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I would like to cancel my annual premium membership?

I would like to cancel my annual premium membership?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I am finding it difficult to I understand a lot of the training and I am overwhelmed with the information that I have to retain. Great community but too much going on at the s


I am here for you when ever you need to ask me any questions my Friend.

1 to 1 help is just an email or message away, don't give up on yourself so soon Lilian.

Talk with you soon,


Thanks Tony. Will give it a go and be more patient

You are welcome Lilian and please contact me anytime my Friend, I am here for you when you ask.



You are welcome Lilian and thank you my Friend.

Edu is a master here Lillian. You're in good hands. read and heed!

Thanks MKearns. I am grateful for him reaching out to my rescue

Hi LTM, I agree with MaryCameron as I can relate as well. No sweat, pain and no gain. You got this. I think we all go through this at some point within Wealthy Affiliate. Heaven knows it’s not easy, but can you imagine it happening? Like your work getting noticed by others and helping others and having an income from it? Now that’s sweet.

And look how far you’ve come, lol. Ten posts on various topics...oh, yeah, if that’s not working it, lol, I don’t know what is.
Look at how much you’ve accomplished, lol.

I’m so happy that you’ve decided to take up Edu’s offer. How kind of Top Achiever. That’s amazing. I wish you the best and keep us posted on your progress, cause you knows we is here for you.

Good luck



Thanks Becky for the encouragement. Really appreciate it. I am grateful for everyone on the WA community. The support is amazing and the leaders in various fields are always ready with help and support. What an amazing bunch.

Lillian I sincerely hope you take Edu up on his offer on 1/1 training. I too find it overwhelming at times when I do I take a break from it. My issue is working full time shifts then trying to do WA after a 13 hour day. Doesn't work so I only concentrate on it on days off. It will take me longer to achieve my goals but I will achieve them.
Regardless of your decision I wish you well.

Thanks Mary for the encouragement. I will work with Edu and see how I get on.

I am so pleased you've come this far don't give up on your dream. Its goodnight from NZ back in to work tomorrow early shift, 4am rise n shine. I want your next post to be "why you shouldn't give up on your dream" :)

Hi Mary
That’s so sweet of you. You can bank on that. Definitely my next blog title is going to be “Why You shouldn’t give up on your dream.”:) I got it and will go back to the drawing board and start grinding.
Have a great and victorious shift. God bless

It's my understanding, Lillian that there are no refunds provided for yearly memberships. So if you still have 4 months until renewal, you could possibly use those months to restructure your business.

All the best to you, regardless of the direction you decide to go, Lillian.

Thanks Veronica
I have at least 10 months because I went for the annual membership in April but like you say it’s worth restructuring my business and I will take up Edu’s offer.

You can accomplish a lot in 10 months, Lilian.

Edu has an amazing heart, so definitely take advantage of however way he wants to assist you.

Worse case scenario, if you find that this is still not the best platform for you, at least you can say you utilized the months you were here to the fullest.

That’s very true. Thanks Veronica

Yes, bring this to the WA management through the link provided by Bryan. I'ts better to talk to them and have your arrangements on how you will be refunded.

Thanks Accad

You are welcome.

You have the answers below now.

Thanks Mark

There are no refunds issued. It is in the terms of service that your membership stays active until the end of the billing cycle (in your case yearly)

If you'd like to verify that customer service is at https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/contact

This question just came up with someone else in the last week or two.

Thanks Bryan

You're welcome. I wish I could have given you better news.....

Someone with the last person suggested that she sell her membership to someone else wanting it (at a discount). I don't know if this would be allowed or not, you'd have to check with customer service.

I hope that it works out for you in some way. Blessings.


Thanks Bryan anyway but I wouldn’t go that route anyway. I have decided to give it another shot and I am grateful for the help that I am going to get from WA community members who have come to my rescue.

This may help you: If you'd prefer a one-on-one mentor, I'd be glad to do that for you.

Let me know what you decide as this is a great community and an amazing platform to create your very own website to start earning an online income.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon :-)



Hi Edu
I would be happy to give it a go since I have already paid for a whole year.
Thanks for reaching out.

Edu, that is so kind and thoughtful of you. Goes to show how great people at WA are, always ready to help,

The community’s willingness and genuineness to step in and rescue is the one thing that’s evident and I am grateful for all their input in the few months I have been here.

