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Hello everybody, I am Bert, a guy living in Belgium who just discovered wealthy affiliate... And now after 2 weeks I really get into it. It was just





First task: fill in profile - not for ambassadors?

First task: fill in profile - not for ambassadors?

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WA Affiliate Program

Hello All,

It was a long time ago that I have posted something, but I am here... ;-)

I see a lot of people going up and down very fast in ranking (myself includ

Nice to see you back Bert! I keep an open profile The only responses I repeat to new members are the basic advice about asking questions, getting training and using the community, especially when they have little information in their profiles and no sites or blogs.

Hello everyone. I generally don't get envolved with
these discusions, because I don't how things work
within this topic. It seems to me, that everytime I
log in, that WA seems to want to make things a
competition. The ranking to me seems more about
being social than knowing anything. I myself come
here to study and work. Something I think more of
the people here should do.

I can tell you, the period I was ambassador, I did not have enough time for my own project.
When your project is up and running, then you might have enough time, but as long as you are building and not earning, I think it is very difficult to do both.
That is also the reason why I stopped with all the comments/blogs/support/... Cause my own project was not developing like it should...

I agree with this - I try and do what I can to help, but my main priority is to learn and make my business successful. When the money starts to roll in, then I may have different priorities.

I agree, Aspiring.

I agree with this. Once I stopped looking at my rank and focussing on my own website, my results really improved. I have a pet hate about certain ambassadors jumping in with unrelated answers to my questions, or even worse, a "Sorry, I don't know the answer".

Over time, I have learnt to trust specific members with regards to technical expertise, based on the advice they give rather than their WA ranking.

I think some people say "Sorry, I don't know the answer" because they want to subscribe to the conversation so they receive notifications for it in the future, so they can find out what the answer is.

Or maybe they just want to score some points for their ranking with that extra activity...

The comment "Hey "X", I see that "Y" has already helped you" is something I see a lot... And that's not because they want to follow the solved problem I suppose...


In that case, wouldn't the 'Like' button have the same result?

In my experience, if it is left as unanswered, you are more likely to get a response from the skilled ambassadors. Some of them search for unanswered questions to help out.

Liking does not give the same amount of "extra points" than a real answer.
And Reply as first (so on unanswered questions or blogs) that on the other sides does give "extra points" in comparison with a normal reply.
This was my specialty when I was an ambassador... ;-)

I don't know if the same rules still apply now after the changes, but this is the explanation for the behavior that you remarked.

By the way: in your activity dashboard you can find a button "unanswered" and that's how you can find easily the unanswered items.

You said a mouth full. When I first joined WA it seemed to me that all or most of the Ambassadors were people who really knew their stuff. Now we have people becoming Ambassadors within 2 to 3 months, consequently, they don't have the expertice like before. It was explained to us that Ambassadors only need to be helpful, not necessarily knowledgeable. I don't agree with that concept.

Yes, I know what you mean about the "already helped you" comments. Those are pointless.

Yes, Waldo, when I have a spare few minutes to help out, I look specifically at the unanswered questions. So posting a comment that doesn't answer the question could cause harm.

Mikareze, that's the same as my feelings on the Ambassador issue. If someone focuses more on helping others than succeeding in their own business, what exactly are they helping others do? If we're not careful, WA will just be full of people all helping each other to NOT earn money.

I came to WA because I wanted to earn money, not because I wanted to score highly in a popularity contest.

But it is about balance, I think. I do have some vested interest in keeping WA helpful because I am referring new members here, I want them to be helped. But I want them to be helped by people who are succeeding in making money online, not just helped by people who are succeeding in helping people.

Oh Bert this seems to be a strange feat going on of late regarding rankings etc, I do feel if you are an ambassador you should have a profile filled in as the word suggests you are representing the WA brand so to speak and the community therefore we should make sure we do not give the impression that we are not what we say we are and not steer anyone in the wrong direction, after all with all the scams around we do need to be honest in our dealings and approach

Indeed, I agree, that when you are ambassador you need to reaélize that people are looking (and taking example from) to you...
So, or you stay away from the top 25 or you behave like "an example" ...

lol true Bert I can honestly say I have not set out with ranking in mind I have been here two years and bounce around quite happily either way however ambassador or not conducting ourselves in a decent fashion never goes amiss and can only help us grow as people

Hey, Bert & Katie, it's been awhile :D
Yeah, most of us have gone down a lot in rankings. As Katie said anyone who makes an account and fills in their info could be called an Ambassador since we are all representing WA.

