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No money, thinking of quitting wa?

No money, thinking of quitting wa?

asked in
WA Affiliate Program

Well, I've had a blog for a year now, though admittedly I fell off the wagon after about six months.

I just don't see how I can justify the annual cost to keep the blog g

I totally understand where you are coming from. and it would be cheaper to get onto another program. But quitting is the coward's way out Roger. I haven't been here all that long but I believe if we take the steps to monetize our blogs, we will win

I haven't made any money and I have spent much money and time working on it. I'm still hopeful. WA is the best at filling in information and I find that the community is the best. I understand.

Follow your heart. Ask yourself if you are happy and what steps you need to take. One thing is for sure, if you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got.

If you want something different you MUST do SOMETHING different.

Whatever you decided my friend, I'm praying you find what you are looking for.

2 years 2 websites for me and $0$ Don't feel bad.

Hey, Roger! I was wondering why I didn't see your posts for a while- now I know. That would be sad to see you quitting. I loved your posts, commented on them. The fact you didn't make money yet is not your posts quality- maybe it's something else?
Maybe you didn't find the right product to promote- try changing them. Choose those that are hot, try Amazon if you still didn't. Participate in Comments program more actively. And most of all- write frequently.
I myself don't have as much success as I was anticipating, partially because the last 6-8 months things didn't allow to spend enough time on working on my blog. But I thought that if I quit I will get even less stimulation to restart my work.
Think of why you have started with WA at the first place- the reason is probably still there.
I wish you find a reason to keep rolling.

Keep on fishin Roger! You can make some great catches here!

Hi Roger,

I think the comment function is one of the reasons you might want to stay....something you can't receive elsewhere?

To me the number of websites that I can create & have them all hosted is a huge plus... I have 7-8 sites, create a test site when I feel like something new...and if I don't like it delete it... No worry about security & spam attacks. But that may not be the case with you if you have a busy life...


Hey Rog, I have thoughts about quitting WA. But I want to keep this going. Soon as I found a place and get this bankruptcy done, I'm going to work hard in this business like crazy. I hope I get enough money to quit my job.

Roger, even though I haven't upgraded at this point yet, it *is* my intention to. I just signed up in the starter program half a day ago. I have a couple of other obligations that are preventing me from doing it right this moment. So, it's going to be in the next couple of days. Actually, I'm waiting on my new credit card to arrive in the mail.

If you simply want to have a general blog to share with friends and family and you don't plan to monetize it, then sure, you could go with a much cheaper one.

However, being somewhat technical personally, I've been down the road of those run-of-the-mill shared hosting services that you can get for $5 bucks a month. It's like trying to get on a jogging trampoline with 4 other people standing on it. The word "Postal" comes to mind for some reason.

Then, when you need service, send an email off and receive something back from someone communicating in some resemblance of English. WTH? What country are they in? But, of course their name is something like John, or Mary.

Any kind of community support where other like minded people come together to encourage each other is nil. Affiliate opportunity? Not even worth mentioning.

The backbone technology that this service is running on is very stable, as well.

So, Roger, if you have any spirit of entrepreneurship left, reconsider. But, if you really don't have much desire to make money at this, or maintain some of the relationships here, then your instinctive feelings might be correct.

Hope to see you around after I upgrade.


Hi roger, I'd like to offer a thought about quitting you may get hosting cheaper elsewhere my question is will you be able to network, get feedback, support , and training that you get here? The huge benefit and really what you pay for here is not the hosting but the education and if you play your cards right you can network with others to get leads. Just my own justification for staying let me know if you think I'm wrong. Thanx and best of luck to ya!

How do I add badges to my website?

How do I add badges to my website?

asked in
Everything Wordpress

I want to add badges to the right of my website.

Under the

  • Search Bar
  • Recent Posts
  • Etc.

Any advice on how to do that?

Is thi

You need to add a widget in your back office

If you have the HTML code, you use the HTML widget at the site bar. Drag the widget at the place where you want it to appear and copy-paste the HTML code there.

Do you have the HTML code or the image?


I believe I have access to both the code and the image. The affiliate network for one of my products wants me to display it.

The image or the code or both?

Sorry, just display the image.

glad you got some help.

Marion has done a lot of training about widgets so I suggest you click on her profile she is an ambassador so she will be near the top.

Yes, she has some very good training videos! and explains things very well.

I'm having a similar issue. I figured out the text thing under my widgets and dragging it to Content, but I'm not getting the badge to show up right when I try to add it. Is adding the badge like adding a photo? I could use a video about now as I am so not computer savvy. lol
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The question is rather confusing Danell, I agree.
Perhaps the following tutorial will help Roger:

If your theme doesn't have the widget already coded to simply drag and drop into your right sidebar for Search, Recent Posts, Comments, Archive and the like. Get another theme!! JMHO.

Yakitori is right on the money I would follow his advice

Are you getting it done. I'm just jumping in. Let me know if you need more help.

Are you talking about the right sidebar? I don't know if simple cut/copy - paste is the best answer.

They can use a widget to add their info.

Not sure if there's a widget that will do that for you specifically but you can add a Text Widget and add some HTML code for your image.

Go to Widgets and you'll see the "Text" widget near the bottom of the Available Widgets section. Click and drag that over to your Right Side Navbar under your Search item. You should now see fields for the Text like Title and Content. Leave the Title field blank and add the following in the Content section.

Then click save. Go to your page and it should show up. You might want to use a bigger picture to make it span the menu width but that's up to you. Of course the link to the image will have to change as well if you do that.

Not only do you know how to prepare for earthquakes, but you know WordPress too!

Thanks SO much! I should have come here to ask BEFORE I spent hours trying to figure it out!

Much appreciation!

Tight lines!

Roger, The Smiling (especially now!) BassHole

No problem. Let me know if you need help with anything.

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Should I include affiliate links in blog roll?

Should I include affiliate links in blog roll?

asked in
Search Engine Optimization

Is having affiliate links in blog roll OK for SEO?

As long as the blog roll is the only place I put links?

I guess it is OK as long as we don`t overdo it. The best place for affiliate links would be the review page/blog if it is referring specifically to a product.

All great advice, Just make shore you don't overload a post with affiliate links as this will put people of.

It may be a better idea to create a page in relation to the link your planning to advertise and use a link to that page instead.

Just another approach you can take.

If its appropriate to the subject of your blog post, why not?

I add some when it seems right to do so , especially when it is a review

Thanks, Katie.

Great advice!

It depends on a number of factors, foremost is your blogging niche for product targeting. Any place you put links can draw I business, just be sure your site design consolidates them in places like your right sidebar.


Can you point me to where I can learn how to consolidate them in the right sidebar? I'll search for that as well.

I have not fully built sidebars yet but it is yet to come.

It is better to add affiliate links to a product review.... and link your blog roll/information pages to the product review...

This is the way I do it... It is not a good idea to have affiliate links spread out all over your website.


Thanks, Chris! Follow up question:

What if my product reviews are in my blog roll?

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