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I have been married since June, 1983, have 3 sons 1 grandson and 1 granddaughter. I am active in my church and believe that with hard work anything is possible. My philosophy of life is that everyday is a good day, you just have to be willing to take the bad with good and be thankful for both since both are opportunities to learn a positive lesson from life. Sometimes this is difficult.
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75,000 per year.
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6 to 8 hours per day
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Aug 7, 2017
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JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
How much money would you be happy earning?
75,000 per year.

How much would you be ecstatic earning?

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
6 to 8 hours per day
Rosmery1 Premium Plus
Cómo está Jerry, buenas noches, felicidades, todos lograremos la meta si perseveramos, bienvenido.
Rosmery1 Premium Plus
Buenos días, mis metas de dinero son de 2000 a 5000 mensuales
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FaeKuhn Premium
Hi Jerry...thanks for the follow! And I like your philosophy...have to take the good with the bad. I am the type that always tries to find the positive side to everything. Take this Christmas for example..neither of my 2 older boys can be home with me this year because of being in the military, but I am just thankful for having such 2 outstanding young men that I could not be prouder to call my sons and that they are at least safe and in good hands :) Every lesson we learn in life has a purpose...everything happens for a reason and we just have to embrace it and learn those lessons and allow them to make us better! God bless and Merry Christmas!

Madek Premium
Hey, Jerry!

I feel great having you as a follower! Wish you high achievements and success on your marketing venture at WA. Keep moving forward! Come to me on my G+ through https://plus.google.com/u/0/116531398108257503951
I also invite you to cast a glance on my website www.lifeandhealths.com
Hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas to you and Yours.

Loes Premium
Hello Jerry,♫Welcome! I am so pleased you found WA. Nice to meet you ツ I wish you a lot of learning pleasure and fun at WA. Thank you for adding me to your network.

From the start, I have written training for every issue I had problems with myself. And I share all my interesting findings on my blog space. I have listed them on a blog for you. When you type in “Blogs list top rated by Loes” into the search bar on top, you'll find my goodies under Blogs. I hope to help you with those.

If you have any questions, please reply to this message or leave a comment on my profile.
Success building your business in 2018. See you around, Greetings Loes
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
thanks, I will read your blogs
Urlaina Premium
Hi Jerry,

Thanks so much for following me. I like the way you think. You sound like a very positive, go-with-the-flow kind of person. Am sure that way of thinking has enriched your life in many, many ways.

I wish you much success here at WA. You're in a wonderful place here, where wonderful things happen every day!

Good luck!

PMindra Premium
Hi, Jerry.
Paul Mindra here from Ontario, Canada.

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your network. I graciously accept by following you back.

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate (University). I have been here since May, 2016. I am having a great experience here and hope that the same happens for you.

I look forward to learning, sharing and serving with you as we all move forward here.

Kindest regards,