Even those who don't blog here much, but still create businesses are Ambassadors because when people ask where they started we can point them in this direction.

so very true hope it is all going well for you Anthony not seen you around for a bit

Been a busy bee xD

Hello Anthony, yes yes long time no see...
Did you receive my mail (elevenpro) by the way?

And indeed you have to be an ambassador for yourself.. that's true my friend... ;-)


I think people scared him away, to bad there are some here who jump the conclusion out in the open before finding out the truth in private.

I do not completely understand what Joseph says... Was it a typo or was it his way of branding himself to use that word?

I am glad you joined, Loes! ;-)

Hi Loes,

It was I who exposed Him after a few other Friends pointed out what He was doing.

I did talk with Him in private prior to exposing Him, He was gaming us all by copy and pasting the same exact message with nothing personal to hundreds upon hundreds of new members here at WA.

After speaking with Him privately He basically challenged me to expose Him and said that I was just jealous of Him.

I didn't want Him to go away but after He spoke with Kyle about the matter He sent me a private message and said that He was quitting WA.

There are of course always at least 3 versions of every story and that is my version.

I am sad that He is now gone and I agree that I went overboard in my exposing Him. All that I wanted was for Him to stop copy & paste spamming every person who commented on the goals post. Our new Friends to WA deserve much better than that.

Thank you Loes,


Hi Tony, It is not the duty of members to nail someone to the pillory

Of course it's not :)

Now I understand where the word "spambassador" is coming from... Difficult situation, it would also be a frustration for me...

Hello Loes, I agree with what you say: "it is not the duty of members to nail someone to the pillory", but can I turn thing around and ask you: What can members do in such a situation? Cause I can imagine that there was a lot of frustration involved from a lot of people...

But I wonder, what is a good solution in such a situation?

When something looks strange, odd or spammy, you can mail kyle@wealthyaffiliate.com or PM him

Sounds indeed like the best thing to do and that is contacting Kyle...

I did pm Kyle and after Kyle talked with Him He decided to leave. I didn't want Him to go away, I just wanted Him to respect our WA Community.

Thanks for the information. Regards.

Good to see you back again Bert.

The person in question did have a photo and a bit about himself on his profile page until very recently.

A couple of people called him out for doing something they thought was inappropriate but I didn't see that he was doing anything technically wrong. He was posting the same encouraging response to people who were adding their goals to a long-time thread.

If I had been treated in that way I may have withdrawn from WA too.

Hi Marion...

And nobody reacted? I don't know what exactly he did, but yeah, it is a sad story apparently..

Is WA changed that much or is it coincidence that I just ask a question and that this is the story behind it?


Hi Marion,

A few of our Friends here on WA pointed out His actions to me and I admit that I reacted harshly it wasn't until after I privately confronted Him and He challenged me to expose Him.

He had copy and pasted the same exact message many hundreds of times to new WA Friends on the goals thread, Our new WA Friends deserve much better than that.

I do wish that He hadn't gone away as that does make me sad, I simply wanted to let Him know that we shouldn't treat WA Friends with the disrespect of copy and pasting the same exact message hundreds of times.

As we all know there are at least 3 sides to every story.

Thank You Marion,


I see what you are saying, Tony.

Was the message he copied and pasted actually of any value? That's a key thing, really, because to each user it would appear unique because they wouldn't have seen the other identical messages.

But do you think he was actually trying to game the system? If so, that's hilariously misguided on his part, because I've yet to see any evidence that aving a high WA rank actually has any real benefit.

I mean, if you're going to game a system, at least make it one that brings in extra sales, e.g. by manipulating your Google rankings or whatever. But someone gaming themselves to the top of the WA ranking system is an absurd waste of one's time, in my opinion.

Has he actually quit WA completely, or has he just withdrawn from interacting with people? Because these are two different scenarios. If he's just withdrawn from interacting, but is still doing training and working on his websites, that's fine. But if he's given up on all of it, maybe he gives up too easily?

