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Joined July 2015
I like to write network code in C.
OK. I guess I should add some more information here.
I am also a Star Wars fan.
"Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." -Quote by Yoda
I enjoy studying mathematics and physics. I hope to earn enough from my online endeavors to allow me to study full time.

UPDATE (22 March 2016):
I want to write assembly code every day, all day, for the rest of my life. OK, that's somewhat extreme. However, assembly coding can be very educational, and fun.
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Ian840 Premium
Hello and thank you for following - I also wish to follow you in return.

Congratulations on your commitment in joining Wealthy Affiliate and also going Premium - a very wise decision indeed.

I hope you will be happy and successful here, and quickly become an integrated and participating member of the community.

Kindest regards from Ian in Western Australia.
raybrannum Premium
I am following you.

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Lorraine52 Premium
I used to program in Basic and Fortran 4 many years ago.I can't do with the detail required so I take my hat off to you. My husband would also like to study physics full time. He is into astro physics as a hobby. lol. I hope your affiliate marketing brings yyou the success you require.
DanielF1313 Premium
Cool profile man. Not to sure what code C is? Sounds real iinteresting though. Love "Stars Wars" myself, as well as our son. Enjoyed the newest release was worried it was not going to be what I expected. But, turned out to be even better. A few critiques, can't wait for the next one. See you around and, "My the force be with you." :)
PaulLarkin Premium
Hi Electrobot (or should I say the Force Be With You),
How I envy you with your coding skills. WordPress is still my greatest nightmare despite spending $100's on books and courses to make it simple. Although Kye and Carson have taken the difficult bits away and I just follow them.
Wishing you every success,
bylosilhi Premium
I do not write code but love the hardware side of things. I have always built my own computers. I have worked for IBM, Dell, Facebook Data Center, etc.

Now I experiment in making my own business come to life. I am a newbie at this and plan on asking questions.
mansphil71 Premium
Hi Electobot, thanks for following me. It sounds as though you're,' "loving the life you live and living the life you love". I salute you. I am loving the life I live as well. Each day I arise, I am greeted by a day I have never seen before and a day I'll never see again. To me that's EXCITING. Seems like "ditto',for you. I intend to learn as much as I can that will enable me to take my business to the next level. My prayer for you is that you'll strive to do the same. Peace. And, may the Good Lord continue to take a liking to you.
electrobot Premium
Thanks. :)
janbey Premium
Hi Douglas,

Thanks for the follow, it is always nice someone experienced dropping by and connecting.

I see that you've been doing some great things in WA for the last year and half, certainly someone I'm eager to learn from.

I have read some of your blogs and will take a good look around you Websites. Right now I am immersing myself in the training and enjoying the experience.

Thanks for dropping by, sorry for taking a few days to get back to you but I missed your notification.

All best with your continued success.

Kind regards
electrobot Premium
abiznote Premium
Hello Douglas,

Thank you for finding me and becoming a member of my network. I see that you are not a newcomer to WA and that you have been doing some great things since you've been in the community.

Doug I'm not sure just what assembly coding is however if you do it as well as you write blogs and create websites you are going to be in the top 2 list before long. So keep on moving ahead full speed in all that you plan for yourself and your business. Your success is closer than you know!

If there is anything I can do to support your efforts please feel free to contact me anytime. AB.
electrobot Premium
Thanks. :)
Deale Premium
Hi you are part of my network so..
My first blog "I want you to have this." is up, and in it there is a tiny gift waiting for you, enjoy :)
electrobot Premium
newstar Premium
Hello and thanks for adding me. I learned some computer science and writing codes for computer programs. I thought I was good at it but I ended up just passing with okay marks. So, yea it was harder than I thought... Lol. You must be very good!!

I wish you all the best!

electrobot Premium
I'm just average. :)