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Hey everyone, I'm John!

I have 4 little people that I created, but before that I was in the Army, held a regular job, and took some classes in college, before finally being able squeeze some money out of the internet to replace my day job.

My journey for a legit way to make money online was not the easiest and I'm sure a lot of you are on the same boat.

Through the training and community here, I was able to work from home full-time for the past 4 years and I don't think I'll ever work for anyone else again.

So if you really want to make money online, just know that this site absolutely works!

- John
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Danielle21 Premium
Hey John!
I just finished watching 'picking your niche' video and I wanted to run it by you my niche that I had originally thought of prior WA! :)
I had an idea to have a website called EARTHCO. and it would have various items that are all environmentally friendly such as being biodegradable (cups, cutlery, plates, coffee cups, toothbrushes etc.), reusable (stainless steel straws, drink bottles, shopping bags), vegan (snacks, makeup, nail polish, t-shirts) and palm oil free soaps!

So yeah it is a very large range haha XD

What do you think I should do? Maybe start off with one area and then if all is working well, branch off?

What are your thoughts?

Thanks so much for your time :)
johncruz Premium
Yes, definitely start off focusing on one area and then branch off later. I really like the idea of your site too, so great job in finding that niche Danielle.
Hi John. Just want to give a shout out to you .After reading your article on MLM I was led to WA.I almost signed up with that company but got curious about WA so here am i.If you could visit my website and offer me any advice I will be grateful. I am having some difficulty with the tech stuff.Hoping I can speak with you let me know.
johncruz Premium
But of course Henrietta just send me a link to your site.
danielan77 Premium
Thinking of upgrading to Yearly but trying to wrap my head around why consumers would buy a product from an affiliate link on a blog when they can go straight to the product website and purchase. When I research a product I want to purchase, I read all reviews but when I'm ready to buy, I go to that products website. (Amazon.com/Walmart.com/HSN.com,etc.) I would never make a purchase from a blog or review page. Just trying to understand the percentage of people really buy from affiliate links?
johncruz Premium
The percentage is actually really high Simply because people will naturally click links and that stores a cookie on their computer. So even if they go directly to Amazon or Walmart you will stilll get credit for ANYTHING they buy. That cookie also lasts for 24 hours so even if they came back later that day, you will still get paid.

I have a site that i barely touch and it makes at least one sale a day from Amazon and it barely gets any traffic. That is how crazy the stats are for people who will actually click and buy. Imagine what it would be like if I added content regularly...the possibilities are pretty amazing.
danielan77 Premium
WOW. I guess I didn't understand the power of the cookie! That's pretty awesome.
Thanks so much for explaining this to me.
Now to create new content!
Take Care
johncruz Premium
Yes, just keep creating content and everything will fall into place. Once you make that first $1, you will see the true power of that cookie Daniela, lol.
danielan77 Premium
Hey John
Hope you're having a great week.
I am considering upgrading to Yearly but before I do, I am trying to wrap my head around why someone in the market for say a Veggie Bullet, would buy from an affiliate link on a product review or blog when they can buy direct from the product website...which is how I make online purchases. I've never made a purchase from a blog site. I do my research and read reviews then go straight to veggiebullet.com (for example) to make my purchase.

Your thoughts and expertise are welcome!

johncruz Premium
That's the beauty about this whole business Deniela. People really don't know how affiliate marketing really works and when they do a search for something like "Veggie Bullet review" and simply just read for more info and then click on an affiliate link, someone is getting paid. With more people shopping online, it's actually really easy for someone to click on a "save 10% here" link and then eventually buying that product all while making that affiliate a commission. Make sense Daniela?

My name is Crail Brano, and i"m interested in opening a drop shipping business selling apple laptops, ipods ipads etc..

I would like to sell on 1) ebay. 2)amazon, usa and uk. 3)shopify. 4)on my private website.

the reason i want to sell these is because they have one of the highest sellout rates, and they are also easy to ship as they are pretty small in size, and in constant demand.

would anybody be able to help me with:
1) telling me if they think this idea would work out.

2) how to get these items at the best possible price.

3) good domain names.

4) marketing ideas.

5) what i need to know before selling on these platforms.

and so on...

waiting for your response

P. S. I am new to the concept of selling online so any peice of information is valuable
johncruz Premium
Apple products are not easy to find at a low price Crail so using them for drop shipping might not be the easiest thing to do. I would try to use something that can be found on Ali Baba and then choose that product/s for a drop shipping business. Do remember that with what WA teaches it does not require you to deal with any products but just your affiliate link. Go over some of the training here in case you don't know how affiliate marketing really works.