Selling Solo Ads Without a Mailinglist

Last Update: June 14, 2016


It is a long time ago that I wrote a blog here at WA.
But today I have something to tell you... :-)

I don't know if everybody knows what a solo ad is or maybe can use an extra word about it. You can check this page for a very good explanation:
(at the bottom you can find a list with trusted solo vendors, who sell there solo's at a very decent price.)

Now, when you say solo ads, you also say mailing list or subscribers. How many subs do you need in your list to do a solo ad of 100 clicks? Well, the general rule is to count 2% of the subs will click the ad, this means for 100 clicks you need 5000 subscribers.

As you can imagine, it can take a while before you have 5000 subscribers. Especially when you have to get those from an affiliate website. That are many visitors before you have 5000 sign ups. I suggest to take the same 2% rule and you end up with 250.000 visitors before you have 5000 subscribers.

But a good subscribers list is like real gold, you can sell stuff of your own to them or you send your list offers from somebody else (which is a solo ad). A solution can be: buy for $10000 traffic yourself and you will end with a list of around 5000 subs. But I don't know about you, for me that is a lot of money.

There is an alternative: You can buy big reseller click packages for 50% of the regular price. After you have bought some solo ads from a vendor, he/she will do a proposition if you ask for this and also: they need to have a big list (50.000+ subs), otherwise it is not possible. Normally 1000 clicks will be around $400 and with those re seller packages you only pay $200/$250 for the same 1000 clicks.

What is the difference with the normal clicks: the time frame. A normal solo ad can take up to 72 hours and should be done by then, it is not a rule but a general assumption. When you surf on solo sites , you will see offers where the time frame is 5 or 7 days, the clicks will be a lot cheaper in that case.

But now comes the trick: You can sell those reseller clicks as real traffic (which it is) and ask $35 or $40 for 100 clicks. This means that you have a profit of $15 - $20 per 100 clicks. Not bad don't you think. With that money you can buy and even bigger reseller clicks list. And before you know in a few weeks you have a list of 5000 subscribers without spending one $. You probably even earned some money during those weeks.

This is only very basic info, just to give an idea...
When somebody wants more info, don't hesitate to ask it here in a comment or send a PM.

Thanks & Grtz,

Bert aka AngelsBird aka Ignorant.

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TheBuilder Premium
Hello my dear friend. Here is a right Dose of Encouragement specially for you and for all my other loved ones. I hope that you will love the taste of it.
Wish you all the best.
Kind Regards
Nenad Premium
Hi Bert,

I would like to know more about htis.

I just sent you PM. So if you have time, can you tell me more?


All the best!
MKearns Premium
This should be split tested with regular mail outs for effectiveness gauging.
AngelsBird Premium
And how will you make a difference between a regular mail and a solo ad? Cause in my experience a solo ad mail is a regular mail with a link to a web page like in so many mails...
MKearns Premium
That is a good point. I will have to research that.
paulgoodwin Premium
All you do when you pay for stuff is to get "bots" I have tried it twice and know and one was one of the biggest social networks out there and it is all BS
AngelsBird Premium
I don't understand your feedback for 100%. But I do understand that you did not have the best experiences with paid traffic. But how can you do a solo ad with one of the biggest social networks? And like everywhere on the internet there are scams and thieves present, also in the solo ad world, but it is a minority and when you follow the pages on facebook and dedicated sites you will see that those thieves are quickly known and the communication that those are the bad guys is widely done... But you have to know where you have to be of course.
A very safe place to order a solo ad is, there is a follow-up of the clicks by Udimi and the sellers are all trying to help you as good as possible, I think that's a very good place to start when you buy your first solo ad...
EFors Premium
Thank you for the info. :))
AngelsBird Premium
You're Welcome!