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Joined June 2014
I have enjoyed successes with offline marketing, and online marketing as well.
I have been involved in Network Marketing since 1993 when I attended Yeager University. I then worked with various Network Marketing companies for the next five years. I became interested in the internet and online ventures in 1998. I dabbled in building websites and blogs and learning all I could about what it takes to have an online business to profit from for the long term.

Wow! Over the next few years I got my eyes opened wide. Scams everywhere, people would and still do show you their great lifestyle and their stuffed bank accounts. Most of them are not making any real money online at all. Some made money with a product launch, then they show you that income. They never did anything else of any significance after that. Kind of a one hit wonder.

Enough about the scams. Let's talk about the "real" possibilities to prosper online. There "are" many of them. I have learned about Network Marketing, Direct sales Marketing, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Video Marketing and of course my favorite, Relationship Marketing. I learned the good and the not so good about each.

You may have noticed I never said I learned to Sell, I learned to "Market".
There is a big difference. Many of the want to be Marketers I have met over the
years call themselves Marketers however they are sales people not Marketers at all. They try to do in your face selling and that does not work very well.

I mentioned Relationship Marketing here because I believe you take the time
to make a friend first. They get to know, like and trust you and they will remain
a friend for a long time. They may even notice your lifestyle and be interested
in what you do. When that happens and it does, and they join you in business you have a long term business partner that creates longevity.

If you do not take the time to develop a friendship with those who join you in
business you will notice they do not stay long, general average is about three
months. This is why Relationship Marketing works. You create longevity for both you and your new partner. Relationship Marketing works well in the other five marketing platforms that I mentioned above.

I have worked with some of the best in this industry. As a Network Marketing
Professional I have worked with some great mentors from various sections of this industry. Great entrepreneurs and fantastic people each and every one.

My name is Ken Pringle. I am a Christian man and Jesus is my saviour and my only boss. I am married to my best friend Sherry for well over 20 years now. We live in and have lived in beautiful Ontario Canada for most of our lives.

Updated July. 14th 2017

I realized it has been a while since I updated my profile.
So here we go, I have been with WA for just over 3 years.
It has been a great journey. Not leaving anytime soon!

In that time I have seen many improvements to benefit
the community as a whole. Kyle and Carson and the WA
team are here for us and our successes. Are they going to
make money on the journey? YES, and why shouldn't they?
They too are business men, after all, Great Canadian boys.

My personal journey has been filled with many great successes.
All of them thanks to WA and the great community here.
It has made a big change in my lifestyle both directly and indirectly.
I would say to anyone looking to build an online business WA is the
answer you have been looking for. This community alone Rocks.

Ken Pringle TRM
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Carl9 Premium
I sure do like what you have had to say I am here for the long run to i just wished I could remember the names of at least a few of the great people I have met and read there Bios.. I try to read a every bodies bio. That is provably why I have so much trouble getting my email checked and caught up. Will this is my last one for the day today as it actually started off with yesterday's oh will just do the best I can. Best wishes to you here
Ken-Pringle Premium
Thank you, Carl, remember to prioritize your daily activities.
20 minutes reading posts
20 minutes stretching and take a break.
20 minutes checking email
and so on taking the break is very important.

Better for health and easier to retain what you just read.
Prosperity to you my friend,

denara2017 Premium
The only one you left out was scratching.
Ken-Pringle Premium
Wdcope Premium
Ken, I really understand what you are saying about relationship marketing. I have preached this for many years. I learned this early in my life thought our family business in a small NE Ohio town. My father was not highly educated, yet he developed friendships with people that lasted way beyond his 29 years of business. I have developed organizations like yourself, but always tried to have a small group of people to develop and grow. This helps in your success. I am going to follow you and perhaps touch base with questions along this journey.
Ken-Pringle Premium
That is fantastic Bill, I look forward to being
a friend and helping guide when I can.
I love working in small groups, everyone
accomplishes more.
I look forward to a great friendship.

RPP080879 Premium
Wow, you have a great background Ken. I like what you say about Relationships. That is one of my directions with life and especially with evangelism. I do not beat people over the head with a Bible; I try to love them to Christ

I pray for your continued success with WA.

