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Hi there, my name is Howard Boelky I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania I'm married with two wonderful daughters. Looking to expand our income while being a service to others. I'm excited to be part of this awesome opportunity!

*UPDATE* So I've been a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate 2 months now. I have 2 websites that I own the domain for, and an e-commerce store that I also own! I have 7 referrals..none currently active :( I don't think so anyways..I check on them periodically and I don't see any activity over there!

No matter I think for only 2 months in, completed all 5 getting started training courses, and 5 ....1/2 of 7 Boot Camp courses I'm kickin butt!

I wish you all the best of luck in your own business building adventures...stop in and say hello once in awhile...I love hearing progress reports, and your overall development! Thank you in advance your friend,
Howard :)
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phil01 Premium
Hi Howard
Welcome on my profile and thanks for follow me. This course is great and i hope also for you.

For those who are interested. Feel free to check and ho knows, it 's interesting for you. Like if you like it, i surely gif you the favor to like you back.

My websites:

My Social Media:
Lots of succes to everybody
Hboelky Premium
Thanks Phil, that is awesome you have sugar love. I too have an adult toy store. http://worldoflove.store

I like how you've structured your site. Mine is just a massive store with links to information videos and a Facebook page. Happy to connect and wishing you the best of luck!

susanmacneil Premium
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scruffymule Premium
Hi Howard, i am happy that you liked my "name" so you must have a great sense of humor and i appreciate that! The mule ( or was it a donkey? ) actually exist, it was my nightmare-neighbour in a house i rented in greece some years ago ! Anyway, i started about a month ago myself - i registered in 2015, but other things happened so this work was on hold for a couple of years. Everything is new to me so any advice or tips are highly welcome!
Thank you for the follow - and good luck with your work !
Hboelky Premium
Hi Rune,
I do in fact have a great sense of humor! Happy to see you made your way back to WA. This is the best place to make friends and build a solid foundation for your online business. I have a lot of great tips and tricks from setting your social media accounts on auto pilot to getting traffic for your website and increasing your following!

Email me @ howardboelky78@gmail.com and I'll help you with all of these really cool FREE tools.

Visit my website https://the-99-per-cent.com for the links

I love meeting new people and networking I am a firm believer that we can learn something from every person we cross paths with in life.

Best of luck to you and looking forward to a great friendship! :)

Pernilla Premium
Hello Howard!
Thank you for liking a comment of mine. I'm very pleased to meet you. I'll follow you now.

You are doing very well in the online business, you've already got two websites done and an online store. Really great work done in such a short time since you joined WA.

Yes, it is a wonderful adventure - building my own online business! WA is a great place!

Wish you ongoing success and happiness!

:-) Pernilla

p.s. Above all You may be very proud of your sweet daughters!
Hboelky Premium
Thank you and it is also very nice to meet you! I believe we can learn something from everyone that we cross paths with. Even if it is just a new tool or suggested website~! Keep an open mind and learn something new every day.

Wishing you the best success! Talk soon take of yourself!

Pernilla Premium
Yes, let's keep our mind open of the opportunities around us.

Like your positive mindset!
Hboelky Premium
You are so kind! Stay awesome!
Pernilla Premium
Thank you so much for following me back!
Happy to be working in the same crew now ;-)
Hboelky Premium

Just like I said to Carl I am a strong believer that in order to be successful we need to surround ourselves with success!

Thank you for connecting, looking forward to learning, networking, and being great friends! Let's work hard and make that trip to Vegas this year!

Your new friend,
Dmk71152 Premium
thank you for the follow - I am from Mars - originally - and you may be one of the few that know where that is. Stay at the learning and hope you make lots of money here. here is a link to a post I wrote - it about the Steelers and Joe Greene" new book.
Hboelky Premium
Yes I live about 45 minutes east of Mars.So i know exactly where that is Thanks for firing some luck my way I'll use all I can get. :)

Same to you wishing you great luck and success here. ..
Talk at you soon until then take care of yourself and keep up the great work.

Your friend,
Dmk71152 Premium
keep at it - as you know it will work.
Hey, I have followed you.
I like your description.

Would you mind to comment on my website?
It would mean a lot, and I will return the favor just leave your link in reply.

