I've seen premium members who no longer want to be members asking how to cancel their membership, so here's how.

Plus this short explanation can be used as a quick reference to give to those who want to cancel.

Ok so to cancel simply go to your account settings which you'll find the link too in the left side of the site at the bottom of the sidebar. Or you can click on your Profile Image as a short cut to get to your account settings,

Once in your account settings you'll see Subscription Settings, below that you'll see Membership - to the right of that you'll see Manage - click that link and there you can cancel your membership.

If you have used Paypal it's always a good idea to go into your Paypal account and cancel the recurring subscription that was created for your membership.

NOTE: After you have cancelled your membership you will have access to the WA until the next time you were going to be billed.

Easy peezy - all the best if you decide to cancel.

And if you're just wanting to take a break and plan on comming back I have another post that explains everything about that.


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Blair1921 Premium
Can I just go back to the free membership like before I upgraded to premium ?
leoemery Premium
No you cannot, if you look at the end of the post you'll see a link that explains that.
Loubelle Premium
Thanks Leo but I'm ok with wa regards
JAZZmom41 Premium
Thanks, but no thanks. Good information though, Leo.

I believe in you too. Great camera info.

pamdemonium Premium
Hey Leo, is there a typo in this sentence?

"NOTE: After you have cancelled your membership you will have access to the WA until the next time you were going to be billed."

Did you mean "you will have NO access to WA until the next time..."?

leoemery Premium

You still have access to your membership up until the time your next billing date would have been. Then after that you have no access.
pamdemonium Premium
Ahh, ok.

Just read your other post on coming back if one cancels their account This provides a bit more clarity though. I thought one can simply "downgrade" to a free account again when they cancel Premium membership. But based on your other post, looks like this is not possible. One would completely "lose" access to WA entirely since they've cancelled their membership.

Though it is possible reinstate one's WA account by signing up again as a Premium member. Yup, got it now. Thanks!
startouched Premium
Thanks for posting this!
theresroth Premium
Thanks for this information, hope I'll never need it!☺
keithweaver Premium
I don't want to cancel--so, I'm not reading it!
BizMaker Premium
You mean that WA doesn't operate like Hotel California or a roach motel :)
Ultimateless Premium
lol !
leoemery Premium