In Christ, Bob
Ken-Pringle Premium
Yes, brother, it has been a great journey thus far.
Fact is if you build the relationship first you build
longevity with that person.

I like that "love them to Christ" that is beautiful.
I too pray for your continued successes.

king99monty Premium
I really want to sit down and review your posts. There is no success like building relationships, and many put their focus on the money. I learned a long time ago, invest in friends and family, and the rest will begin to fall in place. People buy from people they know and trust, so if you don't want to build relationships, your success will be limited, hampered, and dull.
Ken-Pringle Premium
Monty, thank you. You are right, I have been doing this for
over 20 years. Build the relationship and you build longevity.
Concentrate on the money and you get a little cash now.
That will not sustain any business or person for long.
When you build up people and help them with their needs
and want you also win. This builds longevity and a great life
for all involved. Have an amazing day my friend.

Ken Pringle TRM
Well i am not sure i like trying to be a healthy eater, i am interested in ways to make money to get out of debt free, andd helping people. I could really use help and i am not ashame to say it. I am a single mom of a daughter who because of my financial situation is not liking her mother right now it has really put a lot of stress on our relationship so whatever i choose i have got to start making money with soon thanks for any help
Ken-Pringle Premium
I would suggest in that case, you should
follow the Affiliate Bootcamp training.
What is your website url or your domain name?
Please Private message me.
Hello Mr, Ken-Pringle !
I m from Depok City, Indonesia
I had read you history very gladly, woow ...Amaizing, I agree with your journey till you get success in WA, I am a new comer here, I start from zerro, I ll do my best by follow you in community among us.
thank. good luck.
Ken-Pringle Premium
Yenhelfita, follow and learn and you will have many successes.
Kickbacked Premium
Hi Ken, Enjoyed reading your bio! Like the thought about marketing! Myself, am a newbie here. This is my 9th week here, starting my 10th today! I have this theory in life that we are who we associate ourselves with. So have been following those who are in the top 500 with a few exceptions to help with the learning process.

Ken-Pringle Premium
Tim, it is great to connect with you here.
Yes Marketing is key, people do not want
to be sold anything yet they do want to buy.
Market good value, and build a report and
people will buy.

We certainly do become better when we
associate ourselves with the right people.
I am here if I can help guide your journey.
It is a fact that the more people you help
get what they want, the more successes
you will have.
Have an awesome weekend,

Kickbacked Premium
Thanks Ken, have a nice weekend also!

Ken-Pringle Premium
Will do Tim, A prosperous 2017 and beyond to you.
milouchan Premium
Great story!!
I think Relationship Marketing is important too.
I send news letter(off line) to custmers.
After sending many conversion occur about internet education program.
News letter make rerationships between customer and us.
I am happy to hear with same thinking.
I am encouraged with your story.
Thank you very much!!
Ken-Pringle Premium
Kazuo, thank you for stopping by.
Yes, when you build the relationship you build longevity.
This is good for friendships as well as for your business.
I am glad you found encouragement here.

StarrgirlMe Premium
Every tangible item in our lives has comes to us via a sale; typically we didn't think of being sold, we just thought that we wanted the item. It's the same with the internet but with a much larger audience being guided (by our marketing) to what they need to make their lives better :)
Ken-Pringle Premium
Our audience being guided by our marketing is correct.
Us providing the solution to the needs of others.
This benefits both them and us.
You will do great here at WA.
sungoddeskib Premium
HI Ken and best wishes to you and your family. I love your open arm embrace and shared information. i have to learn online Marketing and happy that i have so many people willing to help.

I want to make great progress but i only work at night because its too hot here in Barbados. I am currently going through my lessons.

summer heat!!!!!
Ken-Pringle Premium
Catherine, thank you.
That is what marketing is all about finding and sharing.
People are supposed to lend a guiding helping hand up
to others. Stay cool and have a prosperous 2017.

Thanks for your comment on mywall.i think i have find a nice niche i can build MY site with,the question how can i generate revenu with my niche cos is low competitive and is not a common problem that do pop up on search engineer so i dont know maybe is gonna be accepted in the industry
Ken-Pringle Premium
Kolarde, if you are passionate about what you do,
and if it is beneficial to others, promote it well and
you will have many successes.
mbouteiller Premium
Hi Ken, wow... I really enjoyed reading your story. Canada eh?? Me too, from Blackfalds, Alberta.