I mean, you could all call me a c**t and it wouldn't stop me from working on my websites. I might stop talking to you all, though.

All the best,

Hi Marcus,

His copy and pasted message was to each and every post on the thread and it was exactly the same thing for all. It was brought up to my attention as I had no idea.

When I looked I was flabbergasted and so I ask Him about it, He commented back to me "Look at my rank and quit being jealous"

I told Him that I wasn't jealous and found it sad to achieve the rank of Ambassador that way. He told me to mind my own business and that if I didn't like it then I would have to find a way to stop Him.

That's when I pm'd Kyle and also posted about Him because I felt that calling Him out and exposing Him was far better than Him spamming the new WA Friends.

The spamming was so obvious as every post for hundreds in a row were identical.

After Kyle talked with Him, He pm'd me and said that He has decided to quit WA because He didn't like what Kyle told Him.

He openly admitted to me that He was doing it to rank within WA and I told Him that I felt it was ridiculous!

I didn't intend for Him to quit but since He was here to try to game the system instead of earning rank within WA then maybe it's for the best.

I have since received a few pm's from Friends saying that when they asked Him for help that He arrogantly told them to find help elsewhere and stop crying.

Thank you Marcus and I apologize for the novel, I am passionate about helping Friends and despise when others are the opposite.


Thank you for clarifying things, Tony.

Sounds like he was being a **** (put whatever word you want there).

In hindsight, do you think it would have been better to have just PM'd Kyle but not blogged about it?

Yes absolutely Marcus, When I confronted Him and He challenged me I let my competitive nature get the best of me. Even though I'm 50 now I still have many faults.

Ah, none of us are perfect, Tony. We all have our faults.

But the ability to acknowledge your own mistakes and understand how you could do it better next time is a great strength.

And what you did came from a good place - caring about the others at WA.

Hi Bert - I am the same feeling as you my friend as to going up and down as it is a fun thing and better to work on your site!!!!
Should an ambassador set an example well I think so as it is a sign that to be an ambassador you are able to help others.

Well said, Paul.

Thanks buddy

This person was quite publicly humiliated a few days ago, apparently for doing something which was not appropriate (and what many others are doing all the time).

Kyle removed the blog but the harm was done. So I guess he removed the picture as a kind of protest for such a negative public exposure.

Ah, that's info I did not knew;..

But then there is already a next problem: Since when are people humiliated on WA, that they remove their profile and leave the building... While they have a great ranking and actually they should deserve some respect?
(But how can you build respect with so little activity... You know what I mean...)

Do not ask me, not my business. But I could give you a list, quite a number of good people have left WA (or went into total silence) because of public humiliation by some aggressive people here (but I do not think this person left).

I think that person was attacked enough, so If I were in your shoes I would remove this blog myself before Kyle does this.

I don't remove anything... Why should I?

I asked a sincere question and now there are people reacting on that question. I did not know about the humiliation and it is not my intention to humiliate somebody.

The opposite: I think it is good that people can tell their opinion and when I read the reactions, apparently this is not a bad idea...

So, I don't believe that Kyle will remove this, as long as everybody stays respectful to each other and when that's not possible anymore, then WA changed more than I thought...

Hi Jovo,

I personally removed my blog. I didn't want for Him to go away and am sad that He did.

I did privately confront Him about the hundreds of the same copy and paste message that He was posting to every person on the goals thread.

I most likely went too far but He challenge me to expose Him so I did.

I believe that our new Friends here on WA deserve much more than a copy and pasted non personal message to their posts.

There are of course at least 3 sides to every story.

Thank You Jovo,


Ambassador just means you're in the top 25 in terms of WA rank. And high WA rank just means someone who is extremely active on here. Nothing more, nothing less.

I don't know anything about this incident of someone being humiliated on here, so I can't really comment on that.

Any place where you have a lot of different people all gethered together will inevitably have friction sometimes. I suspect it will all blow over, though, in time. "This too shall pass".

Best to focus on the main reason for being here: to work on our websites and earn money...


OK, it is better you did it than Kyle. I guess you did not realize what some people were doing to him as a consequence of your blog. I did and I was disgusted with what I saw..

No Jovo, I didn't see what others were doing to Him and I apologize that it got out of hand as that was not my intention.

It did get out of hand. This is what I meant by aggressive people, I did not refer to your blog.

