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I have enjoyed 28 years being self-employed in the business of Advertising, Marketing and Consulting with Retailers and Manufacturers in the Home Furnishings Industry. I also served several years on the Board of directors for NHFA (National Home Furnishings Association).

I love exploring all types of businesses and what makes them tick… their strengths and weaknesses. I have done this my entire business life with establishments of all sizes… from medium independents to chain stores and manufacturing facilities around the USA.

As businesses began to discover online marketing, social media and websites into their media budgets, incrementally… I felt It was time to learn as much as I could about this "so called new media". As a media buyer it is important to stay current and be aware of all viable media opportunities... and so the exploring began.

At that time, I had what I thought was a great idea. It was a concept I called the "I-network". My vision was to create a business to business network before "social media" as we know it, existed. I envisioned businesses supported by a community of others like themselves... a business network and community... similar to WA. I tested the waters by giving a presentation at the International Furniture Market in High Point. I never dreamed that Furniture retailers were not yet ready to divert their Hard earned marketing dollars to online "experimental" possibilities. They did not yet see value in the internet and what I perceived as forward thinking opportunities waiting to be tapped. I guess it was a little ahead of it's time. I did not get a chance to further develop this idea as my marketing business continued growing exponentially and kept me extremely busy.

I spent several years of exploring and studying, in hopes of discovering "that magical new business model". I was sure it was out there somewhere. I had found what I believed were the components I thought could be combined to be that future model. I was no doubt on the cusp of something I thought would be huge. Unfortunately, the quest to the answers was all interrupted by my mother's Alzheimers. I dropped everything to help and be with her. If I had it to do over again, I would not have done it differently. I will be forever grateful for that time with her. She is in a better place now... free of pain and her world of darkness.

Since then, I have continued learning everything I can about the digital world as it relates to business and marketing. As I began this new journey of self education, the first online company I encountered was Growthink.com. Dave Lavinsky and his team taught people how to build a business to sell. I learned so much there about the importance of how to correctly develop a plan for funding the business through investors or alternately crowdfunding. Then, I found another amazing company… AppEmpire (appempire.com) I enjoyed the opportunity of learning about the world of apps before they were mainstream as they are now.

During the next phase of my online education journey I explored many business entities… lots of scams everywhere. I was beginning to think perhaps the online world was nothing but scams. Then, I began to find some legitimate businesses. I was still not satisfied. I had not found exactly what I had in mind until I stumbled upon WA. That's when I knew it was the place to learn the nuts and bolts of affiliate and online marketing. It was a good match and the first place I found that I felt was a comfortable environment for me, regarding Online and affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate had all the tools to complete an online presence from start to finish. I have discovered through WA, our learning is never complete as the online world is constantly evolving at a much faster pace than bricks and mortar entities. The learning never stops. I suppose that is what I like the most about being part of Wealthy Affiliate and have remained here for over 4 years.

I have 2 wonderful sons in College and will continue doing what I love… creating, building and always learning something new while having the ability to work within a framework that satisfies my need for flexibility.

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Thanks for following me. You are one of my mentors, so I'm glad we'll be keeping in close contact!

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Thank you - I will almost certainly be calling on you for help!
jangee Premium
You seem to have a lot of experience and I can relate to looking after an ageing parent. I nursed my mother for a year but sadly lost her to cancer, My dad passed away in 2005. I now have grandchildren and try to help out with childcare so I'm hoping my journey on WA will mean I can eventually give up my day job!
mama2karsten Premium
I hope you are able to to give up the day job... It does take a little time, Build up your content, tweaking here and there... good products to sell that compliment your content.... and I am a huge believer in great photos on your website to support the story, article and products you are trying share. Anyway, best of luck and if you get stuck or lost, let me know. I will do my best to help... Good Luck!
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Tank You for The Follow. I am Bill aka Pepper Guy. If you ever need help or just want to talk go for it. Bill
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Thanks for dropping by.... Hope to see ya at the top.... :)
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Yepppp You are or do have a great back ground for it for sure ---If I can be of help to you on ant off-line let me know --I owe you for sure ---Giggling---HeHe