My website is: iAppleRebel .com


Have a nice day and I wish you lot of success :)
Hboelky Premium
Nice meeting you that's awesome I followed you as well no I'll gladly visit your site and can give you great tips on getting tons of traffic and user engagement on your site contact me by email at howardboelky78@gmail.com looking forward t a great friendship with you.
Paullamb777 Premium
Thanks for the follow. Best of luck in all your work here at WA. You will make it through just focus on the training, it works.
All the training is important here, The affiliate boot camp training is definitely the most important to follow. Get through it and do all the assignments, trust me when I say.....It will definitely help with being top ranked in Google and elsewhere. The biggest accomplishment is checking out Google Authorship: This will definitely put you on top in rankings, Yes it is a lot of work. But worth it in more ways than you can imagine. Anyway enough of me babbling. Best of luck to you here at WA

Hboelky Premium
Hello Paul..
I agree with you about all the training. I move at the speed of light working around the clock!
I have completed all 5 of the getting started courses...if you would have looked you would have noticed my badge!

I also have completed 6 1/2 of 7 boot camp training courses!

I own 6 websites all with analytics and google search console webmaster tools and tag manager set up on every site!

They are all verified in google and my business actually shows up on google maps!

Out of 500 URLs sent to google from my 1 website 398 are indexed and rank really well!!

So thank you for the good luck..as far as the recommendations I'm flying through this.

I love it here and I'm just trying to build my social footprint at this time I've realized how important it is to network and surround my self with successful people!

I feel that in order to succeed talk to many people get ideas and inspiration..you learn something new everyday.

I look forward to chatting with you in the future and thank you for acknowledging that I started following you.
PSheridan Premium
Hello and welcome to WA. Thanks for the follow. Wishing you much success and prosperity here. I am adding a link to my thought for the day hope you enjoy it
Hboelky Premium
Thank you very much and I'll be sure to check that out.

Thank you for taking the time to come say hello! I look forward to talking, and learning from you in the weeks to come!

Good luck to you in all that you do. I'm trying to make it to Vegas this year!

With any luck at all I'll see you there.

Your New Friend,
Hboelky Premium
Also have an open invitation to follow me across social networks I have all the links to my Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+, feel free to add me to your list of contacts! I'm a social butterfly and love chatting with people. Thank you in advance I'm looking forward to making new friends!
Hboelky Premium
Just had another person except my invitation to join Wealthy Affiliate. He told me "I have tried many methods online to make money, this is the best I've ever seen!" I can't agree any more strongly with that statement, this is no pyramid scheme, or get rich quick scheme..but a build a REAL business scheme! If you also LOVE W A give a like to this comment! Thank you in advance and Good Luck to all of YOU!
Hboelky Premium
How is everyone? I hope all is well with all of you. My community following is becoming very large. So I'll post here to greet everyone at one time. Just want to say quickly that I wish you the best of luck in all that you do.

And everything you put your heart, mind, and soul into my prayer is that you all succeed. If you follow the training and implement the steps success will follow.

the strangest universal law is believe that you have it and YOU WILL! This is hard to do sometimes because it is not the way our brains think. Overcome this...the sky is the limit.

You can achieve success in affiliate marketing, Ever heard of Uber? The biggest taxi service on the planet, does not own a single car, or have any physical location.

Uber is a very successful affiliate marketer. Simply connecting people to a product. Someone needs a ride, someone else is willing to drive, Uber provides the platform.

Same with all of us and our websites. We are connecting people with information, and products. So just keep all of that in mind when you are working on your site. Once you get the law of attraction down you have got it licked.

Good luck to you in all that you do my W A brothers and sisters! :)
dhicks35 Premium
Hi Howard,

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I lived in Pittsburgh for most of my life and love visiting there.

Best of luck to you. My site is http://affiliatefollowers.com and it has been said that it is a good source of information.

Always willing to help.

All the best,
Hboelky Premium
Thank you dhicks35...I love Pittsburgh I will be sure to check your site and I'll follow you back on Google + I always love learning new stuff and gaining more respect from my peers....you are kind as well good luck in all that you do girlie..I'll be chatting at ya!
GeniusALL Premium
Thank you for the follow.

Also make sure to check out my blog and share what you think with the community, a little of daily motivation can't hurt right? P.S : You can also check out the post I did to help you have a successful journey.
LeanGreen Premium
Hello! Deborah here, I live in the middle of Texas. It is so nice that you are following. I love to see how, many people are following. Any time you would like to talk about business, or life, WA, most of all we couldn't leave out WA. Because of the company we wouldn't be corresponding.
Have a Blessed Day
Hboelky Premium
So just wanted to quickly thank evryone for the warm welcome and let everyone know that i was completely brand new to this online marketing just 3 weeks ago and since coming to wealthy affiliat I've learned so much and it's because of everyone here! Thank youall so much in advance and the journey continues!