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Printful app? please help me connect

Printful app? please help me connect

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Everything Wordpress

Has anyone had luck with connecting with the printful app?

I just had a look online and all you do is join and take it from there
Hope it all works out well as it looks great

Thank you

Never heard of it Dan

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Why am i being charged american money for my membership fee?

Why am i being charged american money for my membership fee?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Why am i being charged American money for my Membership fee. I am in Canada and WA is in Canada.

That’s a good question. It could be that USD is still considered the reserve currency. Since people from all over the world purchase WA membership, they likely wanted to use a currency more individuals new how to roughly calculate into their own currency. Maybe that’ll change and we’ll see another currency as the anchor point.

I’ve worked with clients in Canada before. I’m in the United States. PayPal converts the funds so it’s an even exchange.

An interesting article here about the potentiality of the US flirting with annexation of BC and Canada's rush to federate to prevent that happening. http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/british-columbia-and-confederation/

I would say it's because WA is connected to PayPal so they want to receive payments in US Dollars otherwise there are exchange fees from CAD to USD.

Because that's the currency WA works with

I'm here over 5 years and it's always been charged in U.S. dollars. Perhaps it's because most of the members were from the U.S. in the beginning. I'm in Ireland so I pay in USD as well. Alanna

Drop shipping is this a good way to go? personal experiences

Drop shipping is this a good way to go? personal experiences

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Social Engagement & Marketing

I have bee thinking about starting in the drop Shipping business and need some educated and experienced opinions. I have spent the time and worked on 2 websites and have not ma

My son does drop shipping through Ebay and has made a huge amount of money in a short time. The downside has been where a supplier hasn't got the capacity to fulfil demand or the quality of goods sent out is poor and people complain. This makes PayPal want to restrict accounts. No monthly or membership fee was paid.
If time permits I would like to document his journey.

Thanks for the Reply Kav. I would be interested in reading that story.

You can definitely make money doing drop shipping on eBay, Amazon and even on your own ecommerce website. But you absolutely MUST use drop shippers that are both wholesalers and offer free drop shipping.

The problem many do not make money doing drop shipping is because they are not using Free Drop Shipping Wholesale Suppliers. If you have to pay a drop shipper a monthly or yearly membership fee, you are getting ripped off.

I have used several wholesale drop shippers and hardly ever had problems with product supplies running out or price fluctuations. I wrote a blog on my website explaining what I do that really works and things you need to avoid to get a higher profit margin.


Thanks Robert, I am reading right now. They sound totally legit. I will proceed after I finish my course from David Vu. $20 on Udemy

I've done drop shipping on eBay and it absolutely works. The biggest risk is having something sell out before you make your sale.
I believe there are drop shipping companies and networks that offer automation and eBay integration so that your listing will get pulled if the item sells out from the manufacturer. I recall them being pretty pricey last time I looked into it, so I just kept an eye on my listings myself.
There is a Udemy course by David Dang Vu that teaches how to do eBay drop shipping via retail abritrage. I tried that out for a while and it totally worked, but I eventually stopped because it felt sketchy.
Now I do dropshipping with a single company that provides me with my own website. It's my most profitable side gig at the moment.

What is your main Gig? May I ask.

I sell premium skincare. My husband calls it fancy-ass makeup haha, but it's not. Just facial cleansers and moisturizers for both men and women that treat specific skin concerns.

And that reminds me of another thing....products that need to be replenished are the best. It's so much easier to keep an existing customer coming back than it is to acquire new customers.

And Elwin is correct, you can create a website here in Wealthy Affiliate and use Woocommerce to sell drop-shipped items. It's a really good option if you have a target niche of products. But you will have to get all of the traffic yourself. Sometimes eBay's fees can be worth it in that regard because they make an effort to get traffic to your listings. It kind of depends on what kind of products you are selling, the competition and how high you can set the prices.

Thank you. I am still in thought process you answer is very helpful ☺

Dropship is interesting how to make money online business.

If you use a drop shipper you can sell right on your own website.That way you don't have any Ebay fee's. You would have to deal with customers and shipping though.

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