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Hi, my name's Darren and I'm from Australia. I'm looking to form multiple sources of online income. I already have one regular online income stream





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Why I s a new monthly commission pending release?

Why I s a new monthly commission pending release?

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WA Affiliate Program

I just received notification that a referral of mine had upgraded to a monthly Premium membership, which earns the standard $8 commission for the $19 special first month.

i have seen a lot more members asking for money back.
so i think that all commissions may be pushed into a 'next month' payment to allow 30 days cooling off.
this would be great as an update to add to reviews ' no hassle 30 day money back guarantee'
but not so good that they are changing things like this without keeping affiliate updated.
i hope you get it sorted Darren.

totally unofficial - but with things like the 6 month free site deletion just announced then i am wondering whether things are changing.
total speculation at the moment.
but will be interested finding out whether this will become the norm.

can you post a link to that please?

heres the link - check new lauries reply with images from kyle on live chat. i also had this confirmed on his profile after asking the question.

i didn't find out till then - sorry for going off topic
i think the terms and conditions need an update

See also Loes' response to the same question, they are only removed if they are inactive

that is what i thought and asked kyle directly - his response was if after 6 months they hadn't decided to upgrade then they won't invest in their future and the sites will be removed - they are getting the same hosting as paid members so why should they have the benefits.
i thought like Loes that it was for inactive sites only, but it is for all strter members.
i should have taken a snapshot of his response, ut didn't think to at the time, thinking that there would be an official announcement....what was i thinking !!

Interesting and understand their logic, but I know Loes daughter had a free site, have just PM'd her to see if she is still using it

i hope that she is and it was just a slip of the tongue by kyle but it is being talked about more often here.
I was suprised when he said it.
interested to see your reply Gordon.

Yes Loes's daughter still has her starter membership but her websites are moved over to Loes' account which means she isnt using the hosting on free membership. Still waiting for Loes to come back and confirm that

Loes' daughter has her websites included on Loes' account so that they don't get parked but she is still a free member. I have just seen her profile account.

you can stay a starter member as long as you wish, but if the sites are deleted after 6 months then....

No idea it's all very confusing. Theres no point in having free membership if you can't build a website free or otherwise

but you do get two sites - so if you move the first to the second after 5.5 months and delete the first.
then move the second to the first after 11.5 months
a lot of hassle but possible?

Just got this from Loes
"I have contacted site support multiple times after the Six months to ask to reinstall my daughter's website. And every time they did."

wonder if Kyle knows about that?
but they are deleted and if you don't know they can be reinstated....

The confusion rolls on

Anyone else seen this happen today for an $8 commission?

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Anyone else unable to access amazon associates?

Anyone else unable to access amazon associates?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

I tried to log into my Amazon affiliate program today and keep getting a message that the page doesn't exist on their site. I tried accessing it from a variety of Amazon Associ

Just logged in no problem. Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones. Good luck.

Hi Darren, seems you are not alone from the comments below.

Best wishes,

This happens to me almost every day that I turn on my computer and try to log on to my Amazon Associates account.

I get some form of "can't access" or "doesn't exist" - for some odd reason.

But, if I follow up by going directly to amazon.com and click on "earnings" in the SiteStripe, I am either taken directly to my account or, to a log on page that actually works.

Amazon just has a glitch that has been around for months - if not years. But, following my "work-around" will get you to your account with no problems!


As feigner (below) reight articulated, it appears that they are up now again!

just logged in no problem to uk and us - so maybe fixed now ?
good luck getting back in Darren

Yep, seems to be working again now.

Yes there are a few in chat that just mention this I got this message
Looking for something?
We're sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site
Associates Central Home
Amazon.com Home

But when I went to my website and clicked a link to Amazon it took me to the product I was promoting. Hopefully Amazon will fix this soon

Yeah, it's kind of a weird message to get when their affiliate program is so massive. It almost sounds like they suddenly decided to close it down.

It does sound like that check your website and see if you get the same results as me with products you are promoting as there seems to be no issue there. Just logging in directly to the affiliate program.

Hi - yes, several have reported the same problem in Live Chat, including me.

Thanks for the quick response. Glad it's not just something about my account then.

