Oops this site doesnt have any images to pin?

Oops this site doesnt have any images to pin?

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What could be the reason why I would get a message that says this? Oops! This site doesnt have any images to Pin.

I have plenty of images on the site and I even went back

Look at all the comments.
So many good things to try.
Read on folks and learn.
Always read the comments- you can always get something you can use or implement :)

glad you got it resolved all the best

use the pin it button, it will work better than the site itself

Hi Shawn. Do you mean, put it on my site? I have it on some posts, but it did not go to all. It is the button that is directly from the Pinterest site. Is there a better way so it goes right to ALL of the posts automatically? I saw it someplace, but I can't remember where.

It is a pin it button that goes on your browser. :)

Ok. I'm not sure how to use it though.

install it on your browser and every time you want to pin something you have open click the button and a window wiol appear from pinterest

Oh. Thanks Shawn. I will try it next time. I installed the button already.

Hi Zora.Is this to do with Pinterest.Can you elaborate a bit more.

Hey Mark. I just got my answer from Angela. I tried it and it worked. I just changed the browser I was using from Firefox to Chrome.
Firefox for some reason, was not recognizing my images and it gave me the error message above. Problem solved though thanks to Angela. Good lesson for the future.
Thanks for the reply though.

Glad you got it sorted Zora.I use chrome because I think it is the best,it certainly is the most used between all the browsers.

I use it sometimes but I usually use Firefox. I NEVER use IE. At least we have options. Right?

I agree with you.I do not like internet explorer.I have used fire fox in the past and found it quite good.I loved all the different covers you can get,which reminds me I must change my cover on face book,it,s still a Christmas one at present.

One reason could be if it is an image you got from your affiliate. For example: If I go to amazon to get a product link to add to my page or post - I cannot pin it to pinterest.
If that is not the case for you then I am not sure what the issue might be.

Hi Angela. It is actually an image I have in my gallery from you tube. I used it before on another post and it worked.

ahh, ok. Sorry, not sure then. I have an old laptop and sometimes gives me fits on different things. Sometimes a solution is trying another browser or closing my site and open back up and try again. I have even had to go as far as restarting my PC. lol

I tried it yesterday and had the same result. I will take your advice and try a different browser. Thx Angela

Good luck :)

Hi Angela, Thanks for the great advice. I was using Firefox and switched to Chrome and ....Wala! It worked.
Gosh these things are finicky. Go figure.
Thanks again. Blessings

Yay! lol glad it worked. Yes, if I didn't need my laptop, there are some days I want to throw it across the room!


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Does anyone know of an affiliate who sells music cds?

Does anyone know of an affiliate who sells music cds?

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Website Development & Programming

Amazon cancelled my account because of no sales I guess. I am a little leery about Amazon now because of things that people have blogged in here anyway. I was researching online

Thanks Jeff. I appreciate your help. I hope you are feeling better these days. Blessings

Glad you found an answer. I'm not sure about Amazon either, they didn't even give me a chance. And Wal-Mart... well, I'm not sure there either. :)

Thanks Judy.

Here is something that may work for you. These are digital downloads but that is the way the world is going. This would include all digital products including boos and music and more. https://www.apple.com/itunes/affiliates/

Good Luck.

Hey mama2. I just checked out the itunes resource. Very interesting. It's a little involved with all of the widgets and links, but I think I can play around with it.
I did not know itunes had an affiliate program. It did not come up in my search.
Thanks you so much

oops… boos=books. Could be a nice resource to ad to your arsenal of programs. Best to you.

When ever you are looking for a product just add affiliate program on the end.

Thanks Tommy. See the answer I gave WestBay above. I appreciate your help.

amazon sells cds. you could also google music cd's and you should get hefty results of retailers who have them for sale.

Amazon is a little sketchy. They already dropped me. Thanks

I just did a google search "Music Cd affiliate program" and I came up with many options..

Thanks bmark. I just wanted 1 that was referred by someone who has either tried it or has a specific suggestion. Thanks

Here's 1 http://www.cduniverse.com/

Thanks Steveo. That is exactly what I was looking for. I did check them out and it looks like the right alternative.. Thanks again.

Hi zora2, I do not know, but you could do a google search?/?

