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Trying to understand jaaxy's keyword search numbers?

Trying to understand jaaxy's keyword search numbers?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Hi All,

I am trying to understand how Jaaxy comes up with the numbers, and if it is wise to fully trust the given SEO number.

For example, I searched a phrase. It c

In Kyle's Keyword videos it seems that QSR is the all important figure but do you reckon on over thinking this stuff because at the end of the day we are dealing with humans and we are unpredictable at the best of times so I will stick with the teachings on the video and see if I get traffic and if I dont then I will come back to this conversation and take another route.

Yes indeed. I came to this conclusion myself. I wrote a blog on it today.

Funny, I've been pondering over this one. Where do you draw the line and dismiss a keyword because of SEO and what about the yellow light? I think I will be looking at Jay's study. Ches

Thank you Ches :-)

Wow Krazykat you hit a Key topic and some very good answers.
Green is good. Seems to me some traffic with low competition
gives more opportunity than a big fish bowl with eveyone scratching and clawing to get to the top.


Thanks so much Marty!
I like the fish bowl analogy. :-)

Hi Krazykat,

If you see a red light, this means that the keyword would be very difficult to rank for. It is a visual gauge to help you determine which keywords to further investigate and which to avoid.

In terms of trusting Jaaxy's numbers, I did a case study a while ago which you can see here: Hope this helps!

Perfect. Thank you Jay!
It's interesting how the numbers weren't making sense to me, and after asking the question, I became enlightened. Lol.

I love the case study. That's awesome!

I get it :-)

Thank you for taking the time to come by!

I think the point is that the above example has lots of traffic but too much competition. You want keywords that get you on page 1 if possible.

Thank you!

300 is high number for me, I tend to go far lower. Stick to green light, it is green for good reasons. Traffic will add up. You will be ranked by many keywords and phrases.

Thank you Jovo. It is starting to make sense to me now.
Sometimes, I just need to ask the question, and then it makes more sense :-)

This is normal, asking is good, I have done this far over 80 times.

If you do find out about this, would you let us know since I have been wondering the same thing?

I will for sure.
Upon thinking about it more and reading the responses already, I see the SEO is not necessarily about what the present traffic is. It is the likeliness of getting ranked.
The other side of my question that I should have asked is regarding a really small traffic number and a high SEO.
Ah ha! I might have just answered my own question.
The high SEO will get you ranked and then bring the traffic.
I see a blog in my near future :-)

My understanding is that the lower the SEO number the harder it is to get ranked on Google.

Thank you for your respsonse. I get that. I think.
I took Shawn's advise and PM'd Jay.
I just find it a little confusing. I should probably just do what I am told and not question the tools we are given :-)

Send Jay a PM and he will explain it to you. magistudios

Nice. Ok. Thanks Shawn.

I believe that SEO number is too low.

Thank you for your input Victor.

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Does anyone know about swagbucks?

Does anyone know about swagbucks?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Does anyone have experience with or know about SwagBucks? Is it legit?

It's been recommended to me as a supplement to my website business.

Comments and/or explanati

Thanks Krazykat, for the enlightening topic and to the contributors.


My pleasure Marty. It was informative. Thanks!!

I have become a member of SwagBucks, but have not done a whole lot with it as of yet. It seems I don't have enough time to spend any where but here at WA! I do searches through SwagBucks and if you answer questions and things like that you can earn bucks.
Let me know what you think if you decide to try it!!!

Thank you Sheila. From all of the wonderful answers I have received, I have the impression that it would be a lot of work for not much reward.
It could be good for someone who wanted to do it for the fun of it though.

Thanks for asking . I have learnt a bit about SwagBucks.

We both have learned something! Thank you for coming by :-)

See Andre has give you the link to give you more insights, I think it does work but does not yield a great deal

Yes, they make it sound like a wonderful opportunity. It does appear to require a lot of one's time. I suppose that would be okay for some who wanted to do it for fun. I'll spend my time on my websites and here at WA. Thank you!!

some people do manage a full time job of survey's etc you would be better perhaps doing work for fiverr.com or something.. have a good week

This is a link from another member here.
You can also type in Swagbucks in the top question box for some more info.
Take care

I wouldn't have thought to look within WA for the answer! Thank you!

