Can you help me "break through" to the next level or beyond!?

Last Update: July 09, 2016

I've been working on posts for 6 months. I've had a lot of fun, but it's also been a lot of work.

So far, I'm not really generating a ton of traffic. And of course I've had no sales. So I'm looking to move forward.


Most of my traffic comes from the "Need Website Comments" participation.

Here's what I (think) I've learned thus far about traffic generation:

  • I believe I get some traffic through Twitter. Not only when I Tweet my latest blog, but when I respond and retweet other folks tweets. This is mostly a guess, because I'm not sure how to confirm this hunch.
  • Another source appears to be when I post a video (no matter how elementary, as mine are!) on YouTube. Of course I also embed it into my post. But after I do a video, I seem to have a rise in traffic.

Some days I will have a spike in traffic, and I have no idea why.


I do use Google Analytics (I refresh first thing every morning -- always happy when there's a spike in traffic, though I have learned that sometimes a number will appear that will then be half that amount a couple of hours later), but I certainly have not mastered it yet.

Any advice on WA trainings that would help me better utilize GA?


I keep asking myself:

  • "What makes me unique?"
  • "What can I offer that others haven't already?"

My answer is: HUMOR. I love to write humor (I am a recovering standup comedian and clown college graduate, after all!), so am trying to figure out how to inject even more humor into my posts, while still keeping them informative, instructive, and useful.

Maybe some just for fun funny ones? Silly stuff?

I'm also thinking of using a tagline like:

"If fishing doesn't make you smile, why do it?"

Anyway, any advice on improving my performance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!

Tight lines!

Roger, The Smiling BassHole

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mjdimarco Premium
Check out the SumoMe plugin to get more traffic. Also, have you been active on G+ and Facebook communities relative to your interests?
GlenPalo Premium
BuzzSumo did not show a lot of social media shares (facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus or linkedin for your website. I suggest focusing on fishing or bass communities and sharing your posts.
feigner Premium
hi roger
having a quick look at the site, imo your use of titles may be a litte poor
i know that a rod is a rod but what is your keyword for the post?
it may have been better to have a title of bass fishing rods or top 10 bass fishingn rods. lot lower qsr and more niched(?) to your niche.
what are you selling? i am tending to ignore the ads down the rhs.
where is your call to action?
if you have traffic could you not get email addresses and then update them when you post and also sell them something? sorry add value to their lives so they cannot refuse your offer - never sell!
as you are getting the trafic you need to start to use it - at the moment it may be being used as an information site only.
definitely try to use your humour - but remember who your audience is - i take it you know who you are writing for?
which forums are you involved with? do the people on there know your site? are you know locally? do you carry cards with you?
you need to use forumfinder[dot]com to find some forums if you don't know them. get invloved
sort out what you are selling and find the best place to put the ads for most impact. (under the title).
have fun
PSchafer Premium
Hi Rodger, what do you think about doing a funny blog from the fish's point of view? What would the fish say when he sees the lure? Just a thought
bigrog44 Premium
I can't til I starting getting affiliate links.