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Thanks for the warm welcome folks, good to be back in the community after two years away!

I'll get back to you all your questions and comments as soon as possible. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook also:


Talk soon :-)
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To make 1 million dollars
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Dec 19, 2016
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Mac01 Premium
To make 1 million dollars
tmaltz Premium
Hey Tom, love your goals. Personally, I think it helps to write out our goals, give short and long term goals, and stay dedicated to working hard to reach those goals on a regular basis.

That's what really helped me get started and has lead to much of my online success. That and the education, support, and guidance offered here at WA.

All's it takes to reach your personal financial goals is to follow the training courses and take action on what you learn, work at it consistently with a positive energy and you'll make it.

I'm certainly glad I followed the WA training on a daily basis, I now have a great online business that works for me 24/7, even when I'm sleeping.

I wish you nothing but the same kind of success,
zanaky Premium
good plan good luck
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Nothando1 Premium
Hi Thomas thanks for the follow. Glad to meet someone in Australia! I lived there with a permanent residence visa back in '08. Saw almost all of Australia except Tasmania before I ended up moving back to Canada to help out family. Maybe next time I head out there I will get to see that part as well of your beautiful country. Good luck here at WA. All the best!
Mac01 Premium
Thank you Nothando! Glad you made it Australia, there really are some nice places here. Yup hope you make it to Tasmania too one day, it's well worth checking out! All the best with your online endeavours and let me know if you'd like any assistance going forward my friend. :)
debrakirk Premium
Hi Thomas,
Thankyou for the follow.
You are not so far away as others! Western Australia and Hobart are pretty close in comparison right?!
I too am in the health care field - but sadly - no running for me!
I wish you every success in your internet business and am looking forward to the training.
Hi Thomas thanks for the follow!

So you from Hobart. I was actually is Tasmania last year and went through to Hobart on a couple occasions. Went to the massive market there and to the famous art museum (The name eludes me at this moment). Was a great stop on my trip round Aus and Tas.

Anyway I hope you have a great day.

See you around WA.

Kind Regads
Mac01 Premium
Hi Damien, thank you also!

That's right, I'm from Hobart! it is a nice place to live, glad to hear you enjoyed it. I take it you went to the Salamanca market and the museum you visited would be MONA. It is a very interesting part of the world.

Keep in touch and let me know how it all goes for you my friend.

Takk skal du ha
richardkevin Premium
Hi Thomas

You were the first to follow me on WA and I'll always appreciate that!
Your journey at WA looks pretty awesome and would very much love to learn from you!

So first of all, how long would you say it took you get your website up and running after joining WA? [I mean for your website to found online?]

And secondly how long after putting your website online did you start making money?

Thanx in advance!
Mac01 Premium
That's my pleasure, Richard!

I would say under a month to get indexed on Google with some a range of blogs and posts. And another month to start earning a bit.

I'm currently leveraging social media (FB and Twitter in particular) to really catapult my referrals and get greater reach online. I can show you how to do this if you'd like.

P.s feel free to add me on FB https://www.facebook.com/thomas.mackey.946 :)
MimiLuzR Premium
Hi Mac,
Just started today and how relieved and comforted that almost everyone are so willing to help generously without reserve. Especially you Mac. I definitely would add you to my FB once I've done with the basic here with WA. For the meantime, I'd probably will need your handy eTechy :) here. Absolutely a ton to learn and I'm excited. Thank you already.
Mac01 Premium
Hi Mimi!
Welcome on board, it's a great decision. Sure sing out if you need help on here, it's a very supportive online community. Stay in touch and let me know how it all goes for you. Talk soon :)