I look forward to following you. Congrats to all your many successes! I look forward to seeing my accomplishments grow, they're tiny steps but nonetheless, I'm happy with it.

I wish you continued success today and going forward. I'm very happy you are Christian. I let Jesus come into my life just after my husband's death... no turning back!!

Ken-Pringle Premium
Yes Monica, I am Christian and I never think about turning back.
I thank you for following me, I hope in some small way I can
help guide your journey.
I also look forward to seeing your many successes. As we are
thankful for the little successes bigger one are presented to us.

Blessing to you,
POBrien71 Premium
Hi Ken, just starting out with WA, have been involved in Network Marketing before (Amway) and a mobile op, not great experiences, lots of work for little gain but I guess I didn't believe in the products. Really liked your post re Relationship Marketing so said I'd reach out to say that it struck a chord with me - building meaningful relationships was missing from previous experiences too - it was just about what I could 'get' from it. So thanks and here's to both our journeys....Paul
Ken-Pringle Premium
Paul my friend. (Amway) was a great experience for me.
What I mean by that is, I learned so much from Yeager
himself that was good. I also learned from others, by
example how not to try to build a solid business.
Life lessons learned and recorded.

Building the relationships is vital to longevity in anything.
That is one of the great things about WA, almost 3 years
now for me a great platform with many benefits.

This journey will bring a prosperous 2017 for us both.

Ken Pringle
POBrien71 Premium
Thanks Ken, I truly hope so. Yes, I guess every experience, however good or bad, holds valuable lessons.....
Ken-Pringle Premium
Yes Paul my moto is;
I never lose, I win or I learn.
This has worked great for me
throughout my career.

Ken Pringle
LindaF Premium
Ken was in your post about about lead Magnets. I know I had been following you but I had to come here and refresh how you were.

I like your approach it is much like my own steady work will always pay off.

I have been down a bit today and needed a bust. There has been a lot of newbies like myself that have literately jumped ahead and are in the 100 and 200 ranking and have over 1000 followers. I am some what like you I like to make the acquaintance with the people that are following and that I am following.

I think networking is very important to what we are going no matter what business that we are in. I heard Kyle and I am hearing you. And this has been my approach.

I seen a guy on W/A with 30,000 followers, Just hitting the follow button does not make a follower so I like your approach.

As for the post Lead Magnets I don't under stand it right know is there a link that I would be able to learn from. and a link that helps with placing widgets on your side bar. I have content on my site and know how to bring in links to amazon and click bank but I don't know how to bring in widgets. Kyle just places them on his full page. I like the side bar. So there is no learning tool on the certificate classes.

Always a better way
sending blessings you way

PS I am a follower of the most extraordinary being ever to exists Emanuel is his name. God Bless
Ken-Pringle Premium
Linda, thank you for your kind words.
Always build the relationships, it really pays off.
The following link is training by my good friend Leo.
He is a great guy, knows his stuff. I hope this helps, have a great day.
Keep in touch, God Bless you Linda.
LindaF Premium
Thanks, Ken was a great help and very easy to follow. I have tried to us dashboard before with no luck you need to know who to ask. So I will be asking the right people from here on in (O:)
Always a better way
sending blessings your way
Ken-Pringle Premium
Linda, There is always a helping hand near by,
God Bless you.

