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I am 51 years old and a 2nd shift supervisor at a sheet metal company. We make check out stands and shelving for places like Walmart, target, dollar tree, and dollar general. We also make cabinets for race track, quick trip etc. I have been doing sheet metal work for 30 years.

I am also an E. F. T. Practitioner & Life coach. I am into eating organic foods and natural alternatives when it comes to health and I love to read.

Hooray; I finally have a picture on my profile page even though I am quite a bit older now, but it was the only picture that I could find.

I never did like having my picture taken.

It's been a while so I thought I would update my profile a little bit. I am now 54 years old, and I just retired in July 2018 at the sheet metal company I was working for after 33 years.

I decided it was time for me to follow my passions!

I have not been very active here at WA in quite some time, but now I hope to change all of that and get back to work with my websites.

I have missed my wealthy affiliate family!

So hello everyone and I am glad to be back!
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Hi Dale, many thanks for the follow :-)
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Hi Dale thanks for the follow.
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Hi Dale thanks for your follow, I have followed back to you. Wishing you all the success.
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Dale, thanks for following and much success in your endeavors!
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Thanks for the follow Dale and welcome to WA. I wish you success in all your future endeavours.

See you around,
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The very same to you my friend.