In order for your domain to point to WA Hosting, you need to update your DNS (Domain Name Server) settings within your Domain Registrar.

OK, before I completely lose you with all this "DNS" talk, I will help you understand what is happening here.

WA Hosting is where you are going to be putting all of your website files. These are the same files that load when people will be visiting your domain. Your Domain is the address of your website. In order to connect these two items, you need to tell your domain where to look for the files. This is where the DNS settings come in. When you update these to point to WA Hosting, we automatically know where to look.

The name servers for Wealthy Affiliate Hosting ALWAYS are:


In order for your domain name to point to your web space, you need to tell it where the web space is. To do this, we use something called "Name servers". A name server is simply an address that you need to point your domain to in order for it to connect with your web space.

The place that you update your DNS settings, will depend on where you purchased your domain (Domain Registrar). This will likely be:

We are going to explain how to update your DNS within all of these system in the upcoming pages, so choose according to where you bought your domain.

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TheDummyOfWA Premium
I bought my domain through WA and it wants me to set up my DNS servers with the WA name servers...that doesn't make any it's the first time it asked me to do that! having so much trouble with this one
mike-stewart Premium
I finally found it...boy GoDaddy says they made it easy BS. Heres the message I get when I changed the name server
We can't display your DNS information because your nameservers aren't managed by us.

Last updated 6/22/2017 6:32 PM

Using custom nameservers Change
Foobard Premium
It may look like an error message, but this means you were successful in pointing the domain to WA!
TheDummyOfWA Premium
I tried to transfer my domain from ipage, and the first part of the transfer is done, but when I put in the name servers in ipage to transfer it completely over, it gives me this message: Records for could not be updated. The nameserver you chose may not be a valid nameserver. Please verify with the provider and try again
TommyA1 Premium
The problem with my domian is that it needs to be on either the primary or secondary DNS. Now the question that was asked of me was where did I purchases it, and I was given three choices, However, it was purchased here at WA, so I would assume that today when everything went down My domian was taken out of its DNS. So If anyone runs into that problem I will be able to help.
compassion22 Premium
Question for anyone who understands. OK!!! I followed the instructions for Setting up DNS above. When I clicked on add, it gave me three options for DNS so I chose to go with what happened when I chose custom in the drop down which gave me two name server options. Was that correct? Or is there something more I should know about what happens when I clicked on add, and should I have chosen that instead?
Triblu Premium
Hey Donald,

If you are using the nameservers detailed in the following post: ...then yes.
compassion22 Premium
Thank you Triblu
abdul11 Premium
are using the nameservers detailed

WA Hosting - Setting Up Your Domain DNS

..yes should be okay
Anagrog Premium
Who is your domain registrar (where did you purchase the domain?)