Thanks WestBay. I did that but I wanted to know of 1 or 2 that someone has already had experience with. You know a reference. I did not want to pick just anyone. Thanks. I think Steveo answered my question.

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I have a facebook fan page question?

I have a facebook fan page question?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

I have a personal FB account that is tied to my FB Fan page. I really would like to have them separate. Is there any way to make a separate FB account with the same Fan Page and

Good information Abigail. Zora, they have so many rules and changes going on in social media that, if you let it, it will drive you crazy. I share my posts, share other little anecdotes and then let it be.

Hi Melanie. You are right. Share stuff and then move on. There is not enough time in the day. I had too many expectations when I reopened my FB account. It was only for this purpose. Thanks for your input.

You can change the settings of your business page so that no one knows you are the author of it if you wish to remain anonymous. That way no one can find your personal profile through your business page. To do this go into your page settings, select featured and remove yourself from showing up as admin. This will keep everything separate and unconnected while you manage your page via your personal profile. Many blessings and wish you great success.

*Update! You can go into your page settings, choose featured and remove your profile as a featured admin so it is kept private. Hope this helps. :)

Hi Abigail. Is a business page the same as a fan page? I don't see page roles in the settings.

Hi Zora, yes, it is the same thing as a fan 'like' page. Not sure why you can't see page roles. For me you click settings and on the left there is a heading called 'general' and under that there is 'page roles.' Perhaps go through all of your settings info and see if you can find where the admin of the page is displayed. Perhaps it is already disabled or something, not sure. You could also ask for help from FB and search answer via google etc... Really hope all goes well and many blessing.

Hi Abigail. I was under my personal profile and it does not show page roles under there. Si I see it on my fan page settings. I clicked the"x". I guess that removed me. Not sure but thanks.

Yes, you need to do this action on you actual page and not personal profile. Glad you found it. Blessings. :)

I am going to check that out myself, Abigail.

Hey again Zora, I that in your page you are managing there is an option to select 'featured' in your settings. Here you can un-feature your personal profile for the public to see. Check out all the setting to making sure you are kept private. Hope this helps.

What would be the reason for separating them?

If you don't want your business activities connected to your personal activities, then I would suggest that you consider creating a brand new Facebook fan page. I would not concern yourself over the 56 likes if you are going to be creating a fan page very specific to your business. Start fresh.

Do know that the return on time (ROT) for Facebook fan pages is very slim, so don't waste too much time over there. Your time is best spent on your website Rosalyn and building that out, building out your content, and creating dialogue with your audience there.

Kyle. The reason for separating them is now there are people who are going to follow that I really don't know, but would only engage for business purposes. So I really would not want them to see all of my personal stuff.
It looks like I have to have a personal profile before I can have a business or fan page. FB is so confusing. There are so many different opinions on the weight of what FB holds.

To set up a fan page, you have to have a personal profile page, Rosalyn. That's FB rules. You can turn your profile page into a business page if you'd like, but there are some strange things with that. Here's the rules on that: https://www.facebook.com/help/175644189234902

But basically, you have to have a personal profile before you can create a business page. Oh, and your'e not supposed to have two profiles, but I know plenty who have two, three and more. ;)

Oooo. Thanks Carla. It looks likes there is some good info here in the link. I am going to study it now. Kyle brings up some good points too.
As you can see, there are a lot of people who are still baffled by any social media, but especially FB, because it can be so personal too. G+ and Pinterest are so different from FB

Yes, he does, and I can vouch for the fact that the return on those pages is very slim.

Thanks. I will read the info in the link and take it from there. But if the return on those pages is so slim, why are we even engaging at all?

Because you never know where one person can take you. That's my interpretation. For instance, my Ms. Atlantic City page has about 2,500 people on it. If FB shows the posts to 10 people these days, I'm lucky. They want me to pay to show my posts to more. So far, I've resisted. So they punish me by not letting people see the posts unless they come to the page. I've found a few tricks around it to show it to more, but if I can get 100 views on a post, it's a miracle. And that's out of 2,500 people. But if the RIGHT person picks up your post, it can go viral. Note Kyle doesn't say DON'T DO IT, just don't spend all that much time on it.