PDWilliams Premium
Hey Ken,
I've been wrestling with a problem. Evidently, I haven't been clear in describing it. Maybe you can help me on it. I'm going through C1L4 that describes how to open up a website. I selected a theme among the thousands that are afforded to us. When I opened the website, I don't get that theme. I was thinking that that theme is a picture that is a background picture on the website. Instead of getting any semblance of that theme, I get a black and white page that has my website name at the top. Close to the middle of that page says, "Hello World". How can what I got so different from what I chose? What am I missing?
Ken-Pringle Premium
Hey Paul, I know the problem.
When you choose a them from
the thumbnail pic they show you.
That is only a thumbnail pic and
not at all what you actually get.
You need to build the theme out
to suite you. That will come in
upcoming course training.
I hope this helps, I am not around
on Sunday.
I rest for the coming month of May.
Going to be a very busy month.
PDWilliams Premium
Kimfowler1 Premium
Hi ken thank you for following me all the best. Can I ask you I have set up a website and written a blog and saved it in draft because I'm not sure if what I have written is ok can someone look at it and let me know if it's ok.
Ken-Pringle Premium
I am sure it is great, but if you saved it in Draft.
No one else can see it but you.
Go and publish it and send me the link in a PM
I will have a look.
Do not be shy, never wait for it to be perfect,
get it out there you can always adjust on the go.
Kimfowler1 Premium
Thank you Ken I Will publish it tomorrow how do I send you a link
Ken-Pringle Premium
At the top of my profile you will see Private Message.
Click on that and write in your site link.
example: My site http://askkenpringle.com/
write it as: Ask Ken Pringle dot com
But write your site not mine, :-)
StevenEsser Premium
Hi Ken,

Nice to have such experienced people here at WA. I am sure you can answer a lot of our marketing questions. I might have a BA in marketing, but that doesn't mean I have any experience. I do have the knowledge by book of the basics - you got the actual market experience.... hope you also have success!

Following you now.

Ken-Pringle Premium
Thank you Steven, I agree knowledge by book,
is certainly different from hands on experience.
I will certainly help guide as much as I can.

DavePancost Premium
Hi, Ken,

Just followed you. I appreciated your comment on the opportunity warehouse domain name that I responded to. Saw that you've been here since 2014 so I thought I'd follow you and listen to the advice of a more experienced online marketer. :-)

I noticed that you have a lot of experience with both Network Marketing and Relationship marketing. I truly appreciate the differentiation you make between marketing and sales. That's on very few people get or promote.

So would you mind possibly PMing me and let me know some of the network marketing companies you've worked with and your thoughts about them? I'm curious. I've never found a NW marketing company I could fee comfortable about promoting their products. The always seemed over priced and rarely produced the claimed results of others for me. Maybe I'm just not cut out for them, but the idea behind network marketing still fascinates me. What would you suggest?

Just curious. :-)

RobinMullins Premium
Hi Ken, I want to add a membership site - the thread "how to use wordpress as a membership site" is fairly old but you do say in it that WA does allow membership sites. I have been reading several more current threads on this topic and people seem really confused on whether this is allowable through WA. Have you changed your opinion on this since this article?
Ken-Pringle Premium
Hi Robin, I have not had reason to change my opinion.
Their are plugins you can use that work quite well for
smaller startup membership sites.

I prefer an outside source rather than a plugin myself.
Depending on the type of membership you are hosting
some take a lot of resources and I am sure WA would
prefer not to host them.

For large membership sites I would recommend a separate
host, because, if you host 25 of your own domains that you
are allowed here at WA. Then WA gives you another 25 sub
domains and you host a large membership site.
If your business draws any traffic at all the servers would
be buzzing.

I hope this helps,
PAULttk333 Premium
Hello Ken,
Your post 'Great Reminder For Our Generation' make me laugh out loud at your great sense of humour and also make me cry a bit about how time flies and so much things have changed quickly over some decades.
Thank you for this great post and I am now following you.
Ken-Pringle Premium
Thank you Paul, I am glad my post gave you some Edutainment.
I do enjoy getting people thinking, and making the appropriate
changes. Have a prosperous 2017 my friend.
MarionK Premium
Hello Ken,
thank you for sharing your experiences and your wise advice.

I'm almost a week with WA an very busy. :) I'm more than happy to be here, and finally to learn what I thought I should over the last 15 years. Better late than never. :)

I wish you all the best.
Ken-Pringle Premium
Thank you Marion, I am always around here to help guide.
You will do great, just stay focused, you will win.
AfqmBiz Premium
My appreciation message to Members willing to spare their ample time just to following me together networking under WA.