Lilian, I've sent you a private message

Thanks Edu, I am so grateful for your willingness to invest your time and wisdom into my future. I got it and responded to it as well.
Will chat more through private messaging

I got and responded. Thanks Edu

I am trying to cancel but I am not sure how to get my refund because I had paid for annual membership

Massage to Kyle & Carson

I understand that there is no refunds according to the trend and conditions. Thanks anyway

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My website is pending removal due to dns issues?

My website is pending removal due to dns issues?

asked in
The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

My domain has webspace at WA that is pending removal on the 5th March 2018. I had previously gotten an email that the URL belongs to someone and to be able to keep it I am sup

I would never pay $350.00 for a domain name, I agree with others and say it is a scam.

I am not sure how you could have registered the domain name if someone had it and it was for sale for $350 without paying that for it. If it was already registered to someone else and was not for sale, you shouldn't have been able to register it at all. That scenario sounds strange. Mabe go to ICANNWHOIS and see who it is registered to.

As for the DNS issue alert "pending removal" : I received same notice several months ago when I transferred a domain name to WA. I contacted support. They informed me my website was pointing to a different host and to ignore the message. I needed to change the server name in settings to WA. Once I changed the server settings, the notice went away. I attached an image of their response.

Not sure if the same applies in your situation but as others suggested, contact support to find out.

Hi Cindy
Please see the email attached, that might shade some light because I am confused myself.
Hi Lilian,

The following domain that you have created a profile for at Wealthy Affiliate does not have DNS set up.


This means that your domain is not using the webspace and we will be removing the webspace in 10 days. This will also remove the domain from your domains list.

If you wish to use the hosting at Wealthy Affiliate for myaffiliatemarketing.com, then all you need to do is point the DNS to WA hosting servers by editing the DNS/NameServer options on your domain registrar (where you purchased the domain).

Here is a tutorial on how to point your Domain to WA Hosting Servers if you need a hand with this: The Wealthy Affiliate Nameservers are as follows:

Primary Nameserver: ns1.mywahosting.com
Secondary Nameserver: ns2.mywahosting.com

If you do not own or plan on hosting myaffiliatemarketing.com using our state-of-the-art hosting at Wealthy Affiliate, no action is necessary on your part. You can re-create the domain profile at any time in the future after we have removed it.

If you have any questions about your domains, please just pop into Wealthy Affiliate and someone will be more than happy to help!


Kyle Carson
Kyle & Carson
Founders of Wealthy Affiliate

Yes, Lilian, this is the same email I had gotten, It is a very easy fix.

Click on the site rubix box - go to domains....when you see your domain listed...go over to settings-in the drop down box...go to Name Servers....

where it says primary and secondary--fill those in with the
Primary: ns1.mywahosting.com
Secondary: ns2mywahosting.com

OR...you might ask site support if they will change it for you if you if you are having difficulty with it.

Let me know if you get it resolved.

Hi Cindy
Thank you very much for your explanation. I will try it now and if I am not successful then I will contact site support.

Ok Lilian! I think you can get it resolved. Don't fret! ;-)

Hand over nothing -smacks of a scam you did the right thing to ask the site support to give you feedback

Thanks Rich908.
I am now waiting for feedback from site support

A domain can only belong to one entity. It's a scam. There is a China domain name scam going on as well.

Hi Brad
Thanks for sharing, I am learning as I go along, I have now contacted site support for help.

Good luck

Thank you very much for that information. If it is one thing i hate it is scamers.

Thanks Brad.
I know, it’s a wake up call for me. But we live and learn everyday.

Domains are precious real estate and they are a bit like DNA. Not one is the same. They can never be identical. To give you an example: Cars.com has been confirmed to have been the largest domain sale in history, with a staggering $872,320,000 dollar valuation. Two words and a dot for 870 million.

insure.com is the next highest @ just over $45 million dollars.
sex.com sold for a little over $13 million in 2013.

Domains can be worth more than real estate. AND if you want to make money out of a domain name always try and choose .com

And the beauty is you don't have to have a website, just register the domain name and pay the small fee.

