Well, I've had a blog for a year now, though admittedly I fell off the wagon after about six months.

I just don't see how I can justify the annual cost to keep the blog going, when for much less I can purchase hosting elsewhere.


Continued success to all WA champions!

Tight Lines!

Roger, The Smiling BassHole

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MKearns Premium
Keep on fishin Roger! You can make some great catches here!
RayAleksandr Premium Plus
Hi Roger,

I think the comment function is one of the reasons you might want to stay....something you can't receive elsewhere?

To me the number of websites that I can create & have them all hosted is a huge plus... I have 7-8 sites, create a test site when I feel like something new...and if I don't like it delete it... No worry about security & spam attacks. But that may not be the case with you if you have a busy life...

bigrog44 Premium
Hey Rog, I have thoughts about quitting WA. But I want to keep this going. Soon as I found a place and get this bankruptcy done, I'm going to work hard in this business like crazy. I hope I get enough money to quit my job.
KyleManning Premium
Roger, even though I haven't upgraded at this point yet, it *is* my intention to. I just signed up in the starter program half a day ago. I have a couple of other obligations that are preventing me from doing it right this moment. So, it's going to be in the next couple of days. Actually, I'm waiting on my new credit card to arrive in the mail.

If you simply want to have a general blog to share with friends and family and you don't plan to monetize it, then sure, you could go with a much cheaper one.

However, being somewhat technical personally, I've been down the road of those run-of-the-mill shared hosting services that you can get for $5 bucks a month. It's like trying to get on a jogging trampoline with 4 other people standing on it. The word "Postal" comes to mind for some reason.

Then, when you need service, send an email off and receive something back from someone communicating in some resemblance of English. WTH? What country are they in? But, of course their name is something like John, or Mary.

Any kind of community support where other like minded people come together to encourage each other is nil. Affiliate opportunity? Not even worth mentioning.

The backbone technology that this service is running on is very stable, as well.

So, Roger, if you have any spirit of entrepreneurship left, reconsider. But, if you really don't have much desire to make money at this, or maintain some of the relationships here, then your instinctive feelings might be correct.

Hope to see you around after I upgrade.

Hboelky Premium
Hi roger, I'd like to offer a thought about quitting you may get hosting cheaper elsewhere my question is will you be able to network, get feedback, support , and training that you get here? The huge benefit and really what you pay for here is not the hosting but the education and if you play your cards right you can network with others to get leads. Just my own justification for staying let me know if you think I'm wrong. Thanx and best of luck to ya!