All the best in your 2017 journey and beyond! Keep it up and Welcome aboard! :)

*P/S: This opportunity is my effort to know & remember people or networking in a flash if not fully. :)
Ken-Pringle Premium
Afqm, thank you for stopping by.
bazchessman Premium
well Ken its great to see such down to earth honesty I've been around a long time too banging my head against a brick wall mostly
I've never really had any success online too many dead alleys and no hopers but I have a good feel for this
I have a brother who lives in Quibec its changed his life I hope to come over there one day
Anyway I'll keep in touch thanks for the follow
Ken-Pringle Premium
Barry, it is my pleasure. I certainly know
what you mean about changing his life.
Your brother is a fortunate man.
I look forward to meeting you.

You can do it Barry!
googs Premium
I just found your bio. Thank you for putting an update, that helps me to see your progress. I can't say anything bad about this site, but I have not had any success either. I do love the support provided. It is kinda like a paid FB, lol. Best wishes, and keep us posted on any success here, it gives people like me hope.
Ken-Pringle Premium
Jason, thank you for stopping by my profile.
I see you are new to WA, not like Facebook at all.
This is your opportunity to own your own business.
It is only like Facebook if you let it be.

I do not allow that in my business. To much drama.
WA has the best community online, I have had many
successes because of WA. When you get focused on
the goal you will have a great and prosperous 2017
Ali-M Premium
Dear Ken, how are you?) Hope you are fine and everything is great with your business progress ). I've recently followed you in WA.

My site is about technology and since I've started to build my network, I would like to have you in my network and your following back )
Here is my links and I would be happy to have you in my social networks too (If you like of course : ) ). Also if you leave me your social network links; I'll be able to following you back.

Here is mine:
Google: https://plus.google.com/+AliMonajemi
Facebook: http://goo.gl/Plbnhj
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ali_monajemi

Wish you great success in your online business,

Ken-Pringle Premium
Ali, I am on facebook:

My business is doing great, I have been at it
for a number of years. I love what I do.

Many successes will be yours as you continue your journey.
Ken Pringle TRM
jsmith205 Premium
Hello Ken,
I really enjoyed reading your profile. I have been a member of WA for less than a month. I stumbled into this business while researching another. I see that this business is not new to you at all.
I am also a Christian and Jesus Christ is my all in all. I have been married to a super fabulous man for 31 years. Mother of twins and 3 grandchildren. I am already a rich woman. I am looking forward to learning from you.
Ken-Pringle Premium
Janice, thank you. I look forward
to helping guide your journey.
Yes you are truly wealthy.
God Bless you and your family.
PraiseGod2d Premium
Mr. Pringle, I am so grateful to meet another Christian not ashamed to say they love our Lord, and to say He is your boss!! He is also my boss and my Lord! The article is awesome, I look forward to asking questions, cause I am computer illiterate. I did not think I would have to learn so much!! I am slowly catching some. Look forward to asking questions!! Reita - learningmyBible.com
Ken-Pringle Premium
Reita, It is great to meet you Sister.
God Bless you and your whole family.
I hope I will be able to help guide your
journey here at WA. I certainly hope to
develop our friendship.
I am not always on WA because I run
all of my online businesses.
You can leave me a message anytime
I will get back to you within 24 hours.
But I do not work on Sunday.

Be a Blessing,
PraiseGod2d Premium
Mr. Pringle, It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. There is such a slim amount of men, well, people in general do not profess to be a Christian, much less that Jesus is your boss!! I admire your boldness. Praise God for you! I love the Lord and He is my strength. Awesome article.
Ken-Pringle Premium
Reita, please call me Ken.
Yes, Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.
He is my only boss, I follow no mans religion.
I am a Christian and very proud to say so.
Hi, Ken. Also a Christian and a newbie. I need an experienced helper for getting started and going forth to making money. For example, I only have 2 free websites and I messed the up. I typoed the domain names and messed up the names, too. How do I restart and do better this time?
Ken-Pringle Premium
Jeff, the 2 free domains are free.
You can rename them, or delete
them and start over.
That is what they are for, practice.
I hope this helps. Have a great day.
God Bless.
Cool...so how do I delete them and start fresh?
Ken-Pringle Premium
Go to this link: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/websites
You will see a red garbage can that says delete.
Then simply go to the top and build a new one.