Sure do Lilian and it would be a boring world if we knew everything hehe

Thanks Brad for that valuable information.

I hope you bought the domain from WA . Otherwise, this looks like it could be a scammer. I would not give any money, and you should try transferring your website to a WA site. Check it out in the " build a website " part of the SiteRubix. Hopefully you can save your work. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Best wishes!
Your friend, AaronGriffin

Thanks Aaron for your support.
I have asked site support to look at it.

I wish you the best

I agree with Joe you can send in a support ticket
and you should. I also believe it is a scam.

Hi Ken-Pringle
Thanks for the support, I have asked site support for help.

Lilian, that is great you will be fine.

Who did you buy the domain name from? Can you share the email text here?

Hi Howard,
I bought it from WA and I have asked site support for help.
Thanks for your support

Okay, if WA Site Domain said it was available then yes, sounds like a scam. Keep the url and ignore the email.

I will do. Thanks Howard


most definitely not from WA my Friend.

Please contact Support right away and I apologize for the scammers of the world.


Hi Tony
I bought it from WA and I have sent a question to site support to help. Thanks for your support.

You are welcome Lilian and thank you for letting me know my Friend.


Sounds like a scam to me too. You would not have been able to purchase the domain if it already belonged to someone else.

To a1jonuk
That’s what I thought, thanks for confirming it and I will ask support and hear what they say.

Sounds like it might be a scam, but to be sure, you should contact site support.

Hi joejr49
Thanks for the heads up, I will contact site support and hear what they say
Have a wonderful week ahead.

You are very welcome. You have a wonderful week also, and good luck with your website.


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Creating logos and customise websites?

Creating logos and customise websites?

asked in
Website Development & Programming

How do I create a logo for my website and also how do I customise my website ?

Hi Lilian, I can recommend someone to create and design your website and logo, and it shouldn't cost you an arm an a leg. If you would like that information, please let me know. Cheers!

you can create your logo in www.canva.com.
Customization of your site can be done in WP dashboard-->select Appearance --> select Customize

Lillian, I am also looking forward to an answer to your question.


I think the answers are below!

I am a total novice and it was quite straightforward, you should be fine. My biggest problem was deciding what I wanted, there is so much choice!



Thanks to everyone.


let me know if this training by Kyle helps you my Friend. Tony

Thanks Tony, I will listen to the video now and I will give you feedback on how I get on.

Wonderful lilian, You are welcome and thank you my Friend.


It´s no hurry to create a logo so I recommend going the "Get started here" and follow the training. Personally, I bought my design but you can do it for free.

Thank you for getting back. Appreciate your help.

Go to your WordPress dashboard, point to "Appearance" press it and go to "Customize" then do what you ever want to do.

Thank you for getting back and pointing me in the right direction. Really appreciate it

You are welcome.

Follow the training and all will be explained. It is done in your back office

Thanks Jerry. Will do.

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How to get a domaintransfer code?

How to get a domaintransfer code?

asked in
Website Development & Programming

How do i know the domain provider to get a transfer code?

I fin ally got the domain verification code and now the domain is in the process of transferring. Thanks for the help.

Wonderful Lilian, that's great to hear.

Thank you for letting me know my Friend,


I am still having challenges with the domain transfer. The status has been check email for verification link for more than 2 hours now. No email has come through. I have been checking the junk mail as well with no joy. There is also an option to re-send email which I clicked a couple of times but still nothing has come through. What is the way forward to resolve this issue

Contact SiteSupport Lilian


Above is the link and it can also be found by clicking on the light blue SiteRubix tan to the left and then scroll to the bottom my Friend.

Submit a support ticket to them and keep me updated please Lilian,

Thank you my Friend,


Thanks Tony. I will follow up and keep you posted

Is it a Domain that you purchased here at WA Lilian?

Yes it is.

:) Wonderful Lilian!

Where is your website registered at Lilian?

Hi Tony
I bought it through the WA site and I chose the name from the list of suggested names, myaffiliatemarketing.com


Check to see if you see it here my Friend


let me know please and thank you Lilian,


Thanks Tony. I got the code 16464779. Transfer has been initiated and it’s being validated at the moment

Awesome Lilian!

Thank you for letting me know my Friend,


Who did you buy your domain name from? Godaddy, WA, etc

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