Hi Marcus,

It's been a while...

I agree with most of the things you say, but in my opinion, it is a choice to step into the top 25 or not.
And you are correct, there is no difference between place 27 and place 17, but at WA there is a difference...

The program makes an example of the people in the top 25 and therefore you have to think about becoming ambassador or not.

But you are completely correct that we forget often the main reason why we became a member of WA and earn money.
That's what I learned the last couple of months, I am not an ambassador, but I earn money...
And I assume you prefer to keep out of top 25 and I think that is very smart of you.


Hi Bert,

Thank you for your reply.

No, you don't necessarily choose to become an ambassador. I became one accidentally. I didn't want to be one, but my WA rank kept going up until I was one. For a week or two I kept switching between 25 and 26, and got several automated emails from Kyle congratulating me on becoming an Ambassador. All a bit of a silly carry-on if you ask me.

They probably need to refine the system a bit. If it's as easy as that to become an Ambassador, it doesn't really mean much in my eyes. Besides, some of the people who earn the most aren't even Ambassadors.

There is a vague notion of Ambassadors being rewarded, but that's too vague for me. Whereas it's quite clear that if I refer a member and they upgrade to Premium, I get a set amount of money. So that's where my focus is. I'm here to earn money, not take part in a competition to see who can have the smallest number under their profile picture.

All the best,

This is a perfect description of the situation Marcus! :-)

(And indeed when you are located on place 27 -26 it can by accident happen that you go to rank 25, but we both know very well what to do to go back a few places... )

You know that I earned more money from WA, when I was invisible the last months than when I was posting and helping all the time...

I think I have posted enough for a month now! ;-)



I was about to ask... where have you been hiding, Bert? :)

Yes I totally noticed myself... is this fair on the rest of us, or is the algorithm just a bit slow to pick up on this?

I replaced my activities a bit, but I never left WA for real... :-)

And probably more active again soon, but I had to catch a cow first...
Or whatever you like to catch or to have....

I don't understand the new algorithm, but I am not much here, so...

Agree I would be looking at an ambassador to support me, so I would want to know about them and what they have achieved to be an amassador.

I think they should be an example, at least that's what the program expects from an ambassador...
(my opinion of course)

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Does somebody knows where ekautz is?

Does somebody knows where ekautz is?

asked in
The Wealthy Affiliate Platform


Since a week it appeals to me that I have not seen Eric around since the end of 2015...
I have sent a PM and a mail, but no reactions...

Does anybody ha

perhaps he did not renew as I have not seen anything from him for awhile

Perhaps, but without saying a word and when you are located on spot 4 and when you have given so much till your last day of membership, without saying a word about it...

That does not sound like Eric... But it is possible..

He would respond to the messages I have sent to his mail address, I guess...

it could be other things just hope he is ok might be he is on tour with his music let us know if you hear

When I didn't resubscribe, even though it was just for 1-2 weeks, when I came back, my rank was in the hundreds of thousands, and he's still at 5. Maybe he went in vacation, is not feeling well, or has some personal business

Oh yeah I haven't heard from him for a while now. Hope nothing bad has happened to him.

That is the question, did he renew or not at all. I went to his profile page suggesting he joined Jan. 15, 2015. There was also , a comment in his profile page, that he did not have any blog on his website since August 2015 and asking if affiliate marketing works for him. Hoping he is okay.

I believe he is focusing all his time on his online businesses. Did he renew?

I don't know...

Eric is a great resource to this community.


Me too. I have sent him a PM in the beginning of January but he didn't reply it. Usually he is fast or at least will reply the PM.

Hopefully he is alright.

Hmmmm... Let's hope so indeed!

I don't like it when a contributor just drops off, Hopefully he's good and just wrapped up into something and will be back soon.


No idea. I did a search through my email and no blogs, comments or replies since December 27th.

Yes indeed, it is a month now, which is in WA terms - A very very very long time to just ignore the whole thing...

That is a good question...I was wondering the same thing.
It does seem odd that he would just disappear.
Hopefully, he is busy being successful!

Then he still can share it here... If he is so successful... ;-)

It is weird, cause it is not that he made no effort to get where he is here in WA...

Indeed Bert. Let's hope he is okay...

i do not. he is normally super active.

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