Your welcome you will be surprised how much information you can get within WA, particularly when you type a few words in the question box.
Take care wishing you well.

Great to know and appreciate asking the question. A valuable info
shared to alert members about it. Thank you.

Well, I see it is not a scam. It just looks like it would require a lot of a person's time and the rewards would be small. Some people might enjoy doing it.

If you are into doing online surveys and completing special offers, this might be for you, but it's not easy and will take much more of your time than I think you might not like. It's totally legal but it's also kinda borderline scammy too.

It's been suggested to me in times past and looks too much like a waste of time.

Thank you! It is looking like a waste of time. I would much rather put my time into my sites. It does look scammy to me. We do all the work, and they make the big bucks :-) Thanks again!

Heck yeah! you will do much better putting the time into your campaigns. When I tried surveys years ago, I could only get to do the 25-cent ones most of the time and those could take up to 30 minutes to do! If you purchase all name-brand stuff, have a family with young kids, two-car garage with late-model cars and a big house, you would get some of the better-paying ones. Otherwise, they're pretty darned picky about who gets those. I got out of it and never looked back.

It's nice to hear from someone who has tried it. Thanks for clarifying exactly what I was wondering.
Thank you!

these people?

Kind of reminds me of Bit-Coin.
Don't quote me.


Wow, I never thought of looking it up in Wikipedia! That's great info. Thank you. It's looking like it would be a waste of time for not a whole lot of reward.

It's legit, but time consuming. You will put in a good amount of time just to earn a few dollars in gift cards.

Thank you. I was wondering this exact question. I appreciate your response!

Yep, totally legit. Here, read Kyles review

Cool! Thanks Shawn!

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Please clarify 4 in wa blog rules?

Please clarify 4 in wa blog rules?

asked in
Getting Started

Hi All,

I was about to come out of my comfort zone and write my first blog.

Before I did anything I am not supposed to do, I read the blog rules once again.


I use www.canva.com and www.pixabay.com

Thanks so much!

I had no idea. You all have answered my question and then some. Thanks!

Yes as mentioned, I was going to suggest Pixabay, just don't use the first row in each page, that is Shutterstock and they WILL make you pay. All the rest are free.

Ah. Thanks for the heads up :-)

No problem! You're welcome!

Best to create your own text/ dialogue
Pictures... best to use our own camera, or "maybe" use portions of a free picture, removing any thing in that picture that may reveal personal information.

Go with what kyle said.
I erred in this area once.

Enough said

you can be creative.. IF you have a good handle on photoshop, or paint shop Pro.
Are you good with art work?
A picture can look like what it is not
But it take up time to do.

Well that was just weird. My whole message didn't send. I tried to say thank you for learning for me!

I hear you. I don't have a great handle on Photoshop yet but I am artistic and do have a knack to figure things out. I have to prioritize my time. For now, it might be better off spent on developing a website than trying to produce creative blogs. I'll get there eventually. Thanks again.

Gimp.com is a free photoshop alternative.

So many options. You guys are great! Thanks!

I use some of my own and also take some from Morguefiles, clipart and some friends give me pictures to

Thank you!

I google you can use the search help function and select the users rights, some are free to use
For more options

Perfect. Thank you Loes!

Hi Loes,
Pisquali mentioned this one. I don't see it on your list :-)
Thanks again!

Oops. Sorry Loes. I'm wrong. I should have known better. It's there :-)

Thanks! I will check it and add:)

Yes you can copy and paste pictures.. You need to put other peoples content, in your own words...

That make sense. Thank you! I was wondering too about pictures. When a person Googles a topic and images come up, are they free for the taking? Are their any copyright restrictions that need to be respected?

If it is copyrighted , It usually has a watermark or they make it impossible for you to copy in the first place... I wouldn't worry too much unless you are taking it from a professional photographer..

# 4 refers to not copy and pasting other peoples material or blogs from your own website. This would be considered duplicate or in another's material, plagiarism. I use pixabay.com for a lot of my images that do not have a copyright. There are a lot of other places to get free images also.

Thank you. Yes that was my next question that you answered. Copyright? Hmmmm.

Yes, Pixabay...

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