refresh the page.

No Jay, here at WA. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question, I do appreciate.

Either of these reasons:

1. Lots of comments might have been added after so you'd have to scroll down further and wait for the comments to load.

2. Page owner might have deleted it.

More like No 1, too quickly for it to be no 2 ?

No. Do take into account that comments received on any site can be moderated by the owner or even removed. Check with him to see if he is not having a problem with all of his comments. If so, let him pose his questions here and then we can help him. Nancy

Thank you, Nancy, will proceed accordingly.

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Help needed with my website construction?

Help needed with my website construction?

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Getting Started

My web attempt.http://fallingrising.siterubix.com/ I am good and proper stuck, do not know if am going or coming.

Could it be siterubix was misspelled?

Thanks, Shally, web naming has been rectified

I had a look at it and it seems to be alright. Even though there is no content, the website is up and running.
What is your specific niche? Is it inspirational stories? Motivational stories? Have you got an introduction thought out, so when people click on your website there is a post or introduction greeting them? Please tell us what you are stuck on.
Other people have offered help on getting started on doing your first post. I think this is important as when we go into a website, the first impression is the most important. That is what gets people to stay in your website to browse longer. If it isn't eye catching or informative enough then people will leave.
I hope this helps get you thinking about ideas on how to start out. Good luck.


Thank you for checking in Shally. You have given me food for thought and action. Would be dreaming on those as I was just about closing out for the night. Blessings always. Berns.

Thanks Sally that was great information and if it didn't help Blessed B it was very helpful to me. Thanks for taking the time to share.

No problem! Glad it helps you. Shally.

It has certainly helped me, getting my act together.

I'm happy that you have ideas on how to get started and the motivation to move forward. Check in from time to time to get others to comment on your post or page. Everyone will be more than happy to help. This is the only way to improve our writing and the direction it will take you.


Your link is incorrect, this is the right one
You can change it on your question by clicking the arrow next to the light blue cog, and click on "edit"

Thank you Loes, will edit immediately.

I honestly think you should try choosing another niche with more commercial intent. If possible go over the choosing a niche lesson. I know we talked about this before but that was a long time and it looks like you're stuck.

Will go over the lesson, Jay.

Please do. Let me know if you need us to figure it out together.

i can skype and share my screen if u really stuck

Go to your dashboard if you stuck and click new post. Dont worry what it looks like or where it goes = just write and I can help sort later
Saw your page --- the site is up !!!

Thank you for your answer and advice. Berns.

It is spelled Siterubix. You have set it up correctly. I can see your site on the web:


Log in to the Admin section of your site via the Site Manager and start by adding a test post.

In the left menu, go to All Posts - Add New. The WP editor will appear and you can add a site title - e.g. My First Test Post, or something like that. Then write a few lines and hit publish in the right side menu at the top.

Then visit your URL, refresh the page and you will see your post.

You will be deleting that post, of course, as well as the sample post that comes with the theme.

Loes has WordPress training here: Then follow the WA training lessons one step at a time and you will get there.


Thanks for the correction Jude, I welcome your time and information forwarded. Berns.

It's showing it's unavailable, what's holding you up?

I am at getting my site ready for SEO, just can not get out of the web I have woven.

Where are you stuck. Keep following the training.

Thank you.

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