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Thanks for the warm welcome folks, good to be back in the community after two years away! I'll get back to you all your questions and





Twitter ads - are they worth it?

Twitter ads - are they worth it?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Would anyone recommend paid Twitter campaigns in order to increase reach?

I did a paid Facebook campaign recently and all I ended up with was a bunch of likes (1, 600) th

This is why you have to work hard by focussing on people who are in your niche...going to sites where they are and making comments, following etc...bit by bit building up a network of people who will then take an interest in you and your product...there is no easy way. None of us, you included, just buy because an ad appears. We all have to work to win business and get others to talk about the great experience they had with our business through social media..it's work!

I agree..and that was my point exactly!

I have tried PPC before on facebook and I two got a bunch of likes and no sales and it cost me like $100 bucks totally not worth it,you can get like 100,000 people to visit your website for like $100 bucks on adf.ly.com but I can't guarantee you will get any sales.
If you want to get likes on facebook you can do it all for free just check out my training http://tinyurl.com/hcmhegy

Thanks for sharing. The link to adf.ly.com dint work on my system. Please could you check that it's working. cheers

yes, it's working, I copied the URL when I went there https://adf.ly/ try this one. good luck if you have any questions feel free to ask or I use youtube you will find the answers there

Just by your last statement "'....1,600 likes that led to very few conversions." - tells me that FB ads are working for you. like they use to say "it's a numbers game".

Conversions are what matter, not likes

Hi leoemery...I think you missed the point. In order to get his few conversions he first had to get 1,600 likes or it took 1,600 likes to make a few sales.

Did not miss the point, likes are not conversions, likes made him little money - a person can click the ad and not like the page - also you don't even need a facebook page to run a PPC campaign on FB

How do I run PPC campaigns on FB without a FB page?

Here's how: Just know these ads will only appear in the right column, if you want them in the news feed then you need a page


Thanks leoemery!

I would think that short effective content in tweets pushed out in great numbers would be a very effective shotgun blast in any market.

Can you tell me how to do a Facebook campaign? Or any other campaign, for that matter.

Use the search bar here, there is all kinds of resources and members that have added PPC training

I wouldn't pay for Twitter ads. Doing it that way you get all kind of people to your site also get spam followers. Usually doing it that way a system drums up business from a place and sends it to you. Better to follow people on your own and interact with them. Build a relationship that way.


Just from what I gather from a observation point of view, in my opinion Twitter is more of a "situational" update tool, where Facebook is more of a community type of environment to where your connection to that certain audience you seek can be better captured.

Like I said, that is just my opinion. Let me know how things work for you to see if my opinion is on track.

Thanks for the conversation point.


Hey Mac, I have been tweeting for over 3 months now. I have had over 150 clicks so far. So far I have had 3 referrals but not sure if they came from Twitter.
For me I will continue to tweet, there is a great exposure and building trust is my target for longer term recruitment.
Give it a try. I have paid about £10 for a campaign and got around 9 clicks from it.
All the best in tweeting.

Hi there IG,
Thanks for the info and for sharing your experience. Yes I saw an ad on Twitter today recommending a campaign for greater reach, so that got me wondering. Definitely worth a try I'd say.
Seems you're making some good referrals there, keep up the great work!

It can be a bit of time consuming but you can do like 2 tweets a day to start with. Best of luck

Hi Mac I am now trying face book business and in the last three days
It seems to be going ok and then next week I will try Twitter and see the difference

Thanks for your contribution, Paul. All the best with your campaigns... and let us know how you go!

will do buddy

I work with an Internet Marketer and he is currently testing Twitter advertising. From the looks of things at the moment, his conversion rate is lower (slightly) than FB advertising.

Many thanks Jude, good to know. I suspected that may have been the case! May be worth a try though.

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Can't upload screencast to training?

Can't upload screencast to training?

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Video Marketing

Hi folks,

I'm creating a WA screencast training video (using Jing) but can't seem to upload it:

Sorry! Invalid file extension.
Please try anothe

This is the thing that I use for my video preparing.Free!

URL: Give it a shot and let me perceive what you think and if you have any request please advise me.

Yours Truly,

Thank you, Carlton! The link isn't working for some reason?

Problem Fixed.

Thanks for that, Carlton, much appreciated!

I use Camtasia (ask me for my affiliate link (◠‿◕✿) but a free alternative is screencast-o-matic https://screencast-o-matic.com/home

Thank you Marion, I'll give that one a try!

How about Screen cast o matic?

I haven't given that one a try yet. I just watched Jay's webinar on how to make videos/screen casts this morning. As I already had Jing installed on my computer, I went ahead and made a recording..

I'll keep that in mind though. Thanks Sofia!

Still learning. Good that you asked.

No worries, Achuthan. Yes there is a lot to be learned from asking questions on here! Best

What is the file extension? When I create images with paint.net, it gives them a .pdn extension - I have to save them as PNG for it to work. Make sure you are saving as a .jpg, .png, etc.

Thanks for the info, Polycount, I'll get onto this!

Apologies, I just re-read your question and I now realize you're talking about a VIDEO. My point still stands in regards to potentially having a strange file name like .pdn, but that's probably the first thing you checked anyway. Sorry for not reading better! Hope you get this sorted, sir.

That's fine, Polycount, all good info! I think I'm on to it. It seems Jing has to be used in conjunction with Screencast.com. Thanks again for you contribution!

Hey Mac, I'm not the one to ask right now. I'm still working on:
'Getting Started,' 'Privacy Policy,' and 'About Me.' But I value that you would ask.

Kindest regards,


No worries Paul, keep up that good work!


Here is another helpful link for you.

Cheers, much appreciated!

Jing saves its video captures as ,swf (Flash video) files. As far as I can tell, those files can't be uploaded to WA.

You may be able to convert the file to mp4 format and upload that file:


I see, I'll give that a try. Thank you, Bob!


Read through this information. It seems to have many solutions based information.

I hope this helps let me know plz. Thank you

Sure I'll take a look at it and let you know, Shadic. Thanks!

Did you try uploading all files at once in a zip folder?

I haven't tried that yet. Thanks Roderick!

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