I like this dialogue Carla and I hope more people join in to hear different experiences and opinions. Blessings

Hi Zora, social media works hand in hand with your website, especially when you are interactive, and provide fun, entertainment, and fact-filled information to your fans. If you brand yourself with your own custom-based posts with your business name, you will get more likes and also people over to your website. My friend has 1.2 million likes to her fan page, and getting thousands over to her website each week! so it can work! You need to be on Pinterest too...when people click on your images it will take them to your website...if you need any more information, let me know...

Hi Gordon. I remember you mentioned your friend before with all of the likes. I am on Pinterest already. Not doing too good there. Every time I create a new post I share it on FB fan page, G+ and Pinterest. So I guess that is all that I can do until people start following. Thanks Gordon

On Pinterest: if you follow them, they usually follow you back, so follow people every day. There's also software available that helps you get lots of followers quickly. You can google on how to build your followers on pinterest...

Thanks Gordon. I appreciate your help

I am not a particular fan of FB as a business tool, Carla

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What does oops the blog that you are looking for does not?

What does oops the blog that you are looking for does not?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

exist mean?

Saw this message on some blogs.

I get that error a lot more, too. I think it might have something to do with the topic of a blog post here? Like maybe it's not according to WA guidelines?

That's what I am thinking too Muriel. Thanks

It either got pulled by WA or the person deleted their blog, Rosalyn. Sometimes for revisions, sometimes for. . . . ??? Who knows?

Thanks Carla. It was not mine. It was someone else. I have seen this a few times and was just wondering. Thanks

I've seen it a lot more lately, too.

Zora, I've seen one by a certain member, he was posting about 3-4 a day, and they were all pulled, and nothing at all showed on his profile

When you put out a blog, there will be right away a message out to alll followers, sometimes the person himself will delete it, I had once that WA(-Carson) removed my blog. So then you get the OOPS

Yes Loes. that is the message. Thanks for clearing that up. Just wondering what a reason would be.

It's common for WA blogs to be get pulled. Don't worry about it.

Thanks Ade. Not my blog. But I have seen this a few times and was wondering what the problem could be. I go my answer. Thanks

that is otherwise known as a 404 (page not found) error.

They could have also made the post private, which would have the same effect.

perhaps check your permalink on that blog...is it there? if not, then just copy and paste your blog title into the permalink...refresh the page and try again.

See if that works.

Hope this helps!


Jimmy. It was not MY blog. It was someone else's blog that they had posted.

it's possible the writer deleted it.
I have also received this.

Thanks Bruce.

The blog has been pulled for one reason or another.

Thanks Debbi.

The domain name probably doesn't exist anymore.

I find it strange still because it was shortly after the blog was posted. Thanks Evelyn and Kaleob.

Is this internet explorer telling you that? You could be typig in a wrong domain name or the domain no longer exist. I have gotten the oops before. My thoughts on this.

No Kaleob. I am using Firefox, but this in right here in Wealthy Affiliate blogs. Not outside.

Even if the blog is with wealthy affiliates, your site is still executed or viewed by internet explorer, firefox, opera etc. Your still accessing the world wide web and you can still get the oops, because the domain is not recognized

Ok. Well I guess I just missed that blog then. Thanks Kaleob

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No search box when trying to install a new plugin?

No search box when trying to install a new plugin?

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Website Development & Programming

When trying to install a new plugin there is no button to click that says search. I do that steps that Kyle did in the video already.

I go to Plugins, Add New and a page com

Yep. The enter button does it

See you got it, Rosalyn. WOOT!

You don't click the button any more, just press return and it will start searching

Barry. By return, do you mean the "enter" key?

Got it Barry. Thanks. Blessings


Hello Rosalyn,

The plugin interface has changed its format on Wordpress 4, is that what you referring to?

That must be why Miguel. So how do you search for a plugin now?

On the box where it says "Search Plugins" , just type the plugin you are searching and press ENTER/RETURN

Thanks Miguel. Got it. How did you know this? Just by trying or is there somewhere that tells you about the changes?

Intuition of many years dealing with programs and program interfaces, do some programming myself when needed.

It was probably contained in the launch video of Wordpress ver 4, can't remember...

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