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I like working on computers my first one back in 1985?
I have built many and used others over the years in manufacturing industry to control routine repetition jobs and to display manufacturing data such as counting and batching of products. With numbers, I am always fascinated by the results, especially when you can put a cost to the products and then show running costs and profits on the same screen.

Sure made me feel good at the time..!
Recently I have started looking at setting up an online business, and through my research I have arrived here at WA.
Although I have many other websites on the go, I came here to get the best training on how to build and tweak them myself.
I know that work is involved to get to where I need to be, but that is part of me to be able to do this work on my own. As this will give me a greater understanding of what is required to build and write good content, run affiliate websites, get traffic and build my list of customers, with real people.

I like to travel and have seen a lot of the world on various trips, but lot’s more to see.
My favourite car is a BMW 320! for now, It is now up to the unimaginable mileage of 207,000 and still going well.
(Now up to 212,675..!
A little story here from last week when I called to have a set of tires fitted, the young man there was calculating how many miles the old ones had done..?
He could not believe the milage on the clock he asked his boss to check it out..?
We shared a joke and lots of loud laughing...! and some other words were used..! but not for printing...???) March 2016 Update

I hear that there are not too many cars around with this kind of mileage on the clock these days..?
Those affiliate dues are not up to the mark for to change the old lady...! Yet.
But I still have my eye on that 6 series one, could be the next?

My love of the moment is my son, who is now 6, (and of course his Mum), another birthday?

(Just an update here, my son had is 7th birthday yesterday with some of his friends.
My word...! how big and strong he is now, and looking forward to buying a few more Skylanders to add to his collection.
It's wonderful to chat and talk to him in his quiet moments when he can express himself so well and all the things young boy's aim to do one day...?) March 2016 Update

My son lost another tooth, now his 5th today and is very happy to write to the tooth fairy, as she will call tonight!
Leaving him some nice gifts, (minions and moshes it is now) that are longed for some time now...?

This reminds me it is much like that here at WA?

Update: June 2017.
For you good followers of my long-running BMW, well she had to go..?
After she reached 223,500 miles on the clock and still with her original parts intact she just had to go!
She took to this bad habit of "SMOKING TOO MUCH" early in the morning...!
I was heart broken to see her go...!
But the good news is I got a younger model and we are driving very well again.
Talk soon,
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My first goal is to reach 2k a month by Sept 2014.
To earn 15k month would be a dream come true!
I am now working and studying about 15hours a week to achieve these goals,
As my online income rises I will be able to invest more time to achieve these goals.
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Dec 19, 2016
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WestBay Premium
My first goal is to reach 2k a month by Sept 2014.
To earn 15k month would be a dream come true!
I am now working and studying about 15hours a week to achieve these goals,
As my online income rises I will be able to invest more time to achieve these goals.
terenzia Premium
Hi WesrBay,

Great goals you have set. I wish you all the bst

Kyle Premium Plus
Excellent goals Patrick! It is great to have you here and I look forward to seeing you achieve your goals as you move forward!

If you ever need a hand along the way, there is a TON of help here within the community, just ask. :)
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Tess95AB Premium
Hi Patrick thank you for following me back. best west wishes and good success.
WestBay Premium
Hello Teddy, thanks for the following and I hope you are on your way to big things in your life.
Sufficient Premium
Thanks for the follow my Wealthy Affiliated friend!
WestBay Premium
Thank you, my friend, I hope you are making progress here.
KOTechniques Premium
Hello and thank you for the follow, gee computers way back in 1985, i have only been using computers for the last 5 years , before that i did not even know what a mouse was ! i wish you all the luck here at WA.. and in your business ventures .
WestBay Premium
Hi Kevin, good to see you are here at WA, looks like you are on your way to a good business.
Yes, you needed a lot of patient and of course time as computers where much slower back then. But with the programs available then we done great work with what we had. And if not we would go out and change or build our own programs for our projects.
Industry was ripe for anybody with a flare to do things, that was only a few years ago...? was it not..!
Cheers, Patrick.
Chessie Premium
Hi there Patrick and thanks for the follow. You must have had a head start with IM, knowing so much about computers. I can remember my first one back in 1989 was it? It was an Austin and it had a maths coprocessor, but took an age to process anything. That must be a diesel BMW surely to have so many miles on the clock. I must admit I like Audis but at the moment have a Ford. I sincerely hope you're having some success with your marketing business. I'm still waiting for my first sale! Good luck to you, Ches
WestBay Premium
Hello Ches, I must say the new BMW 3 series has my name on it now...?
Goal number 3 that is..! remember those items we set at the beginning.
But having no means off, online constant monthly income as yet!

I cannot commit to that amount of expense as I have not enough referrals from WA or affiliate sales, to maintain that level of income...!

But that is why we are here to be trained and develop our website/'s to create that income. I enjoy the training and I have learned a lot which is ongoing,
Thanks for your comment, Patrick.
WBurton Premium
your Welcome. Thank you for the Like and Follow. If I can be of any assistance, please let me know. William :)