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I am now heading into my fourth year with Wealthy Affiliate and I cannot believe how far I am come, despite being here for a





Is anyone having problems submitting site comments today ?

Is anyone having problems submitting site comments today ?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I received notification to leave a review on a website that matches my interests however after completing the review it just would not submit my review

Sorry that you appear to be having problems today. Although I can say that I am not experiencing anything of the same. In fact i would say that the site is reacting quite a bit faster for me than it did over the weekend.


Thanks Sde all seems to be fine now

Not yet, I placed 4 comments today

Thanks Loes I will give it a try again a bit later in the day

It's really busy out there

Computers you love them and hate them on any given day!

Not sure if it is me or a glitch in the system hopefully it will be resolved

Could be a browser issue too Katie.

Thank you all seems to be fine now

I had problems to load WA site.
So I believe there was some kind of maintenance going on.

Well I hope it works fine by now also for you.


Thank you Mike will leave it awhile and try again later

Hadn't noticed but thanks for the heads-up.

not sure if it is just me though,

What message are you getting when you try to submit, could be the site has already received a comment.
I just submitted two comments some minutes ago and i didn't incur any hitches.

no message comes up, it looks like the button was not working

I have not noticed any hitches on my end.

I will leave it and try again later,

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Looking for some advice on paid advertising?

Looking for some advice on paid advertising?

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Pay Per Click Marketing

Going through the SWAG training Kyle is advising us to get prepared for Black Friday and suggests ways to promote would like to try a paid campaign and would appreciate some su

You may need to test to find out what works best for you. Perhaps your audience responds to FB, maybe Google, maybe Bing or something else. Your topic could be a deciding factor here too. Sorry, but that's not a question which could be answered easily. The only true answer is "it depends."

Perhaps i did not word question right was look for some members to share what worked for them thanks for responding

Sure, but know you'll get a lot of anecdotal information. You'll have to decide if it's worth risking your money on that or not.

yes there is that however I was looking for something different to facebook as I do not use them at all, I had tested google ads, twitter I should have worded the question better I guess, never mind another lesson learned, have a good week

From what I tried, I prefer Bing ads than Facebook. Competition in Google and Facebook is tough unlike in Bing Ads.

Thank you had not thought of Bing afs

There is also another training from Jay if you want to promote your business on Facebook.
It is a 5 week case study

1st part (week) You can then find the rest just simply in WA search bar type "facebook".

Best of luck

Thank you Michal have looked at that, hope you have a good weekend

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