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I am former marine. I have been involved in agriculture most of my life. It is something I am still very passionate about. I have been an over the road truck driver(800000 miles of safe driving). I have many a long day with the promise of getting paid just to told that the boss has no money to pay me. While they drive off in there new truck and I drive away in 30 year old beater. After much research and getting scamed I came here to wa to try things.
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YayasHome Premium
I'm very pleased to meet you!

It makes me sad to think that you were scammed. Sadly, many people are willing to take from others in dishonest ways. The GOOD news is that because of other people cheating you, you came to WA an' we get to have you here.

I do hope your journey will be much less dangerous an' waaaay more lucrative than those you formerly took. That's a lotta' miles you traveled... safely, I might add. In case no one has ever told you, I'd like to say that I really appreciate alla' miles you traveled to deliver your goods an' I especially appreciate that you made all those trips safely. Thank you!

~ Yaya
ERichardson1 Premium
Thank you for the following, and I am now following you, may Prosperity be with you always.
Djefferds Premium
Thank you very much.

lesabre Premium
Thank you for the follow. I will be following you also. All the best.

Thank you for your service.
Djefferds Premium
Thank you very much. I also followed you on FB and pinterest.
AfqmBiz Premium
Hi there, I am here to say, how do you do? How is your stay at WA at the moment? But I wish your online/offline journey is something you thrive for.

Your aspirations for success is my aspirations to have you as another WA Members in networking with me. Cheers! :)