In order for your domain to point to WA Hosting, you need to update your DNS (Domain Name Server) settings within your Domain Registrar.

OK, before I completely lose you with all this "DNS" talk, I will help you understand what is happening here.

WA Hosting is where you are going to be putting all of your website files. These are the same files that load when people will be visiting your domain. Your Domain is the address of your website. In order to connect these two items, you need to tell your domain where to look for the files. This is where the DNS settings come in. When you update these to point to WA Hosting, we automatically know where to look.

The name servers for Wealthy Affiliate Hosting ALWAYS are:


In order for your domain name to point to your web space, you need to tell it where the web space is. To do this, we use something called "Name servers". A name server is simply an address that you need to point your domain to in order for it to connect with your web space.

The place that you update your DNS settings, will depend on where you purchased your domain (Domain Registrar). This will likely be:

We are going to explain how to update your DNS within all of these system in the upcoming pages, so choose according to where you bought your domain.

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markuswil Premium
Everything on here is so clear and easy to understand. The site is so well laid out. I spent about half an hour trying to find out how to redirect the nameservers and install wordpress in my namecheap account. Then I logged into my WA account and found what I needed in about 5 minutes. Thanks WA.
AGOgden Premium
NeBro and Kyle...

I took the information you gave me below:

To Set up Your Domain Name Servers at GoDaddy, do the following:
1. Log in to your Account Manager.
2. Next to Domains, click Launch.
3. Select the domain name(s) you want to modify.
4. From the Nameservers menu, select Set Nameservers.
5. Under Setup type, select Custom.
6. Select Add Nameservers.
7. Enter the two WA Hosting nameservers

8. Click Save.

BUT..THIS happened:

1. After logging to Account Manager
2. I find “Domains” then “Rate Product” and MANAGE
3. Rate Product” is “required”
4. Next I clicked MANAGE
5. Then the screen had two boxes – one had my domain with “is using external nameservers”
6. Next I clicked the “settings” star in the upper right hand corner of this box
7. It showed “Domain settings” and “Manage DNS”
8. I then clicked Manage DNS – this already had the primary and secondary nameservers for WA there – sand at the bottom there were two more boxes – “Advanced Features” and “Forwarding”, which indicated that neither the “Domain” nor the ”Subdomain” were setup for “Forwarding and had “ADD” next to each one.

So I am assuming (dangerous, I know) that my domain is already pointed at WA.
Is that correct? Or am I doing something totally off the wall???

Need some guidance here...sorry for being so inept...still

Press On!.

Labman Premium
Yes, the nameservers are pointing to WA so you are good to go.
AGOgden Premium
Thank you Labman...was beginning to lose my sense of reality...

Press On!

MsMerry Premium
you are good to go Arthur. GoDaddy is fast. I use them and it is done like right away. :)
Mumsconnect Premium
I had this exact same thing and its been 2 days since i bought my domain from here and set the DNS back to WA yet i dont think its done anything only way i can think of checking is outting my domain name in my url bar at top of my internet browser and clicked enter but when i do it just comes up saying cna not display this page so i dont think its done i really done get it ive copy and pasted dns exactly as they are on these info pages and done everything its said but two days later my site still has a rubix domain :( have i just wasted my money on namecheap seems like a scam
MsMerry Premium
Mumsconnect, you have to go into the blue Site Rubix box and go to build your website and your domain name where it says on a domain I own. If that does not show it then go to manage domains and enter it there. Just follow what it tells you. Hope this helps
SamDal Premium
Hmm, so I have an existing site up and running on another domain and hosting company and I want to host it on WA but not lose the files until I can put it onto a WP format.

If I transfer the hosting to WA, will it run ok? or wil I need to somehow load the files? Im confused.
Pavonjed Premium
, I need to ask a question. I have my domain through 1and1 I need to add I've already pointed my domain to WA but now I need to add my MX number to WA and I don't know where or how to do this. Can anyone please give me some instructions on where and how to get this done? This is for my email to work. Thank you
onmyownterms Premium
Open up a ticket with Site Support with the details and they can assist, I believe. I need to do this myself with one of my domains, but haven't done it yet.
Pavonjed Premium
Thank you. I'll do that but where do I open up the ticket LOL
onmyownterms Premium
Go to Site Rubix > Site Support.
Pavonjed Premium
Yep found it! Thank you!
rlralcott Premium
My GoDaddy navigation is different than above for some reason so I'm sharing.
After logging in to my acct, I went to my name in the u.r. corner and selected ACCOUNT SETTINGS in the pop-up menu.
Next, I clicked on MY PRODUCTS on the u.l. Portion of the page.
Then, to the right of DOMAINS I selected MANAGE.
Next. I selected the "symbol for settings", (what looks like a cog) that is in the same box as my domain I wish to manage. U.r. corner. Selected MANAGE DNS, and from there I went down to NAMESERVERS, selected CHANGE, and changed from Default to CUSTOM. Then the rest is as listed above.
After all this I navigated a couple different ways to do this same NAMESERVER change, and noticed that there are many ways to achieve said goal, but verbiage is a little different in my account.
I hope this helps anyone with relevant problems.
AdzStew Premium
Hi Rebekah thanks for the great tutorial - my godaddy menu is identical to yours.....I was pulling my hair out until I read your post so thanks again :)
rlralcott Premium
Oh good, glad it helps! Yes, I just decided to start clicking away until I found the correct navigation!
Take care!
Tessa00 Premium
You are amazing. I was also pulling my hair out going round in circles. Many thanks for your help.