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Is this email from paypal for real or bs?

Is this email from paypal for real or bs?

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Everything Wordpress

I just received the following email from PayPal threatening me to stop using my domain name as it's in breach of their trademark. can't see how that's possible. Might be some s

I suggest you check the actual Email address you received this message. It’s designed for you to only see PayPal. Chances are the actual Email will be weird looking. I am 100% certain that this is trying to engage you to get your information. Pity you didn’t check before opening it. If you do find the Email is bogus, just delete it. Been there, done that.

It's definitely something to investigate, but it seems like a scam. As Kyle stated, just using Tom and no last name is not a practice PayPal would likely use.

Also, big companies often tend to use third party services to monitor trademark and copyright. They would likely pay for a company whose job it is to monitor such occurrences. Therefore, you would have received the email from that third party company. There's no guarantee PayPal would use a third party, but likely.

PayPal has a dedicated email spoof@paypal.com for such emails as this. Here is the section of their website.

They should be able to give you more insight.

Best Regards,

Hi Jim,

The email address and domain name that the email was sent from is a third party monitoring service. At least, they are the ones who registered it - markmonitor.com, who help protect the IP of big name brands.

That even makes it more suspicious. They claimed to be from PayPal Legal Department, not from Mark Monitor. A true third party service would have no trouble identifying themselves stating they are working on behalf of their client, in this case PayPal.

I received a legitimate cease and desist from a third party company. At the time, I was definitely in the wrong and complied immediately. I used the Farmville name for a cheat sheet product and Farmville was part of the domain name. The company that sent it on behalf of Zynga (the company who owns the Farmville name) identified themselves as a monitoring service. They did not state they were from Zynga's legal department.

Don't reply to it. Looks like a phishing email.

If it is a real email, the only other thing I can think of is if there's some content somewhere on my site they believe is in breach of their "good name".

They didn't say that in the email though, just to cease using my domain name.

Not that I'll stop using my domain. I've had it for over 4 years now.

Not from PayPal itis a scammer..used to get them yrs ago
You can also send it to PayPal i believe they can investigate anny phishing emails
But under no circumstance click on anything in that email...even ur own site link as it might redirect you somewhere or worse download a virus.

In my totally uneducated opinion, the contents of the email look genuine (no transfer money request etc.) but the name Tom with no lat name etc. seems unprofessional. You could :
1. Check if the sender has a legitimate email address or does the id look wrong (not from PayPal - maybe PayPals or something like that)
2. Do a LinkedIn search on Tom (although it is a super generic name) and see if the person actually exists
3. If the above two don't pass these sense checks just ignore the email, otherwise just write an email to PayPal or submit this on their website contact form (I'm guessing they'll have something) and wait to hear back from them

Anyway, be happy you're getting noticed :-)

I believe most companies and agencies communicate via regular mail on a lawyer's letterhead if they are threatening you with legal action.

No part of your domain name imitates anything close to the word "Paypal" or any part of that word, so I'm unclear as to why they think you would fall for this nonsense.

Just Tom? That is strange there is no last name? Also, what is the email address in the "from" field if you crack it open?

It is likely if paypal would send an email of this nature, they woudl offer specifics. I can't see how you are violating their trademark in any way, and if this is indeed from Paypal you would want to ask for clarity.

There are plenty of phishing scams out there, and this could absolutely be one of them. I would be very apprehensive.

Hi Kyle,

The email address is ip@paypalenforcement.com, and from what I've researched it's a genuine department of PayPal.

Apparently "paypalenforcement.com" is a domain name registered by "markmonitor.com".

If it’s not from PayPal.com email then it’s a scam.

paypalenforcement.com is registered by an IP legal firm called Mark Monitor, and from everything I've researched, they sound legit, so I don't know.

I can't see how there's any issue with my domain, even if the email is real. It would have to be about some content somewhere if that's the case.

Best way to know is asking PayPal directly. Do not by all means answer that email!

looks like a phishing one to me.
if you are worried log into your paypal account and ask them.
i definitely wouldn't reply ot any email like that.
but i cannot even create paypal from all of the letters in your site name!
I would either leave it or just check with paypal, but suspect phishing.
can you see the source of the email.

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